Emotional Rollercoaster.. | Splatoon Warm Up 5 (Funny Moments Gameplay)

What- what is this? Siri, what time is it in Japan? What- what are you guys doing awake? This is- this is, ya know, your sleepy time. I don’t know… you guys are serious. You know, a lot of you ended up posting in the comments saying that I had color lock on. I noticed. Finally. Got that- got that stuff off. I don’t know why it was on in the first place, but… You know, it’s off now, and- and now we got the full color spectrum! Orange and yellow. Orange and yellow?! PURPLE and yellow! What am I saying? Watch out for the bomb. Oh god, oh god, oooohoho. Almost got de… molitized. What? That’s not even a word. Woah, woah, woah! Where did you-? Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. Kay, wait till that- that fun business is done. No- Hey! No, come back! I wasn’t done with you, tower. You know, we’re not doing too bad. Nin-Lover, I see you over there. And… you? Look at you go. Keep chuckun’ ’em, just keep going. Give them all the presents! Stop it. Stop. Oooh I’m so dead. Wow! Not dead! Ok I’m dead. Such an emotional roller coaster, Splatoon! Nice, thank you! I appreciate that, I-I wasn’t really doing… too many good things with him. Oh my god! Are we gonna take it? I think we’re gonna take it. Oh, it’s so ours! Nope. Not happening. Not happening. We’ll just slowly slide it to the finish line. Who should I be thanking, on my team? Who? Who deserves my- my utmost thanks? Oh! It’s Viantastic, of course! Probably not th- what are you doing? Stop that.


  1. Decided to take a quick break from ARMS, hope that's cool (:

  2. first to like. 😀

  3. i'm starting to wonder how it would have been possible for you to not notice colour lock was on

  4. I thought you had color lock on for a reason, no it's just vian being a spoon. It's something I noticed right away.

  5. Wow great video man keep it up!

  6. ….whats with all that inky business…no regrets!!!!!!

  7. Viantastic 2017
    Too many presents

  8. Yay, you turned color lock off! 😀

  9. I'm early let me make a joke


  10. Is it weird that sometimes theses are funnier than the actual switch ups

  11. notification squad?

  12. I absolutely LOVE splatoon content so I don't mind that you took a break from arms

  13. Do you like…need the warm up or something?

  14. Wait…I feel dumber than when Vian left colour lock on…cause I don't remember what colour lock does…

  15. I love your Splatoon vids 😎

  16. 0:34 Vian,I'm afraid to say,you are very,VERY,INDEED Colorblind.

  17. What color walk mode?? And also great vid vian

  18. I should be thanking myself

  19. WHAT what is this

  20. Looks like Japan don't sleep. lol

  21. that moment when you try to get on the tower, but it moves away from you

  22. All I think about when people do this (: is "Man…those are some nice eyebrows!"

  23. I'm up at 5:39 every day. I'm am early bird

  24. I like to stay up. 😀

  25. Doe you think you can do a free play? I always appear to miss your games, so can you? Or can you please tell me the time you're going to be playing next? If you do, thanks! Super funny vid, and loved and liked! LOL XD

  26. Do you even WAAH, Viantastic?

  27. Finally you re-joined the ranks of the non-colour blind. (couldiborrowyoureyesforaday)

  28. Vian has brought back the color spectrum! 😀

  29. The Japanese don't sleep, why would they when they can just.. ride a fictional tower.?.??

  30. Late..Just from school (-_-)

  31. Yay your using a Blaster!

    I have been playing with so many blasters lately xD

  32. 1:19 wow not ded
    oh… k now i ded
    "that was vians last words"
    "may he rest in peace"

  33. Jaan is always 30 minutes behind so I'm ALWAYS playing with them

  34. lol

  35. Just a random little jokePerson: My Switch broke! Call an ambulance!Ambulance: Wii U! Wii U! Wii U!


  37. I call that emotional woomys😏


  39. Hi viantasic I got it!

  40. Can I get a woomy!?

  41. You should make the videos longer please

  42. yea the Japanese are always on its crazy there like DEDICATED to the game

  43. Subscribing, Keep it up!!! I love your content!!

  44. How to English with Vian

    Disclamer:We are not professional

  45. Japanese players are super unicorn players (it's a World of Tanks Reference) 😛

  46. woomyful!!!thats what a call a good sploon 🙂

  47. comienzas la partida y ya te matan 0:28 y por lo que me di cuenta … te dejo el tren 0:59 xD

  48. I noticed that the colors you play against in splatoon are complementary colors

  49. In Tokyo it's 5am… but they don't care.


  51. @Viantoastic, are you Canadian? Because I hear an accent xD

  52. Demolotized?

  53. Aaaahhhh! I want to play with you so much! You're such a good splatoon player haha. Do you think we could squad sometime? I'm S+ 99, by the way! 😊 If not, that's fine. Thanks for reading!!!!!
    My NNID is SuperSplatterMax, by the way

    I'll add you on switch too, if that'd be okay.. 😊


  54. I know why they're awake you said they're giving presents right so that must mean they are the santaclaus societi 😂🍫🍪

  55. 0:41 Shoutout to my home country Sweden.

  56. What is colour lock?

  57. 1:53 And now we have confirmation on how to pronounce Viantastic.

  58. Well you need to thx me for winning cuz i was VIAN

  59. Japanese players = sleep is for casuals

  60. Oh god the color lock thing happened to me too
    And I just don't know why…

  61. Ahahahahhahahahhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! This sooo funny! Sorry for not getting a kill in the end ;-;

  62. goes online Oh Japanese players… sees they are not on my team I am NOT DOING THIS! shuts down my Wii U

  63. The japanese play at any time of the day – I was once playing, I checked the time in japan, and it was 2:25…

    Great video by the way

  64. The true is that the japanese people play asleep cuz u know, they are japanese

  65. Hi Vian, I thought your comment section seemed a bit plain so I brought some potato chips, ice cream, chocolate, cake, lollipops and pizza! Enjoy!

    ( Also I love your videos! Keep doing Splatoon please! )

  66. omigah i just started to edit its so tiring chu put so much effort also great video .o.

  67. Man… Those japanese people… I BET they look like zombies right now! Of course of not sleeping. Those ones are like a meme I found: it was a guy with a schedule and was in this order: Food – Work – Sleep… and then he says "I will remove sleep and put video games instead!" xD

  68. you don't tired to watch me in all of your videos? I look like a Stalker xD

    pd. Good video 😀

  69. i got demolotized once
    but i'm fine now since my doctor healenerated me

  70. the moment u die and laughs lol

  71. Demolitized. Let's add that to the Viantastic dictionary. Someone define it!

  72. 1:00 is even worse on Bluefin Depot, a moment of silence for all those kids and squids out there.

  73. hello

  74. serch 'Callie dabs'

  75. also serch in youtube 'Callie dabs' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  76. woomy

  77. Vian, do you squidbag in Splatoon? So if it's not a party. I get squidbagged SO MUCH.
    looks at FruitLoops. even Goldi.

  78. 面白いビデオ

  79. What is color lock?

  80. But-but-but-but its sleepy time

  81. It's your sleepy time,Japan go to sleep!

  82. What is color lock

  83. Thanks for stopping by our channel tonight. Thought I'd check out your stuff. You've got to be the most chill person to ever stream SPLATOON 2. I can't help but freak tf out playing. I don't know how you do it. 😂😂😂😂

  84. Don't think that's japan…

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