Ego Lifter Gets Kicked Out Of All Gyms – GYM FAILS 2018

well hold on one way my banging August the safety her hearing the rubber part I'm not sure bro but what do you want me to do you tell me I'm partial reckon that that's not possible rep for what exercise yeah shoulders up here when you're doing them value doing like this when you well you're doing dumbbell comes to your head right I'm not doing military press I'm doing shoulder press that's a full wrap home I'm not doing an evening safely because if I don't it's gonna hit my head would you rather hit my head or hit the safe I'm busy that's whether Safety's this is what they're called they're called safeties are here what do you want me to do though that doesn't make sense yep a minute making the general manager get hot you mind coming in my office what's it legal it's good so so I'll make this very short statement you had an absolute my personal training manager last week or earlier this week it ended up on social media I think that you referred to him as a pussy in the social media post because I have it on my computer but we decided that you know lifetime is probably not a great fit for you all right so we're just gonna go ahead and cancel your membership I'll make sure any money that we owe you for the last days or a couple days that you have a better than we get back to you okay I take about three to five days to get back to you there what are you guys talking to me or what stalking you yeah like how do you know how do you know assault my social media because we found it found it where where social media exists Jessie on Instagram is that something that's hidden I didn't post anything about you on Instagram all right it's it's something that this private club it's kind of up to our discretion at the end of the day we don't feel like you're good for a lifetime so that's why I'm just like wondering like how the hell did you like tell me I'm calling this guy pussy and like you have no proof all right this is usually you YouTube you're stalking me on YouTube where we found it holy shit man I didn't know he that you guys were stalkers all right man I'm out see ya okay exist told you they were stalking me told you cool man but as you know we have my head in intensity remember you've been contacted by our regional managers maybe just impossible if you would like to talk to him yes let you cancel my membership or so for what so the reason that we've canceled your membership is because a lot of the the staff members here feel very like they've been to the inappropriate by yourself inappropriate for what we've had to approach you numerous times about sacking the weights slamming the weights making other members feel uncomfortable almost sitting members out here with you know with your vehicle same thing with the doors coming outside and yelling my car's right there I can't talk on the street right there this is the proper they know we need you go ahead dude I don't even care if you kick me out there's other gyms I don't care I'm just saying I paid for August so I need to get a refund right now you would like to go ahead and pursue I need to get a refund dude dude listen listen just some Hough is a piece of shit I need my refund right now okay his phone number is there I need my refund right now I need my refund right now he's the one that's gonna go in there I paid you cash first of the month go and give me my refund you don't want to contact go ahead and give me my refund leave me my refund so I'm gonna go ahead and give me my refund now I hope you have a great day give me my refund you're not even listening to me dude I am listening yeah you won't give me my refund not one that can do that he is the one why not you have a cash register right there just hurry one that wants to do it I supposed to talk to this fucking faggot I'm supposed to get a repo from it what is he gonna do send me a check you don't need to cuss like that else yeah I can you know what I can say whatever fuck I want perfect have a good day does he tell us Justin hop to go fucking suck is the fucking fake have a good day that walkie you go let me plead for my curls super-stretch I do this because I can keep better form that I can anything else when they do dumbbells ago to this tip of my chest okay can I have somebody else sit on there but that one up there but it there's not enough weight on it I'm going to do just one more and I'll take two 2113 pounds so good hey my name is Justin very nice to meet you of course late I went up with intended for oh is that too much weight too much blade you keep all I'm sorry to scare you dude I didn't mean to scare you [Applause] yeah I'll take it down I'm sorry man I didn't mean to scare anybody don't walking by yeah all right I got you man sorry about that yeah this would have been a new world record for me but it yeah almost uh almost one metric ton it's one u.s. tone it's not a metric ton yet it's a u.s. ton but it's not a metric ton mm counts as one ton anyway sorry man I don't even talk to the members I just think when they approach you why are they approaching it's perfectly appropriate it's perfectly appropriate for somebody to ask you when you're going to send some machine yeah I told that guys I had two sets on there and here I don't know he kept bothering me and I was like dude there's weight over there with plenty of weights over there I mean he didn't want to use this machine uses in that machine using this one over there I mean I can understand I thought those were extra weights I cannot do that anymore that's fine but if somebody's bothering me you know that's that's a problem that you guys have like there's no reason for him to bother me for somebody to approach you just like we do because we're trying to be polite somebody who want to see the machine or wants to use certain equipment approaching new and distinguished he didn't want to use the equipment it wasn't about the equipment he wanted to take the waste he was taking the weight so I was like that's fine I can go get the weights from over there if that's what I need to do but it's unnecessary for me when you can just go walk over then get him yourself you know I mean I have to do that when I use the leg press machine I have to come all the way over here and get my own weights and it's not like I'm bothering people to do that yeah I mean it's fine just don't bother me not now you guys other people like I said he wasn't using this machine with that machine he was taking the weights which was fine you know I can't go get my own weights but still I just put it out get you there's weights right there right there right there gross right here I just think he wanted to be like bother me you know like be weird and I'm not into that weird stuff so yeah I just get the vibe that he was trying to be weird so that was like get away from me dude okay yeah I don't have any problem with any guests I just mind my own business like you never catch me talking to anybody else


  1. U should try and contact some of these gym workers and do an interview, how is this dude when the camera is rolling

  2. Bro this muthafucka is definitely on roids

  3. He wears gloves?!?! 😂 That's underwear for your hands. What a cunt. I'm 100% sure his form is trash.

  4. His youtube channel is: strongest of all time. No joke

  5. Of course world records are what he calls “ personal achievements” cuz he’s the only one who lives his self-centered world.

  6. What gym is Jessie going to now?

  7. This Jessie guy needs a psychological evaluation, & I'm not even joking. He probably had a bad childhood or something & bottles all of it up. Obviously this isn't normal behavior.

  8. Legend has it he still hasn’t done a full rep

  9. LOL he is not into weird stuff …o really. 405homie

  10. 8 ads for one 10min video? No thanks.

  11. This dude is a fucken stupid ass. How many gyms kicked you out? Omg stupid fuck

  12. poor idiot he think he scares people with his power, when in fact he scares people with his weirdness…

  13. lucky woman his wife

  14. Wow look at these gym gronks….they throw on a tight singlet pump a bit of iron and all of a sudden they think there larger than life get the fuck outta here all muscles and no brains

  15. I wish we could purge. I'd do my part.

  16. I think I hate him

  17. This dude is such a fuckin pussy. I can't wait til he has a fuckin accident in the gym.

  18. This guy is why planet fitness exists.

  19. 2,137 pounds of weights on a machine. He's not human, he's an asshole.

  20. The irony that he asks why? Then…. Goes ahead and helps their cause by doing exactly what they say he's been doing…. Do mood stabilisers not steroids kids

  21. The guy in Hurley killed it. He didn't switch topics even on the Nazi assumption. He refocused and stayed on the subject. I had to rewatch just that part

  22. This guy is the biggest DOUCHE, I have ever seen.

  23. This guy is a complete idiot lol

  24. that lady is struggling lol

  25. I dare you to act like that in a boxing or an mma gym. They'll humble you and believe me, you won't be cussing

  26. This guy has muscle but he Lacks a brain

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