Elegant Elliot Offen – Pristine Physical Fitness pt. 2

p what the fuck are you going to do about it iligan j lee had often on the entertainment channels indicated around the country told howard stern he was a crypto caucus lupus erythematosus Pneumocystis Carini I pneumonia victim and that he was a kak xik emaciated ready to die diabetic who was also sterile semen list and sperm list Howard Stern this is elegant daily and often and on one of my very recent shows that i did with Howard Stern I told his buddy his sidekick Artie Lange Howard Stern sidekick that he was a prostatectomy appendectomy gasps stricta me victim I also told Artie Lange that his cerebrum is cerebellum his medulla oblongata his hypothalamus and pituitary gland who are all saturated with rigor mortis and formaldehyde because my life is based on dietary nutrition that's the reason I could run 18 miles a day in this way that I do a 90 degree burning sizzling scorching heat every single day anybody who will tell you that maturity onset diabetes is genetic or hereditary is giving you out fallacious erroneous and mendacious information and if the medical profession tries to suggest that they're guilty of malpractice and guilty of malfeasance the only reason or the only way that people ever contract diabetes mellitus is by virtue that they have saturated their body with copious amounts of sucrose products white rice white sugar white flour products over a period of time that has destroyed and suffocated the islets of langerhans which is the beta cells which comprise the end Oakland pancreas if people learn to follow if they have the unswerving dedication uncompromising discipline with a profound evocation of inner strength if they can stick to this kind of program they will positively Emmure to hashem that means in june with God's will they will never be sick a day in their life they'll be disease free with optimum health and less energy and extended longevity the program consists of nutrients and superfoods 447 premier and supreme super foods in the world today key combinations aerobic exercise health flesh protein is the ultimate destruction for the sigmoid and descending colon for the late people out there that's the left side of the colon that's why rectal colon cancer is so prevalent and so devastating in the United States in my program I also talked about the cholesterol complexity because there's a great misunderstanding people don't understand the difference between the high density the low density in a very low density lipoprotein cholesterol and of course I'm talking about the correlation and the association between obesity and lift which is the postulated cause for congestive heart failure of myocardial infarctions coronary occlusions and systolic and diastolic hypotension and labile hypertension you yo OG loc homie yours really in a running out I'm not gonna let you control it I'm going to control you a little procession through the lobby waiting area and the parking lot nice to see you all again Billy it up and from the halyard scourge this is police lieutenant Douglas hassle I'm a New York City Police Department I know I can tell me up I don't care if it hit up we'll go ahead and then push up push your bed a baby done get the cuffs your how are you doing years all I look like 28 years old look very feminine you look like Sarah Jessica Parker has anyone ever told you that sorry just Parker's an actress beautiful actress make it and walk out slow so I can look at your fine ass and walk out slow so I can look at your fine ass and walk out slow so I can look at your fine ass look at your fine ass yeah look at your fine ass look at your fine ass look at your fine ass yeah look at your fine ass the genius the king of all media gave me the ultimate honor when he called me up yesterday and he said Elliot we have to have you down for these w WS events on pay-per-view you're one of our primary celebrities we have to have you there for next Friday in Vince McMahon WWF world wide wrestling restaurant I make sure you're focusing in on the rest extreme or let this be more on the gastrocnemius make sure you've got those words it elegant how to get legs like that a little Artie Lange has the symptoms of polyuria polydipsia polyphagia paraesthesia lady sonia and knocked or it was plastic


  1. That soundtrack is SENSUOUS and SEDUCTIVE !!!!! Riiiiiiight?!?

  2. RIIIIGHT? Seriously, that latin music soundtrack is cracking me the F up (lol why??)

  3. You can tell this man interviewing Elliot has never met a creature like this before in his entire life.

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