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hey guys how's it going my name is Jess rice and I am going to show you guys how to make some really healthy filling foods and that are gonna not only keep you full all day long but also help your smile stay bright and healthy a lot of the ingredients that we're using here today are chock full of vitamin C and other you know vitamins and nutrients that are going to keep your gums healthy and keep your teeth in place so they're not wiggling around as you're going through your smile direct journey and also lots of protein and fiber so you're gonna stay nice and full first thing that we're gonna do I'm going to show you a few knife skills that are really useful in the kitchen that are going to help you just in all of your cooking adventures but particularly the sweet potato chili that we're going to make and a fresh herb salad so you have something kind of heavy and dense that's going to keep you full all day and then something kind of light and bright that's going to be a great little accent to that meal so my favorite trick to show people first is how to properly chop an onion I can't guarantee that you won't cry I don't have a real good trick for that but I can show you how to keep your onion together so you don't have chopped veggies all over your board and making your kitchen a mess first things first how to hold a knife you're gonna want to pinch your knife where the blade and the handle me and then you're gonna curl your little three fingers around and you're gonna have a hook kind of around the side of your knife and you're gonna have your thumb here keeping it stable you don't ever want to put your finger on top of a knife and I can guarantee most of you guys do that cuz I used to do it too and that is not the way it should be this is gonna be the best way for you to keep your knife nice and steady so you don't slip and cut yourself and so my knife trick four onions half your onion take off the little furry bit on the end there and then what you're gonna do is peel back the paper II layer and sometimes that kind of first layer underneath cuz it's a little will T and chewy so but what I like to do is keep the little tail on with the root end so you have a little something extra to hold on to so for chile and all foods really you don't want a huge giant massive chunk of onion in what you're eating and you want it all to be cut evenly so it cooks the same so you don't have one chunk of onion that's like really crispy and raw and then another that's wilty and soft so holding your knife the way you're supposed to you're not going to cut all the way to the root you leave a little bit of space there but you're gonna cut little strips that are about the size that you want for a bite-sized piece of onion in chile and then you see it's all staying together because you've left the root intact you just go nice and slow and be careful when you're doing this cuz you should always cut with a really sharp knife so now you have this little kind of a bloom and onions sort of a thing going on there but now what you're gonna do the best way to cut so you never lose a finger is to have a claw grip right here so you're gonna have your knife level with your fingers there and you're gonna cut it into these perfect little small dice pieces and onions are great because we don't need to work quite as hard as we do in the kitchen I think people forget because they are naturally already a bit too diced like that all of the little layers of the onion works to your advantage so you don't have to work quite as hard so now that is how you perfectly dice an onion and then what I like to do when I'm Chile is all of your aromatics like your garlic and onion and herbs and spices and things like that I put those in my pot first so I use a little slow cooker like a crock pot to cook the Chilean but you can also just do it in a big you know typical pot heavy-bottomed pot but you're gonna want to put and the recipe will be available on smile' direct later so you don't have to take crazy notes right now but you're gonna have about two tablespoons of olive oil you're gonna put that in the bottom of your slow cooker and then you're gonna have your onion you're gonna put that in and let that wilt down for a little while on high and then you're gonna add the rest of your ingredients so I also like to have a lot of extra bowls on hand because you have to clean as you go in your kitchen or you're gonna drive everyone who lives with you crazy and it's not going to be a fun experience cooking if you're not tidy as you go I think the more organized you are in the kitchen when you get into the swing of doing that regularly the more likely you are to cook at home and the best part about cooking at home is you get to control the ingredients the salt the sugar content everything like that because you know when you go to a restaurant they want to make it as tasty as possible so they sneak in extra salt and sugars and things like that but when you're home you can make it nice and clean the next thing that we're gonna do is a sweet potato and not the prettiest way to cut a sweet potato but what I like to do you always want to have a flat surface when you're cutting so instead of trying to do one of these which I am occasionally guilty of you're gonna want to cut your sweet potato in half and then give it a little platform like that to sit on and again holding my knife properly I'm thinking in terms of how big do I want my pieces of sweet potato to be in my chili so I'm giving it probably a third of an inch and from there I don't want a chunk that big so I'm gonna go back to a flat side again and I'm gonna go this next way keep it all nice and together so you end up with these kind of like fries if you will it also be great way to cut fries if you're making this and then from here again back on its flat side you're going to use your little paw and cut these into the size that you want for your chili and the reason why I chose to do sweet potato in this chili is because it does have lots of vitamin C and fiber so this is really gonna help your gums and fibrous vegetables are also really good for teeth I'm not a dentist but I do know this for a fact I've nice pearly whites but yeah the food that you're making is going to kind of act as a natural little toothbrush in a way so anything fibrous like if you're looking for a good snack during the day celery cucumber carrots and sweet potatoes they also activate your salivary glands and are going to kind of keep your mouth self-cleaning do this real quick but it will be nice to have a good recipe that you can make in a big batch and then you don't really have to worry about cooking dinner for a few days and you can bring this to work you can bring a jar for friends my girlfriend Tara Jo is gonna get a big giant bowl of chili I always make extra so you can share and then you're gonna have your onions cooking down with your olive oil and then the next thing that's gonna be the hardest to cook and take the longest amount of time is your so you add that next and now I'm gonna show you another knife trick which you don't necessarily have to do for your chili because again chili is supposed to be like kind of a hardy chunky meal but we're also gonna use red bell pepper in our salad so I'm gonna show you another cool knife skill trick that you can use or not before your chili but you'll definitely want to use it for your salad so when you're cutting a bell pepper I'm a plant-based chef so I don't fillet fish but I do fillet a bell peppers um so what I like to do is I will quarter my bell pepper and so a lot of people that don't like bell peppers actually don't like the pith of the bell pepper peppers so you know when you eat an orange and it has that kind of like spongy outside that's called the pit and a bell pepper house 1-2 and it's this kind of spongy little part right there and I don't know if you can tell but there's kind of like a scaly little texture on the inside of your bell pepper that is not the most desirable when you're trying to do like a pretty presentation for a salad so I filet it off so you've got your bell pepper all quartered like that and then I try to make a perfect little plank so you've got this kind of square little piece of bell pepper so this is sort of hard to see but I'm gonna slip the tip of my knife underneath that little kind of fibrous part and what I'm doing is I'm using my thumb right here to level keep my knife flat against the cutting board and then I'm using the natural sharpness from my knife to let it just Rock across the vegetable and then the difference is night and day between this which is kind of dry and not super juicy looking and then this which is nice and shiny and beautiful and then from there you can julienne your bell pepper for a salad to make it look really pretty and appetizing and it does change the taste so you kind of just get that like beautiful sweetness from your bell pepper instead of kind of more of like a tart bitterness that comes with the pic so I'll put that in there but if you're cooking for if you're doing this for chili you don't have to go all crazy and fillet your bell pepper you can just cut it into bite-size chunks that work for you and you don't have to make it pretty because it's chili I'm just showing you a couple of nice little tricks that you can use for a later date when you feel like doing like a fancy meal for your friends which I do all the time there are always my testers and my guinea pigs my friends are always the ones that I pass new recipes by and try out weird things that I've learned about and I am by and large your self-taught chef so you can make food that's beautiful too you can even open your own restaurant like I did without any classical culinary training it really is just if you're passionate about it go for it I'll show you one more time and of course you'll notice I'm keeping my fingers out of the way as my knife is travelling towards them and then you can cut these into whatever size you like and then from this cut another cool thing to do presentation-wise is a little brunoise so that's another French knife skill cut that you would use and I think it's more like confetti so it's cute to put on your plate this pretty little red bell pepper confetti right and then your bell peppers will go in usually and first your seasonings and things like that I like to toast my seasonings in a pan before I use them so if you're at home and you're doing this chili and you've got your cumin and your cayenne and your chili powder I recommend putting the amount I think and the recipe that I'm going to share with you guys later it's about half a tablespoon of each to start with and then you kind of adjust as it cooks you toast it dry pan just toast your spices in the dry pan and then you add it to your chili it kind of wakes up the spices and makes it a little bit more gives it a little more depth and of course now so your Chili's easy your chili kind of is just cooking as you're prepping other things going about your day you can leave it your crock-pot on overnight of course on low or just warm and you can kind of just let that hang out but one of my other favorite tricks for chili is instead of using ingredients that don't have any kind of nutritional content to them I like to thicken my chili with pumpkin puree which I'll either make from scratch or you can get it canned like this or tomato paste so tomato paste and pumpkin puree are two really good options you can also puree another sweet potato and those are gonna thicken your chili so all the vegetables are going to cook down and release some of their water and you'll be like this is more like a soup and less like a chili and what you do is you just add a spoonful at a time of either pumpkin puree is sweet potato puree or tomato paste and then you're gonna have to adjust your seasoning as you go and you will have a nice thick chili and every gradient in your chili will have nutritional value now since we're a little this could take forever we could just wait and watch this baby cook but let's move on to the salad I'll show you another good little trick oh yeah and also before I move on to the salad I will show you with your your jalapeno these ones particularly are so spicy that they were like making me coffee yesterday when I was making the first batch of chili but similar to the bell pepper how we were talking about removing the pit that is also what makes jalapeno is so spicy as the seeds and the pit inside that kind of spongy green bit so if you want your chili really spicy you should not remove that you can add that but if you don't want to blow everybody away with heat and kind of let people adjust their chili heat themselves you know having a little bit to their chili as they're eating it so again what I do is I'll flatten the the jalapeno to my cutting board and this is how I seed it because I take away a little bit of the piss with it oh yeah they're spicy I'm not gonna cough and cry in front of you guys but um that's just like a really quick easy way to see it and then if you want to remove the pith again you do it just like you did with the red bell pepper and you can do this with any pepper you can kind of go back and clean it up as you need to but that's gonna make it a little bit more mild than if you throw this in but I know that my friend tere Joe likes it spicy so I'm gonna just leave some of it in for her and as jalapenos or any kind of hot pepper that you're using cooked down they will become slightly more miles all right so now that we've got our jalapeno out of the way we are going to I'm going to show you guys the best way to chop garlic so again similar to onions you don't want huge chunks of garlic and garlic is a part of the dressing and I love raw garlic one of my favorite chefs Matthew Kenny does not love garlic and he would be appalled right now but garlic is great for you it's really good for your circulation and keeping you well in these summer winter months until summer so what I like to do is I crush the garlic remove the skin and if you let your garlic rest for about ten minutes it's actually going to release a lot of other nutritional properties so you can crush your garlic and set it aside and then you can work on your peppers and stuff like that when you're cooking at home if you wanted to but for the purpose of our little Facebook live video right into it so I've got this kind of nice thinly sliced little pieces and then I just go back through and so a lot of times people don't like to use fresh herbs or fresh garlic you kind of buy the mint stuff that's already in the little containers for convenience sake but that really took me no time at all and the taste is entirely different and if you get that kind of like pickled garlic ready to go and it's really forgiving chilies great too because it's not like you're doing it on the stovetop it's gonna slow-cook so you're not gonna it's kind of all cooking at the same pase but that's what you put the onions in first because it flavors the oil and then after you put those sweet potatoes and because those are going to take a little longer to cook alright so now we're gonna do our herb salad I have one more really cool little knife skill trick to teach you and it's called the shippin odd so another French knife skill but you can do this for herbs and you can do this for spinach or anything but it's just a cool way to make things bite-sized and make it look pretty so what you do you're gonna line up your little leaves of either herbs or spinach or what have you and you're gonna roll it you're gonna roll it like this and so you'll notice a lot of times when people cut herbs or lettuces at home it gets kind of damaged like I'll show you a little example here just like it kind of gets a little bit just by doing that you're gonna kind of beat up your herbs and your lettuces and things like that just because you're pressing too much you're just applying too much surface area to your cuts but this is a great little trick because it keeps everything light and then you have these nice little springy pieces of fresh herbs and spinach or whatever you want to cut and there's really no browning at all on the edges so that's a neat little trick and it's cool too because instead of doing just like a regular chop salad where you're really kind of beating up the herbs and the lettuce you have this nice little pretty technique it's also a really great way to mince your herbs so if you're ever making like an herb butter or if you're making this fresh herb salad which the recipe will be available from smile direct Club you don't want it to be all beaten and kind of limp you want to your herbs to stay nice and springy since you have this giant bowl of Hardy chili that you're gonna be eating so we are going to do the same thing with our mint so I can leave it nice and stringy like that and it kind of is this little confetti sort of vibe or see where's my basil basil is another good herb to do that with here we go now put a mint in there too why not roll this guy up do the same thing again and again we're doing this because we want to have a little bit of everything in each bite you want a little surprise from one of these herbs every single time you bite into something so instead of making this all spring you what I'm doing is I'm kind of leaving it curled up and then I'm rocking my knife through again and now you have this kind of like as you go nice minced and you don't have to do it as many times as if you just laid it out flat you know like this this is like what not to do you know you've got this piece of basil and you're just trying to chop it all up it's just not as easy so you're gonna have to go through this a hundred times to do what I just did and you're gonna have bigger pieces in certain places and see it's kind of brown from the knife kind of digging in there so this is a really good technique so that's called chiffon oven and we have this beautiful salad so I will just add this and picking herbs is also really important so a lot of the stem content in especially parsley I like the flat Italian parsley or cilantro the stalks are not super thick so you can't eat those they might be a little bit fibrous for my tastes especially if you're doing kind of like fine-dining stuff but I don't mind using a little bit of the stem so you can keep a little bit of the stem and a great way to do the same kind of chopping technique so you don't beat your herbs to death as you fold it in half and then you rock through and so I don't want every single herb in my salad to be as tiny as the basil and the mint that I chopped I want it to kind of have a little bit more texture so that's good for me I will add that to my herb bowl and then we'll do the same thing with some cilantro and if you're one of those people that doesn't like cilantro and think it tastes like soap feel bad because it's delicious no accessory but you don't have to use it you can just leave it out and add a little bit more of whatever you like the best dill also goes great in this salad I'm not a huge to a person so I left it out but again uh there you go you just got some nice little chopped herbs just by folding it in half and you throw it in your salad and then I like to add arugula which is actually a part of the cabbage family not the lettuce family believe it or not I love to add a little bit of arugula to my herb salads and it's got kind of like a peppery sort of taste to it and then I will add kind of either hand tear or ship a nod some spinach so we're just gonna and it's weird you don't really think of adding all of these herbs together at in the same kind of bowl for a salad but they work really well together and it really lightens up the meal so highly recommend and this have to tell you that this dressing is my go-to vinaigrette dressing and I love the garlic in it there's some salt that really brightens up all the flavors so I'll use this to whisk of my dressing again we're gonna crush this garlic and you're keeping your knife level when you crush like that so you don't ever want to have it tilted down because you're gonna break the tip off of your knife and then if you have nice knives like me you cry no crying aloud unless you're chopping onions so again we'll go through quick little chop and I want my garlic in this salad dressing to be chopped small like I don't want a big chunk of garlic like that in my salad I mean I wouldn't really object to it but I can't imagine anyone I share it with would be happy about that and then you just Rock through it a couple times creating your knife off whenever you scrape your board too you're gonna want to not use the blade part of your knife you're gonna want to use the back part all right there we go and now I have this nice kind of minced garlic it all stuck to my hands I'm definitely going to realize it's stuck to my face later it's fine that's how you know you're a real food is if you have herbs in your teeth and like garlic or onions or paper stuck to your hands at some point now what I do so a typical vinaigrette recipe is one part vinegar or an acid to three parts of an oil or a fat rice wine vinegar and this is really nice because I want the salad to stay bright so I don't really want to use like an apple cider vinegar or red wine but I like to add a little bit extra because it is pretty light and it can be overpowered a little bit so we're gonna do probably one-and-a-half tablespoons of rice wine vinegar and do this before I you always want to stream in your olive oil last you're gonna add a little bit of your salt and you can add cracked red pepper or anything that you like like that I'm gonna keep this super simple and bright now what you do the best way to emulsify any kind of dressing that you're making is to stream it and slowly you could do this in a blender too but then you're gonna lose those nice chunks of garlic as you go and you could portion this out if you're not used to eyeballing let's see how it's just like a nice little stream and I'm whisking as I go so I'm doing again about one part vinegar to three parts oil and it's not gonna separate if you do this so you can actually have this out of room temperature if you make a olive oil like this because your herbs or whatever you put in there aren't gonna spoil because it's got that garlic and olive oil kind of covering it it's the olive oil like have you ever make like a chimichurri or anything like that and you want it to last a little bit longer and not brown you cover it with a layer of olive oil cuz that that's gonna keep the air out from oxidizing it she's turning a brown and then from there we're gonna pour it over our herb salad and I want this salad to be nice and light so be aware of how much you're using and then you add your favorite toppings like other veggies that you really love to your salad I always go again remember you always want to cut with a flat surface um I love radishes especially this time of the year or winter vegetable and the best part about living in Nashville I know people are tuning in I think we have someone from England I saw them RSVP um but the thing I love about living somewhere like Nashville is that we have beautiful produce in season year round so you can get a lot of your vegetables from your local farmers market no matter what time of the year in Nashville which is awesome we're very lucky and spoiled again flat surface and I'm just cutting these into bite-sized pieces that I wouldn't mind having so you could do like the typical discs that people do salads are also a great opportunity to show off your knife skills if you've been practicing so I always love to do the bell peppers like I showed you earlier and how pretty is that and you've got your pretty flowers right here so if you give us anybody if you put the salad down in front of them they're gonna be psyched and also don't ever put anything on a plate this is some fine dining don't ever put anything on a plate that you don't want people to eat so don't put a garnish on a plate that is like not something that you would also want someone to eat you know we're all guilty of it I technically am like the weirdo that's always eating the garnishes cuz it's always fresh vegetables typically wherever you're eating I like steal other people's garnishes and eat them but also you don't really ever want to leave something untreated so like I don't want to just throw these cherry tomatoes in there I want at least cut them up a little bit so it shows that you've put a little bit extra effort into it so that is your fresh herb salad you can top that with a little cracked red pepper or black pepper whatever you like or just leave it nice and simple like that um but give it maybe four or five hours once you get home from work and your chili will be done and also like you don't want to dress the salad until you're ready to serve it but you could have all of these herbs everything prepped and dry in a bowl and that as you go throughout the week you can just be grabbing a handful of the dry salad and then spritzing it with a little bit of that dressing and you've got meals for the entire week for the whole family and you can gift some to a neighbor if you have more than you can eat so I hope that you guys enjoyed both recipes they will be available through smile direct club more less rapid-fire I say it's like drinking through a fire hose when you're learning from me live but you'll have a very like well planned out oh yeah see here we go there's your chili and your salad so you have your really well-rounded specifically oral health focused meal and it's gonna keep you full all day so I hope that you guys enjoyed thanks for a girl Facebook love

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