Eating like my super healthy dad for a day

hey guys so for today's video I'm gonna be eating like my dad for a day so my dad has a very very healthy diet he's a lot of Whole Foods no soda lots of protein not a lot of processed foods either and not gonna lie my diet is a lot of processed foods and I do drink some so whatever once in a while not that much but it's there and also actually don't eat a lot of proteins just not something I really enjoy so yeah this is gonna be very different from my normal everyday eating habits but I thought I would try it out and see if I can actually get through the day eating like my guys so yeah hope you guys enjoyed this video and got further ado let's get started hey guys so it's about 9:30 right now and my dad got to leave for work but he gave me like this very detailed list of everything he's gonna or everything you did eat for breakfast this morning not gonna lie it's a little bit gross I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to do it but yeah we'll see we'll see me also I'm so tired but unrelated um yeah let's go make some food so basically this breakfast consists of coffee with froth almond milk and no sugar which honestly kind of sounds trust me I really hate almond milk um three quarters of a cup of steel-cut oats with a quarter cup of cranberries two teaspoons of chia seeds one scoop of vanilla whey powder and a banana my bad and then one scoop of endurance greens with six ounces of water which apparently is like powdered vegetables greens and mixed in water I don't know this sounds really gross but yeah we're gonna do it and like I said I'm so tired so we're gonna start off with the coffee first okay so I feel like this mug he uses the most I don't always see him with this one [Applause] okay um yeah this is my morning coffee I guess for the day I usually don't drink hot coffee unless it's winter time and it's very cold outside and Dedan drinking iced coffee would make me look a little bit weird honestly I'm just really not feeling a hot coffee right now but this is this is what I'm doing today wow that is very bitter okay um let's make some food okay so now for this oatmeal he left all the ingredients offered me which is very helpful but um he said he did three quarters of a cup of this oatmeal in the serving size it's actually a quarter cup so I'm just giving you a quarter cup I'm not trying to follow portion sizes here because that would be a luxe eats a lot but yeah I'm starting off with that and then he said he mixes in the cranberries here he usually does raisins overwrought of raisins luckily coz I hate raisins cranberries are much better so that and then he tops it off with chia seeds a banana and then this whey protein powder I was originally planning on doing like portion sizes too and then I realized how much my dad eats versus how much I eat and I think that would just not go well so yeah you'll see if they're out the day I probably won't eat as much as he does but it's it's the thought that counts and what I'm eating I think back out so yeah let's let's do this I don't like oatmeal that much either but we'll see I feel like I'm burning it cuz I didn't like do a lot of oatmeal but also I don't know I don't want more than that hopefully it's not really gross so most of us still stuck in the pan so that's great also there's like literally nothing here at the same time it tastes Bert it's also kind of undercooked so I think I did I think I did it wrong I've honestly only ever made quick oats before which are just much easier to make and like maybe that's how that's supposed to be but like I feel No so I'm gonna try the microwave and in fact doesn't work I'll just suck it up and eat it cuz I guess that's how it's supposed to be we have a problem I am I'm so sorry dad okay well that does look better I love that for me anyway um so this is the one I made earlier looks really gross on the stovetop this is the microwave one this just looks so much better you don't know why they look so different but yeah I'm gonna stick with this microwave one also I did make more when I made it the microwave and I think that helped for some reason the serving size is literally 1/4 cup which does not go well on the stovetop it literally just burns itself okay so got some toppings um I cut up half a banana he says a full banana but I didn't make as much as he did so there's that and then some cranberries and then he puts on two chia seeds just like on top I think then for the part I'm not very excited about um he puts on a scoop of this whey powder and I'm just gonna do half escape just because there's like obviously not so much here that should be good he says he doesn't mix it in but I feel like I don't believe that so I'm gonna mix it in I think when he might he doesn't mix it in when it's on the stove like he boy told me might come the cranberries on the stove but since I obviously microwaved it that's not happening this is oatmeal yeah let's try it it's actually not bad I think I misjudged this whey protein it just tastes like vanilla flavor anyway so now I have my oatmeal my coffee which I'm trying to get down honestly it's really bad but anyway so now Eve does this endurance greens powder he makes that in 6 ounces of water try right here but anyway this cup is big enough so I'm gonna pour it yeah Wow I spilled that you're making such a mess also I've literally been making food for like an hour this is more work than I put in for my breakfast but yeah so he does one scoop of this in the six ounces of water oh it's actually asking me big scheme to create tiny scoop this is the scoop oh my god that smells disgusting it's supposed to makes it a taxes of water he doesn't in six oh it's also a tropical fruit flavor how fun okay I'm left-handed the full scoop it looks like matcha powder though maybe I can imagine it's matcha powder I don't know what the benefit of this is but I guess it's like healthy I know there's pictures of like broccoli on the front okay seeing that I only I can't I I can't take this off fun fact about me I can't drink straight and water anyway like from a cup I can do from little water bottle for some reason that just like tastes better even straight water is close to me and this is water with powder in it also it's not mixing very well so I'm done eating I guess I should get dipped over with I'm gonna preface this right now I'm not gonna drink or the one sip of this I think I might throw up okay so now we're gonna go meet my dad for lunch at this like salad place and honestly I'm not a huge salad person that I've definitely been getting more into salads it's still kind of picky about it um he usually gets this like garden style it's like falafel and beans on there I don't hate falafel but I definitely do not like beans so I will have to get over that today is really small try anything because I'm such a picky eater I don't go out of my comfort zone that often and he eats a lot of foods that are out of my comfort zone so this should be interesting but definitely not as bad as that vegetable juice water thing though now if salad it is a classic garden salad with falafel and we added good I don't like that you add a cup of meat or you didn't want beer well actually I'm not yeah I didn't look like that I'm also not a huge fan of avocado and salad it works a lot a big salad either me so for dinner tonight Rockefeller eating together so I guess we would eat the same thing anyway but we're making pizza normally when we all make pizza we do two wrong with the whole-wheat crust along with like a regular white crust and I'll eat the white crust one and my dad is the only one but today I'm going healthy and we're doing whole-wheat honestly I think you kind of ruined pizza but it's not that bad I don't know I I remember one thought you guys gave me wholly trust and I was little and it ruined the pizza we eat this a lot I'm pretty sure I filmed this in the vlog like two times us making pizza so yeah so we have dough and then we're making some broccoli in the microwave and then we just have like a bunch of onions peppers and then some leftover steak we put in here just to add that on top and then doing feta cheese a little bit of mozzarella and this just like pizza sauce that's it that's our pizza no I need the crust of Spain nothing about me I like baked crust pizza everyone else likes thin crust pizza is really like bread and I like to get a good ratio of crusts to toppings thank you I want to try it first with the whole-wheat crust and shake we do have reduce take reflection time okay so you might notice I kind described every single food at 8:00 is pretty good but you know I gotta admit not everything was pretty good so breakfast earlier and actually did not mind oatmeal I would say that was actually pretty good it was like decent wouldn't make it for myself but did it mind eating it so that was okay the green fruit punch water juice thing was absolutely disgusting really really bad lunch I just really didn't like the salad like the falafel it wasn't falafel it was like yellow and not it was like crumbled I don't know and the avocado and salad like I just really don't like that so didn't really like the lunch dinner that was actually really good the pizza was amazing couldn't even felt was whole wheat crust I would totally get dinner like a 10 a 10 overall the one thing I really noticed throughout this whole little experiment was that my dad just eats a lot more per meal and he doesn't really snacks like at all and then for me I eat much smaller meals because I don't like eating like big amounts of food in a short amount of time I just get really bored of eating like same food so even what I was eating like my dad I was of course not eating as much part of it being because I didn't really like the foods that much especially like breakfast and lunch so ends up being like really hungry did a couple hours after lunch so I really needed whereas my dad could make it consider also just healthy food doesn't really appeal to me like I could have a couple bites of oatmeal but honestly explosively craving that in the morning wasn't really what I was feeling the salad this goes for all salads for me like I start eating it it's okay and then I'm kind of like sick a bit like I want like carbs or something like that like I really like carbs it was weird not having carbs at lunch besides all that though it definitely was not as hard as I thought it would be not sure I would do eating like my dad again but still not a horrible experience however if you guys liked this video and you want to see me like my mom for a day let me know in the comments down below my mom is gluten and dairy free so that should be interesting if I ever eat like her so yeah let me know if you want to see that hope you guys enjoyed that video if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe my channel down below I post new videos every single Saturday and I will see you guys soon bye


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