Eating Plant-Based, But Still Experience Health Problems?

hi there you let's have it here certified holistic nutritionist at Blossom helping you create healthy hormones beautiful body in the life of your dreams now why is this that you are seemingly on the healthiest diets that there is out there that you are eating lots of plant foods and you're planning from what you know everything is fine but it's not and your health is just not there and you're still experiencing hormonal imbalances or gut issues or other health challenges and you just you are to loss as as to what is going on so this is exactly what I wanted to dive into our video today and in our work with where we work with clients who are brand new to this lifestyle and you have never done it before and we also work with a considerable amount of people who have done this lifestyle but some of them have done it for many years but they're still not experiencing the level of health that they want to experience why is that well let's dive into some of the possible causes behind it so the first reason is that you you've got a plan but it's not adapted to your specific health challenge or your specific health situation and you know do you discover oh yeah plan foods great it's just gonna eat fruits and vegetables and I can eat more plant foods and you switch to this one but it's never been adapted to your specific health challenge so for example if you've got an autoimmune disease you've got to tweak and change it for your specific challenge if you've got a hormonal imbalance you also got to tweak and change this plan to suit your your health restoration and I shared before in some of my videos and shared honestly that when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis that happened four years into a fully raw totally raw foods plan eight ten ten and I was very surprised and I understood that okay so now I need to do more work here I knew that the plan was was fine but I needed to do more work so I've never I did work with with a nutritionist at the beginning and so it was kind of a very generic guideline of how to switch to this plan but what's missing often in a lot of people's cases is that they don't know how to make it work for them for their specific health challenge and if it is a hormonal imbalance that you are dealing with if it's an autoimmune disorder that you are dealing with and other issues that you are dealing with you've got to make it work for you for your personal situation and that can make the difference can make all the difference in the world okay reason number two and this is something that I see a lot of I see it but it's a very common thing and I've experienced it myself and I see it in a lot of my clients who are already plant-based guts imbalances that have not been fixed they have not been addressed and people again people switch to oh yeah first vegetable is great for your digestion and they you know they read stories how other people have balanced their digestion and they got it they don't have any problems at all but if that is not you and you have challenges that you need to address them and yes I know other people might have and other people might have done a lot of other things but if that's not your current reality then there is more work to do then that means that your gut needs to be balanced further that there's more viruses and pathogens and bacteria and parasites and viruses in your body like epstein-barr virus which can cause an autoimmune disease in the body and all these things need to be addressed and you need to have a plan that will not just kill the parasites but help help you restore your whole body because if you've got parasites or cândido I looked at imbalances it's not just that this was just dealing with those guys yes it is as well but it's also restoring your whole health and addressing that and all the damage that's been done to your body and when I see people who say well you have got Candida I've been eating raw foods and plant foods and you know I know what to do if I go my way and I think okay well good luck because there are a lot of things that you can miss and these are important things so these are the things that can make a big difference and of course having gut imbalances can lead to an autoimmune disease or diseases in the future so it's not something that you can just leave there and you just keep using the same kind of the same reasoning wow I'm eating your healthy diets my cat is still not balanced but I'm eating a healthy diet you've got to address the challenges that you're experiencing and I hope that makes sense okay the next reason is to do with deficiencies and I see it a lot it's a very common thing deficiencies and they happen to people and people don't pay close attention all they think that's they getting everything they need and they don't and we test them and we discover that they they have deficiencies and some some of the some of my clients have a lot of deficiencies and not just on this lifestyle in any angle on any lifestyle so it's important because your body has got to have the right nutrients otherwise you won't be able to experience optimal health so it's it's a you know you've got to have a plan that that supplies you with only nutrients and you've got to test yourself you've got personally I tell myself on a yearly basis just to make sure that everything is in order because if it's not then I know I can correct it but if I ignore it year in and year right already so much damage can be done to your body so it's not something to you know to play around with and take lightly test yourself and you work with someone who can help you get tested and correct your deficiencies and get your health in order but don't just leave it that hoping that it will correct itself by itself just because you're eating more bananas in your diets okay so the next one is to do with imbalances in the diet and again I've worked with a lot of people who thought that their diet was healthy and they were eating raw foods and pantries and everything on it this was seemingly everything was fine but then we discovered that there were so many holes still in their plans so many nutritional holes sometimes it's too much or too little fat sometimes it's imbalances in the fat in our Omega 3 and 6 and sometimes it's to do with certain other nutrients that you are not getting getting too much of and all these things need to be considered when you creating an optimal plan for yourself so it's like it's a common thing too for people to think that just for as long as you eat fruits and vegetables and fast that's it's just gonna solve all your health challenges but if this is not the case for you I want you to know that you are definitely not the only one I've been there myself I've worked with people who have been there and you can have a plan that can help you move forward okay so remember that if your health is not still not where you want it to be you need to pay attention to it you need to create a plan that's gonna work for your specific health challenge you need you need to also work on your gut health and that's a common thing and it's a big thing amongst plant-based eaters it's not they still haven't restored it a diet can do so much but it can sometimes it cannot address every single underlying cause of your your health the third one is to do with addressing deficiencies preventing them and if you've got them correcting them and the fourth one is to do with making sure that your nutritional plan is dialed in optimally yeah so what you eating is healthy for you and help you for your specific health situation and lifestyle needs as well okay so these are the four therefore the four causes of why you might not be thriving on a seemingly healthiest plan there is out there and if that is the case now that there is a way forward there is a way forward for you and I really wanted to raise this awareness amongst people who are already doing it and not experiencing the outcomes that they want to experience for themselves so if you want to talk to me about how we can take your health forward and what can be done to correct your specific situation I'll post a link in the description section and otherwise you can just reach out to us at rossum forward slash apply thank you so much for watching this video give it thumbs up and leave your comments in the comment section have you balanced every single issue every single issue that you've been experiencing or are there some challenges that you're still working on and you know you just need to pay more attention to it without giving up on this plan post it on the comment section thanks so much for watching this video eat sweet Keep Fit and we'll see you again very soon bye for now


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