hi I'm Brent stafford and this is reg watch by regulator watch calm all across North America those who use e-cigarettes face the heavy hand of new regulations designed to restrict the use and sale of vaping products what are these really new or are they just a rehash of existing tobacco regulations where gaping products jammed in regulator watch wanted to find out so we're taking you behind the scenes in the battle to protect vaping rights in the province of British Columbia hear directly from bc's chief medical health officer the association representing bc vape shops and the industry lobbyists who share some remarkable comments about the proposed regulations let me be clear the legislation and regulations in the present form are going to kill british columbians all this and more on today's episode of our series veracity behind the vape time is running out for british columbians to provide input into the provinces new vaping regulations the Ministry of Health has issued a regulatory discussion paper and invites the public for feedback on the new rules the deadline is Friday November 20th in May the BC Liberal government passed into law the provinces first vapor products legislation as an amendment to the Tobacco Control Act there's very little to the changes as the amendment merely defines vaping products then instructs wherever the word tobacco appears to simply add the phrase or vapor products with a stroke of a pen vaping products are now treated exactly the same as cancer-causing cigarettes so is that fair well the BC Liberal government says it is it passed the legislation in order to stop young people from vaping I think there's a really good rationale for keeping these devices out of the hands of youth and I would also be concerned that non nicotine devices which don't have any nicotine in them might well serve as a pathway for younger people to become used to vaping on nice tasty odors and then later on this becomes a pathway for a nicotine a non tobacco nicotine addiction which would be a really public health concern preventing youth from taking up vaping is worthwhile but will restrictive regulations have a negative impact on adult smokers seeking a lifeline to quit after all a new British study released this August by public health England concluded e-cigarettes are an effective tool to help people quit smoking and they are a whopping ninety five percent less harmful than tobacco products we definitely want to protect our youth of course there are future but we do have a responsibility to all these people who were sold tobacco in in ads that were found in magazines in the fact that it could be you could smoke in your car you can smoke in bingo halls you could smoke in bars you gets pretty much smoke anywhere so you have a whole bunch of whole group of people within these generations they're enslaved to this cigarettes of this tobacco Chad the BC vapor Alliance represents vape shops in the province do you feel your industry plays a positive role the fact of the matter is is that that vaping is the best current solution to the tobacco epidemic I want to see people get off of cigarettes we all want to see people get off of cigarettes we are all off of cigarettes and we're so excited about that but that's why we open stores that's why we we started making a juices because we were so excited that it worked we wanted to share that with other people who were suffering right now Chad what's your reaction to the provinces new regulations think the government again just doesn't really understand what vaping is see they see a cloud they see people doing this and it must be smoked it looks like smoke it must be smoked so do you have a problem being regulated we honestly have no problem with regulating we have no problem with wanting to protect our youth from using these products that's why we really stand behind the liquor store type model where these vape shops are there we do the I mean we be enforcing so that the youth aren't getting them if they end up in regular gas stations and corner stores and convenience stores it just gives a lot more access to you as well as not being able to show people how to use these these product safely right and Chad you're calling for the public's help to like government no it's important for shop owners to demonstrate vaping products in store and for customers to be able to test flavors is that not correct yes exactly people need to learn how to use these products if they just get one product on the store that has one flavor it may not work for them whereas if you have a vape store where you can try products and see how products work you can find ones that will fine tune for people so that they'll have a higher chance of success dr. Kendall the BC vapor Alliance is asking for an exemption to allow customers to test products in store what's your position on that I would think that you can test the safety of the device using water and that puts nobody at risk from any byproducts I think the argument for testing the various flavors is basically a marketing argument and from a public health perspective I don't support that dr. Kendall do you think the new regulatory framework is appropriate if these devices contain nicotine then clearly they could be advantageous to folk who are dependent on nicotine and do not want to give up their dependency but at the same time don't want to smoke tobacco so if you do what the concentration of the the nicotine was and you knew that the quality of the vaping device was appropriate then this could be a really good and probably much safer substitute for cigarettes Mike you're the lobbyist for the BC vapor alliance tell us why is government treating e-cigarettes and vaping the same as tobacco we've kind of entered a bit of the age of truthiness too it's a cool Colbert right um in that well I don't know if this is a fact or not but I feel that's the way things should be so ergo I'm gonna legislate on the basis of my feelings right well I see this person with this device and there's a big cloud of smoke coming out of it I feel that must be wrong so therefore I will legislate accordingly Mike do you think there are outside forces pressuring the government in any way absolutely there's two groups first of all big tobacco they if you have legislation that equates vaping to smoking then the underlying message is there's no point in quitting smoking and switching debate being because it must be about the same toxicity because look at how governments treating at the same it'll be equally inconvenient to use you will be equally stigmatized and so therefore you might as well keep smoking your Benson and hedges or your whatever's for at two packs a day unfortunately that's wrong and be given that it is you know ninety-four percent less toxic you're going to have people dying that otherwise wouldn't if they switch to vaping the other group is Big Pharma you don't you take a product like nicorette quick missed well then you take what's in vaping juice right the nicotine and and the glycol and some flavorings well if you had a few more extra chemicals to it put it in a mechanical atomizer rather than heating it up as you do in a vaporizer then you've got nicorette quick missed so again you know it just gets more and more ridiculous the more you when you approach it from a scientific basis at a medical basis you know the quite frankly the regulations look even more you know asinine so like what changes do you want in the regulations we want to small concessions one concession is we do not think that these devices should be sold at convenience stores and gas stations we think they should be limited just to stores where you have to be age 19 or older to enter the second change we want as is in the case in Calgary and a number of other jurisdictions in canada where vaping store owners have the ability to show consumers how to safely use that equipment now you could have it in the regulations that you can't use any juice that contains nicotine that's a detail we just want to be able to show consumers how to safely use the product so Mike what are your chances then for winning this battle well I've certainly been told by number of people in government like hey if this doesn't become a public issue then we'll probably just Ram it through and these these regulations will take the effects of January first for the people that that that think the government should make policy based on you know the real world and science rather than you know their feelings and their prejudice is you know i would encourage people to speak out and speaking out as easy all you have to do is go to regulator watch calm /they purrs corner to find information on all of the proposed vaping regulations and easy-to-use feedback form to fill out and a government email address for submission better hurry though the deadline is Friday November 20th well that's it for this edition of reg watch before you head off please like us on Facebook and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for regulator watch calm I'm brine staffer


  1. The new vaping laws have fuck all to do with youth, the government doesnt give a shit about youth, what they care about is money money money.
    But we all know the government is not going to just outright say "we make far too much money on tobacco to let vaping get in the way of that"
    children and youth that want to smoke or vape are going to smoke or vape, its just a fact.
    lets be realistic here, there are far more people with a low intelligence level and low education than there are people with high intelligence and high education, so naturally you're going to get a consensus of what people have been told or what they think to be true solely based off of what they observe, and since the government is promoting the idea that these devices can harm their children, of course the dimwits of the population are going to come out of the woodworks and support these outrageous claims and support these new bylaws that are being passed.
    Fact is vaping is AT LEAST 95% less harmful as cigarettes, so if the government really wants to "protect the youth" than why not eliminate cigarettes altogether and just allow vaping. which is more harmful? a youth getting addicted to a cigarette because his/her parent is still a smoker because he/she didnt have proper education and the right opportunity to make the transition to vaping from smoking, or the youth picks up a vape and tries it instead of the carcinogen packed cigarette.
    its fucking common sense.
    government keeps going on about nicotine, its bad for you, its harmful etc etc…
    well SO IS CAFFEINE!!! vaping has the same amount of harmfull effects as a cup of coffee, i dont see any kids getting ID'd at tim hortons or starbucks.

  2. Ps: Dr Kendall appears to be a hack.

  3. parents, parent your children, shop owners, card everyone who looks younger than 25.
    seems pretty easy to me, but what do I know?

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