Ebola Virus Disease – prevention, treatment and preparedness

the incubation period for EVD is between 2 and 21 days but people don't become contagious until symptoms occur these include sudden onset of fever fatigue muscle pain headache and sore throat vomiting diarrhea rash and impaired kidney and liver function follow and sometimes internal bleeding avd is hard to distinguish from malaria typhoid and meningitis requiring extensive blood work these samples must be tested under maximum biological containment conditions there is no vaccine for EVD although to potential vaccines are undergoing human safety testing other potential treatment includes blood products immune and drug therapies intensive care support including hydration boosts survival the risk of an EVD case in Australia is low and an EVD outbreak extremely low operationally we have strong protocols to cover our borders our hospitals our staff general practitioners pathology laboratories and of course our patients returning health care workers and some travelers from West Africa will undergo voluntary home quarantine they will monitor their temperature twice daily for a daily phone check from public health authorities and alert them if there is any change we have four designated hospitals to treat EVD the Royal Brisbane and women's the Gold Coast University Hospital the Cannes hospital and Marta childrens Queensland Health has adopted the highest standard of personal protection equipment for its healthcare workers including fluid proof masks to prevent contact with infected materials patients are treated in negative pressure isolation rooms with a dedicated team and no visitors we've purchased three isopods or fully sealed capsules to transport patients by air should they fall ill in an isolated part of the state we are constantly monitoring the international situation in order to provide the best protection for the community anyone traveling to West Africa is encouraged to contact 13 health for advice

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