hey what's up guys today I want to talk about some things that I did what I decided that I wanted to start eating healthy a lot of people asked me you know I want to eat healthy I want to lose weight where do I start so today in this video I'm going to talk about all the things that I did when I made the decision to eat healthy so let's get into it so you say you want to eat healthy you say you want to lose weight you want to start cooking you want to cut out fast food all of that well here's some of the things that I did when I first decided that I wanted to start eating healthier the first thing I did was I went through my refrigerator and all of my cabinets to get rid of all of the things that I decided that I didn't want to eat so I was a big pork eater a big beef eater I'll eat a lot of chips a lot of cookies a lot of sweets just all of that so when I decided that I wanted to eat healthier I said first thing I said to myself I said I was gonna cut out sugar bread fry foods fast foods so that was like my main thing when I made the decision that I wanted to start eating healthier so I started there but then the second thing that I decided to do was I needed to I knew I needed to cook more so I went through my refrigerator I went through all the cabinets in my house and I got rid of everything unhealthy when I tell you that was a struggle for me at first number one because I was just like well how am I gonna replace all of these groceries that I just threw out like I just went shopping but you know what and then I started to think about okay I just went shopping but all the stuff that I went shopping for at the store was it really good for me and if I want to eat healthy can i really make the sacrifice to go to the store and buy all-new groceries and start this thing over again of course so I made that decision and then I went ahead and did it but I was a big sugar either so I knew I needed to throw out like all of the the cookies and the candy and all of that stuff so I went through my cabinets got rid of all of the the cookies the chips let's see the cookies the chips I got rid of the bread I got rid of like everything my cabinets were so empty once I finally got finished going through all of my cabinets that went through the Jews got rid of the Jews the kool-aid the white sugar the pop got rid of all of that stuff that I knew wasn't the healthiest for me and it was a struggle let me tell you like throwing away all my Oreo cookies double-stuffed like that was a real struggle for me okay that was so hard so let me tell you this this journey of going through your cabinets going through your refrigerator and throwing away all the stuff that you've loved for years is not gonna be easy at all but it is doable and you can do it okay you just have to make the decision and then you can do it so first you can start with the bread take all the braids your house throw it out if you need to have bread I use Ezekiel bread if I do have any bread but that's very very very rare like if I have a some oatmeal or something like that you know I need like a piece of toast or something like that like I'll have a piece of Ezekiel bread now that's the only bread that I will do if I have bread I was a really big meat-eater and so I loved pork pork chops and I love beef I will make a lot of hamburgers or steak burgers or burger burgers I just love making burgers so I decided that all of that eating like that was not good for me so I needed to get rid of all of the beef all the pork so I totally rid in my refrigerator of all of that stuff and I stuck to eatin a lot of baked chicken a lot of big fish and a lot of shrimp and things like that and that's what I stuck to occasionally I'll do like ground turkey and stuff like that but totally just decided that I'm not really gonna mess with beef and pork and all that stuff anymore so if that's your decision as well then you can start by going through your refrigerator and getting rid of all the beef and get rid of all the pork go through your cabinets get rid of the chips get rid of the cookies and you can replace those things with like healthy snacks like you can get you like some cashews or something to snack on some some granola or something like that you know just healthy snacks most snacks that I do is just fruit you know fruit fruit is safe for me so I'll do fruit like I'll do you know I have like a ton in my refrigerator of apples I eat a lot a lot a lot of apples err my refrigerator also have like a ton of oranges apples oranges and things like that like that's a safe snack for you between meals and stuff like that instead of oh I used to snack on that like I said chips and cookies and popcorn and candy and just all of that stuff that was absolutely no no no good so go through your cabinets go through your refrigerator challenge yourself throw out everything that you know without a doubt is unhealthy I used to eat a lot of eckhart sausage you get some exercices put some onions on it just make a lot of Polish 'iz and and fries and potatoes like I eat a lot of that stuff really no fruits or vegetables so I knew that that was like a major major major change that I needed to make in my diet in order to really genuinely start losing some weight but what I replaced my meats with I do like the the beyond meat products these right here are the beyond meat plant-based patties and I put the link for all this stuff down in the description box so you can see but I don't even do my patties with bread because I put my bread out so I'll just have a patty with maybe some brown rice and some vegetables or something like that so you should give these a try these are really good if you're replacing you know eating so much meat like I was in a ton of meat and I knew I needed to stop eating so much meat also another uh beyond meat product that I do are the beyond me Italian brats these are really really really good so like I said I love to eat Eckrich sausage with onions and all that stuff now I'll do these instead with some onions but I won't do it with bread I'll just do the sausage mix it up with some gray peppers onions some brown rice it is really really really good so just some things that that you could do and replace if you don't want to eat so much meat now I found that with not eating so much heavy meat like that and replacing it with plant-based meats that when I'm done eating my food don't feel full I don't feel tired I don't feel any of that when I'm done eating in and that's a really really good feeling another thing people think that you know if I drink like apple juice and orange juice that that's good like I'm still doing good but a lot of people don't realize that there is a lot of sugar in like apple juice orange juice even this juice right here now this is a juice that my kids drink so honest kids juice but in this juice you have to actually start reading the labels of stuff and that'll really tell you the contents of what's and the things that you are eating and drinking but in this juice right here this juice has 11 grams of sugar in it now like I said this is one of like the healthier kids juices but it still has has sugar in it so you have to really like monitor your your contents of the things you're eating the things you're drinking and you simply really have to like go through the store reading food labels to see what's really inside of what you're eating and what you're drinking everyday now for myself I drink water I don't even bother with the juices anymore because I realized that when I took a sip of juice here took a sip of juice there it may not seem like a lot that you're putting into your body but really those are just liquid calories that you're taken in with juice whether it be apple juice or whether it be orange juice even some freshly squeezed orange juice still sugar so you have to be careful with that it may seem healthy because it's apple juice or it's orange juice but in actuality it's still really just sugar you want to eat healthier you're going to have to cook there's really no way around it unless you sign up for like a food service now I did check out go ready-made I'll leave the sigh in the description box absolutely loved them so if you don't have time to cook then I would say sign up for a food service they'll send you some healthy meals in the mail that you can cook in 20-30 minutes and be done but if you don't have the time to to do that don't have the money to do that then you're going to have to cook there's no way around it if you want to be healthier you can do full prep you can cook your meals at the beginning of the week cook them put them in a refrigerator and be done with it or you can cook if you want it fresher every single day but you're going to have to cook and if you need some ideas on different healthy things to cook there's so many different apps for that actually I have a couple apps on my phone that I use there's there's an app called Meal Time and there's an app called make my plate so you can check those apps out those apps are awesome when you want to find some healthy meals to cook it keeps it fresh and it keeps your ideas creative on different things that you can cook but you're gonna get creative the more you cook for yourself on an everyday basis you're gonna get creative with your meals you got to keep it interesting you got to keep it fun especially if you're cooking so you don't feel like you're eating the same things every single day another thing you're gonna have to do cut out the fast food like nothing good comes out of these restaurants that's fast I made that decision I used to eat a lot of White Castle all the time I'll be a lot of White Castle a lot of fast food so you're gonna have to simply just cut out the fast food if you want to be healthier now when you're making your meals portion control is so in Porton because you could have a meal that should be healthy but because you ate so much of it that you just simply defeated the purpose so I would suggest stacking your plate with a bunch of vegetables I do a bunch of vegetables and brown rice and then like a smaller portion of the meat I drink a bunch of water before I start eating so I can fill up on water so I won't fill up so much on the food so I would suggest doing that so you don't over eat you should never never never eat to get full you should just eat enough to be satisfied and then that's it like it should be like oh I'm eating I'm eating I'm eating No so stack a bunch of vegetables on your plate and do like a smaller portion of meat now what I do is I drink about 8 ounces of water before I even start eating so that'll fill me up some before I start eating so I don't over eat I do like this this is this is my whole day of how I eat every single day and I had to set up a schedule for myself and this schedule has been working for me so I have breakfast then I'll have a snack my snack will consist of some fruit then I have lunch then I'll have a snack then I'll have dinner and depends on how late I'm up I have another snack all my snacks I have to snack on fruit or some cashews or something like that so you have to set yourself up with an eating schedule I heard a person say well I don't eat that much so there's no reason why I should be gaining weight but if you're not eating constantly on a daily then you slow down your metabolism so you have to keep eating breakfast snack lunch snack dinner snack to keep your metabolism going really fast so that's how you burn off the fat burn off the calories I'm gonna give you guys a look inside of my refrigerator and see how I eat on a regular basis and a lot of things I had to substitute like I used to be a big milk drinker milk of cereal like I can have milk I usually have milk and cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner it was ridiculous ridiculous but I had to adjust that now actually I just threw it out because it was old you can't keep common milk that long but now I've drink almond milk and I love almond milk almond milk works for me um let's see regular butter we don't do anymore we do the melt butter and this butter is actually really really good and it's made from all plants so you know just trying to cut down on on all the dairy and all that stuff you know cuz all that dairy just not good and see I have allergies so all that dairy was just no good for me so like I said I'm a big fruit give me apples give me oranges I'm good I do a lot of a lot of salads yeah we shop at Whole Foods that's like the only place be shot I do a lot of salads so you know got the lettuce in here got the tomatoes in here if you haven't had like the salsa and stuff from Whole Foods you definitely gotta check it out it's the bomb um let's see you then I have my drawer full of fruit all the meats that I eat the beyond me brought the beyond meat patties we do a lot of baked chicken breasts in my house so also I love the corn chicken patties I get these from Whole Foods like I said all the links will be down in the description box but I had to make like a full on change with everything that I eat but it was so necessary so worth it I feel so much better and it wasn't until I fully made that change is when I fully started losing the weight after I had my kids I was settled at 165 and I couldn't get off that 165 but once I cut out the fast-food ones like made eating changes cleared out my cabinets started working out on a consistent basis that's another thing you got to add working out to your routine even if it's just with twenty minutes a day and you can workout right at home I workout at home sometimes I go to the gym but most times I just really honestly do not have the time so a lot of times I just end up working out here at home but as long as you're having movement everyday movement movement movement that's how you're gonna burn calories that's how you're gonna stay in shape the most important thing is eating right because having a healthy body is 80 percent diet 20 percent exercise so the main key thing is getting your diet together first and then the exercise is just gonna add way more value to what it is that you're doing so just to recap on where to start we're eating healthy first things first go through your refrigerator go through your cabinets throw out everything that's not healthy period second thing cut out the fast foods third thing start cooking every day find you on your phone or find you some meals or recipes online start cooking every day the next thing portion control control how much you're eating eat way more vegetables way less meat you would definitely see results by doing that don't fry your foods bake your foods or saute your foods and the final thing is incorporate at least twenty to thirty minutes of exercise and your every day routine and that's where you can start and I definitely guarantee that you're gonna see some results with this regimen I hope these tips were helpful for you thanks for 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