so it’s now 2 p.m. and I’m starting the
vlog and it’s actually not because I forgot about it because I thought about
it earlier but the thing is I realize that the days are pretty repetitive
right now like there’s nothing new like super exciting happening I got up I read
a bit I stretched my first stretch and then I read then a shower and then we
got two new co-working space which I didn’t show you what wait you stretch
you ready yeah I also pooped and then we worked we work
now until now now we’re on our way to grab some food and that’s actually
exciting because I saw a place that has acai bowl I have I’m really excited
right now because I haven’t had a say evil since I was in New York which is
like one and half month ago so and this guy is just bitching because he’s saying
well it’s 2 p.m. and you can’t eat granola and fruit at 2 p.m. for the
first meal oh you’re crying and you’re like you guys should see Jay he’s
constantly like it’s like I’m not even going to it so I might have just found
the truth like because we’re people trying to optimize for productivity like
Evernote for a long time I’ve just been trying out Trello
I don’t like it at all for like project management but now I’ve founded
new ones todoist which is basically like it to do this but it’s more because you
have an inbox where you can put a nude to do this you have a 2d today where you
have all the tasks for today and during the next week
but then you have project so you can like order all of your projects and have
to do this for all of the projects and it has an app so you can all of you can
do all of that on your phone too so I’m gonna try that out it looks really good
right now and I feel very much like like it’s very streamlined and very clean the
dashboard you want to try it out now the next couple of days and I’m gonna let
you know whether that’s the thing like the thing and now we gotta go to buy
stuff for the Brian go to Lucas have you ever wondered whether clouds
should be classified as racist because they’re white and they don’t want to mix
with everything around them I’m sorry what would you ever consider
clouds being racist because they’re white and don’t want to mix with
whatever is around them I’m calling them out right now why don’t they just mix
like look at them they’re just like all being to themselves I’m gonna film it in case we don’t I don’t actually know what that what’s
happening well okay I do you know he just got this
new thing and now they gotta try this thingy like to see if it will kill us or
not let’s go boys yeah that was kind of that’s my job I’m just gonna film the
whole thing all for you oh that’s okay I’ll take it
you guys eat the bread as courtesy at courtesy of Lucas he’s actually gonna
drive us home in this lot nice vehicle what’s what’s that brand called again dude they did some upgrades to the new
goal yeah like a new exhaust and stuff and it suddenly looks like this that’s
incredible nice thanks for taking us in there thanks for bringing us home let’s
get one of these cliche and shakes in the block thank you sir
so I might just have the funniest story in the history of storage today so when
I was in New York I joined a gym because I wanted to work out and that gyms name
was bling fitness and so when I left New York I wanted to cancel my well
membership because I can’t go to the gym anymore
you understand and but here’s the thing bling Fitness probably has the worst
customer support of all of the customers supports out there in order to cancel
your membership for bling you can’t call them you can’t send an email they don’t
even have a contact form on their website the only way that you can cancel
the membership is if you send a physical letter a physical letter in the 21st
century okay and so I’m in Germany I’m like I’m not sending a fucking ladder
there so I thought okay I’m just gonna I’m just gonna scrape some emails off of
LinkedIn of some people who work at link at bling fitness and you know just send
them a nice email and so this the actual email I wrote to people I
said hey Alan sorry to bother you with this even though I assume you are very
well aware of this a blink Fitness customer support is horrendous I guess
making it as hard as you mainly possible to cancel your bling membership a
physical letter like really helps with focus helps with retaining customers
against their will I joined bling because I love the gym a
couple of month back when I was doing remote work in New York City I’m back in
Germany again which means I can’t even call blings phone number without paying
international fees let alone that blink is very adamant about letting people
know that you can’t cancel through the phone anyway my credit card expired
which means blink is bombarding my emails letting me know I need to catch
up on payments using an email I can’t respond to as expected I hope we can
resolve this issue by agreeing I won’t update my payment information as I
already paid two month of not using the gym anyway all the best Santa Maya so
I’ve sent this email out to I don’t know maybe 20 ish people just in the hopes of
you know maybe one of them responding and so today I go in there and I got a
response and the response is by a guy called top magazine and he says Finn I’m
sorry to hear about this clearly this is not how we want members to feel about
bling let me dig in and see what’s going on I
or someone on my team we’ll be in touch ASAP Tom and so I’m reading this and I’m
like yeah this sounds amazing you know but I don’t remember who
exactly sent this email to and so let me just figure out who this Todd guy is and
you know if he actually has something to say and so I go on LinkedIn and look up
Todd magazine and turns out our top magazine well actually I have
finish looking at this is the guy load you live beer they were there we go
and really really dim dim turns out top magazine our guys actually chief
executive officer at bullying Fitness Todd is literally the guy he is CEO and
president at bullying fitness like and bling Fitness is not a small company
it’s like a five hundred six hundred people company and we literally got the
I for alpha male the alpha male top magazine to respond to our complaint
email which is kind of cool if you think about it considering that there’s
literally no support email you know so that’s the message I got from taught now
I’m waiting for Todd you know to actually make some shit happen and
cancel my membership but it just thought I would share this story you know
sometimes you can just scrape some emails of of LinkedIn and reach the CEO
of the company who doesn’t have proper customer support update five minutes
later Todd actually made some shit happen so I got this email Katy replied
– thanks for reaching out to us a gladly assist you with canceling a membership
via email in babying the past due balance if you could please supply proof
of your international relocation blah blah blah blah your friend in Fitness
Katy so Todd I appreciate you thanks for
making this happen now I’m gonna provide proof of my
relocation and I guess then I’m out so things stopped and with that I’m
actually gonna sign up the vlog because it’s 11:15 p.m. right now the video is
exporting and I love all of you and you know
tune in tomorrow and I’m very tired right now and I’m gonna go to sleep so
thank you so much for watching please like it subscribe and that’s all and see
you tomorrow peace I do wake up and there’s no other time to wake you up
sleeping breathing do it all


  1. the power of LinkedIn!! Also, i love when jay has an attitude when he is hungry. 🙂

  2. Where are the likes and comments on this video?!😒🤔🤔

  3. There are black/grey clouds too

    Fact- black/grey clouds are called nimbus clouds which are present during raining

  4. poor service

  5. my name is faiza i am looking for corporate office regarding refund unauthorized charge

  6. can you send me his email or katy's? I had a problem with Blink in California. Thanks!

  7. Horrible customer service.I have charges of a membership I never opened and I have to pay out of my pocket to make it stop ? These people and planet fitness are scumbags.

  8. just emailed the ceo of for a local gym for refusing to let me enter because I touched their IPad that "offended" some people. Did he ever reach you back?

  9. Hey do you still have his email? I have to contact him about my experience as a worker there.. I need his contact information.

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