Emily Skye – My Amazing Fitness Story

I’m Emily Skye. I am a fitness model I run an online training and diet program. I was a pretty insecure person I didn’t know what I was going to be doing with my life and I was just lost. My Dad left when I was two and a half, I know it happens to alot of people but with me I just felt like and he left me and i felt really alone and sort of like I wasn’t good enough for anything. So I had no confidence in myself, I didn’t believe in myself I didn’t think I was good enough to do anything so that’s probably why was lost for so many years and just couldn’t see where I fit in in anything and that’s when I started doing modeling I guess to try and give me the
confidence to do to do something and it it did give me some confidence
but at the same time because it’s a very much about your looks and trying to be perfect all the time so it can be a bad thing as well.
I enjoyed it but it wasn’t really something that I really felt fit me I started getting into health and fitness about four years ago but I didn’t really know what I was doing at first I was the typical cardio machine girl. I just sat on the bike or treadmill but it wasn’t really getting anywhere because you need strength training as well and obviously your diet is the most important so I started lifting weights and building some size. I was quite skinny before and I have actually out on 10 kilos of a muscle over the last four years.
Then I learnt as much as I could about my diet which I am still learning about as well, every day I am learning. I’m so much happier now that I am doing what I love and I am so passionate about health and fitness not only with myself but being able to share everything I have learnt over the years so all my mistakes and all the things I have learnt over the years I can pass along to other people. I enrolled in the Australian Institute
of fitness to do my certificate 3&4 I did it ten years ago but because it was so long ago I just wanted to update my knowledge. I have just finished filming my next program as well which is an ab program so i am really excited to launch that too and do a series of videos filming different exercises as well and I’m looking at having my own gym now too and possibly a clean eating cafe.
So anything along the lines of health and fitness I’m just so passionate about.


  1. Hear how #EmilySkye turned her life around.

    Emily Skye – My Amazing Fitness Story

  2. I did my level 3 at AIF 10 years back too! In Sydney 🙂 lovely to hear your story 

  3. She have to go to the Victoria Secret become a member because she has the really good body and nice face for doing that! Not so skinny because she has muscles to. It have to be the new next generation with some muscles!

  4. you're so awesomeee :))

  5. she's amazing

  6. What a goddess. I love her positivity.

  7. she looks amazing and and sounds like a good fitness role-model but am I the only one that thought "wait..what?" when she said "..i wasn't feeling good about myself so i started modelling.." never heard anything like that before…

  8. That accent .

  9. Has your physique changed much? Can you post before and after pictures? How often do you workout normally? Just found your site. The workouts look great!

  10. gorgeous

  11. You are amazing, Emily. Such a sense of inspiration you are for me! Thanks for sharing your story with us…..

  12. She is AWESOME….inside and out. She always encourages others and leads by example. : ))))

  13. I liked her .

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