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No welcome back to my channel so today I'm going to do some cook with me video and I'm going to make a super simple meal that can feed the whole family and its really cheap so it's not expensive because I noticed that a lot of people think that eating healthy is expensive but it's really really not so a little about me I'm really really poor and I live in a tiny apartment and I have three kids so there's five of us and so we have to you know eat on a budget anyway eating healthy is like one of our only options because we can't afford to eat out all the time we have to cook our own food so I think that being poor is really good for your health because you can't you can't like eat all the bad food but I know like other people who don't have a lot of money they eat a lot of fast food I really don't understand how they can afford it but like if you're eating off the dollar menu yeah I can understand but like if you're getting if you when we sometimes go to McDonald's for all five of us to eat it's like thirty dollars and we all get like chicken sandwiches fries and happy meals but eating in the house is so much less money than thirty dollars for the whole meal so um so let's stop all the talking and get to the cooking let me show you what we're gonna have for dinner tonight I really don't know how to cook I just do like what my husband teaches me because he if I taught me how to do some things so I just used this measuring cup thing filled it to the top I don't have no idea how many is in there and I just pour it in here I put three of these in there and then I'm going to fill the water up until the number on the side gets to three I don't know I guess it's the right amount when I do that it turns out right in the rice cooker so it should just come out okay so I turn the rice girl and while that's cooking we're going to prepare the ground turkey because tonight we're having Cajun flavored ground turkey with kidney beans over rice with some broccoli on the side nor all this foil everywhere my husband did that so that oil doesn't get up on the walls or the microwave when we're cooking like I said I'm like really poor and so like this is the kind of stuff we use and we put foil on everything so it could stay clean but yeah so just don't judge me but so working with what I have because you know I have to live and have to work with what I have and be grateful that I do have and so what we're doing is we're just turn the fire on just a little bit and I threw the ground turkey inside and then I'm just gonna break it up and then I'm gonna season it and the seasons are really simple is some Cajun seasoning garlic powder and onion powder and those are the only three seasonings that I put on my turkey those are my three main seasonings when I cook and it's really easy and simple so just put some on top I'm gonna put some on top and then just let the turkey cook I just put the seasonings on top and just layer it with seasoning and then mix it all around so let me tell you why I chose turkey instead of ground beef ground beef is high in calories and ground turkey it's so a little bit of calories I'm gonna put the calories somewhere on this video oh I'm gonna write it down so that you can see the difference but yes so what I think I'm doing with my diet I I cut out um dairy for my own personal reasons like I studied area but not milk so I don't drink milk and I'm cutting out cheese it's just unnecessary calories so I don't eat cheese and what else do I not eat red meat I'm cutting out red meat just because there's so many calories and it's just not worth it so sometimes I eat red meat this doesn't mean I cut it out completely it's just not in my everyday diet so I'm gonna it's hard to do this with one hand so I'm going to let this cook and then after it's finished cooking we're going to add the kidney bean and add a little more seasoning just for flavor this is off topic but I love to put this in my water I'm just drinking some water while I'm cooking and this tastes so good in this crystal white one and I have they have different flavors for this one yeah so I'm just you just squeeze a little bit in and it's zero calories and it makes the water taste so good Oh while that's cooking let's talk about vegetables like people say is so expensive to eat like healthy food like I said before and when they buy vegetables they think they have to be fresh well we eat frozen vegetables because they last longer in the freezer and they're cheaper and so you can eat frozen vegetables too I think they if you find the video on YouTube or somewhere or read about it frozen vegetables are just as good as fresh vegetables so you don't have to feel like oh I'm not getting my nutrients from the fresh vegetable yeah fresh is always going to be better but if you're on a budget just get frozen anything to help you eat healthier is good so just try it I have the beans gonna put them inside now because this is finished cooking and my kids tore off the labels on the cans so I have my kidney beans and just for two cans inside because it's five of us they have to eat and I want leftovers so I'm just making a lot yeah and you just mix it around I just do what I think is best I don't have any measurements or any directions or recipe if you're looking for a recipe you could go look online somewhere here is not the place to find a recipe you can just go by with what you see so I'm putting some more occasion on top and I think that's all I'm gonna put because sometimes they say is too spicy because I put too much higher so I just put a little this time and I'm gonna let all of this just let it soak in the flavors I really want to put some more on top but they always die put too much seasoning but I feel like it needs more taste the seasoning mmm it's good yeah it doesn't need more it's perfect so this we're gonna put it on on the side of the right so we're gonna white rice and see the finished product of what it looks like on the plate because I'm not gonna record that you can just go to my Instagram I'm gonna put the title here and I'm posting a picture of this dinner on my Instagram and I think I'm gonna post more pictures of food I eat on Instagram so just follow me over there and also if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and please subscribe and don't forget to turn on notifications so that you know when I post my next video there is a fitness challenge that starts tomorrow is six weeks and if you saw the video before this I'll put a card here somewhere up in the corner you can go watch that video of me taking my measurements and my starting weight and that's a six week program I can't wait to see the transformation and I'm going to be doing the Beachbody fitness workouts and what else am i doing drinking Shakeology and drinking energized so if you don't know what energizes I'm gonna have another video that you can check out I'll link it in the bottom of why I love energized and also in other news I became a Beachbody so if you want to join the community of people who are getting fit and working out and working on themselves and there's a support group and you'll have me as your coach oh please just leave a comment or something send me a message on either my Instagram or here on YouTube and let me know that you're interested and I'll show you how to sign up and you can come do the workouts with me too and drink the shakes and share your journey and it's a lot of fun so I hope that you will come and join me alright see you next time

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  1. Great recipe! I hope you're doing well!💕

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