Emotional Wellness Grass Often Seems Greener

Hello and welcome to this edition of self-care Saturday today on self-care Saturday the grass often seems greener and This is the idea. You’ve heard it another way you have heard the grass is always greener what I want to talk about is the fact that we Often have an idea that everyone else is having more fun than we are that other people have it easier than other people other People’s lives are better so my discussion around self-care Saturday today Has to do with debunking that myth think about it We live in a culture of where we have been trained to want instant gratification so if the job is not working if the relationship is not working if our Involvement in an event or a cause is not working. What’s the first thing that we are tempted to do? Out of there, right? We are tempted to just avoid escape and get out of there and get something else So if you’ve ever heard yourself saying I’m going on vacation and everything is going to be better then or I’m changing my job next month and everything is gonna be better or I’m gonna stop seeing that guy and And then things will work out So one thing I want to mention is I’m not advocating sticking with things and staying in these Situations if your wellness is affected if you are If you’re in danger or if you are if you’re not respected, that is not what I’m suggesting what I am suggesting is that Instead of seeing the grass always greener on the other side Whenever we Want to make a big change it always starts with us it starts with you so Why not stop? Look at the dissonance at what the situation is presenting because that is the indication in a way the dissonance and the things that you’re unhappy about are the indication of What needs to change and the dissonance is your friend the dissonance is telling you something in this situation? Violates one of your values is not serving one of your main basic needs Etc. So instead of saying the grass is always greener Jumping ship and going somewhere else Why not stop? Look and listen look inside listen to what the dissonance what’s not working is telling us and change from within that way You know, I know from experience sometimes I say, oh we’re going on vacation. I’m gonna feel so much better Well know wherever you’re going. There you are. We still bring with us our issues our concerns our worries Everything all our stuff everything. We’re still working through So the grass is not always greener the work is commitment courage to look inside and see what needs to change and Changing that and then when we change jobs or when we go on vacation it’s from a different place from a place of embracing our life and Embracing who we are and not escaping or avoiding. Happy self-care Saturday

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