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hi I'm sassy from naturally sassy and a few years ago I wasn't all that healthy I kick started my diet they're coming vegan getting free sugar free all overnight and it makes such a huge difference I wanted to give you my top tips for a healthy diet so number one is to prepare to be healthy my favorite thing to do is on a Sunday just take like an hour out of my day not even that like 45 minutes to prepare a few things for us and grains some grated vegetables maybe make some hummus just really simple thing that means that in the week the night before you can just make a really lovely salad or make breakfast like the overnight oats that I've shown tonic before so these little little things it's really really helped to make it easier and not to make it so daunting because healthy thing can be really daunting at the best time so the second thing is to pimp your cupboard and you've got the chocolate biscuits or things like that in your cupboard you're gonna need them so do like a huge cupboard detox get in the good stuff loads of greens really lovely whole foods like nuts seeds oats things that you actually want to eat and I guarantee you you'll eat them number three if some love your Tupperware so to get things like Tupperware jars all those type of things that make healthy eating on the go really easy you want to be able to transport it and you need the means to do that I love to recycle jars I have coconut oil or peanut butter jars but now I use for breakfast or for leg salads really simple things like that the number four is to get creative so you want to get creative because there's nothing worse than being bored with the food or eating it's really really tough to really hate the food you eat I love to make kind of healthy twists on classic dishes that we already know about things like Benassi pies getting polonaise in a really cool way so it's vegan getting free sugar free it's really really delicious and you wouldn't even know that it could be so then the last tip and I think this is a really important one is to get others involved I think it can be a really lonely joy discussing being healthy alone so I'd love to share it with my family my friends get them in bowl get them cooking look at YouTube or even get a social media channel and share it with a bunch of other people you don't even know but will inspire you and you inspire them in return it's really really a great way to share that upbeat amount so there are my top five tips for leading a healthy diet I hope they're really useful let me know how you get on in the comments below and subscribe


  1. newbie x come niomi Smarts channel xxxxxx

  2. Great tips!!! I love preparing on a Sunday!

  3. omg she's wonderful

  4. Loved your tips, definetly subbing 🙂

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