Education reform: Is technology the solution? | IN 60 SECONDS

education reformers love education technology this has been true for a long time the radio the TV the desktop computers each was going to revolutionize schooling guess what they dinner technology is a powerful tool and like any tool what matters is how we use it you have to use it right and that means understanding why it matter technology is great at offering access for kids in rural schools you don't have access to advanced placement classes online delivery of courses to make all the difference technology is great at supporting personalization for teachers with 25 kids it can be hard to tend to the needs of each and every one computerized assessment can make a huge difference but iPads aren't going to eliminate the need for teachers kids need role models mentors and a kick in the pants technology can't do any of that but technology can make a huge difference it can help teachers do their job better and it can support kids as they learn and honestly that's more than enough to learn more about my take on education technology check the links in the description below also let us know what other topics you'd like ati scholars to cover in 60 seconds

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