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hey guys and welcome back to my channel today is episode four of getting back on track it's all about eating well whilst you are on the go now this was perfect for me to record because yesterday I literally have meetings back to back about a really exciting project that I can't talk about right now no right now there's soon soon I will but anyway I had meetings back to back in London so I literally just ate out the entire day I was really really busy I was hectic you know London's like subways traveling is headaches literally if I'm being honest I absolutely hate eat you know yeah it's convenient you don't have to cook enough to clean but I don't know exactly what's going into my food and that is something that I do not like I like actually seeing what's going into my food and knowing exactly kind of what I'm eating throughout the day so this is what I got up to I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll get back to you at the end to tell you how it went [Applause] okay so we have an adoption is like with orange to make like occasion pepper and Jack got one as well these are like little turmeric shots and then to eat I thought one of these veggies like really have like egg and spinach mushroom sun-dried tomato egg spinach everything in there brioche and I also have some eggs salmon and spinach as well that's going to be my breakfast I will tally up like the types of calories yeah and then we're gonna have the meats in and I'll get back to you what we have in language okay guys so we just finished our meeting and honestly it was such an exciting meeting I'm not gonna give out too much because it's still in the making but 2019 I'm gonna be bringing out my first product let me tell you something about this product you ain't ready it is such exciting news literally it's something I've wanted to bring out for such a long time it's definitely not fans but it is something that I wish I had and still wish I have like it's just lacking in the market I feel so it's definitely something that potentially help you guys whether you're student whether you're gym bunny whether you're work and whatever you want to do so it's a very exciting stuff we're off to eat now jakab rourou my hunky chunky comes with me everywhere we go far my sides cuz he loves me so much so we're gonna go grab some food it's like Covent Garden and then we're gonna head on back home we're gonna pick up button bed from her granny's house I call her granny he's actually Janice mum's still gonna go pick up buttons after we get back home and then I'm gonna head over to the gym then I'm gonna eat out tonight because I want to just obviously keep this video relevant to the title which is basically eating on the go and eating out like 8 p.m. in the evening you see these shadows I'm so sorry bear with me we are still gonna be eaten out I don't want to eat out I really like cooking and knowing exactly what's going in my food but this video is to show you guys kind of like you can eat healthy on the go you can he eat healthy to eat you out just have to make smart and nutritional decisions I had my protein shake after the gym and actually women's first shake just down it having with a bit of water you can have it with milk whatever you fancy but I just like to have it with water and if they can at the gym they always blend it with life looks like I've got shades on Shane anyway so I am literally just sitting in the car parks because we are gonna head into Nando's and if you just guys don't know what matters is it's just basically like chicken please rise and if you don't have anything like that then honestly my biggest advice is when you go out to a restaurant to eat remember that you are paying for that food so if you fancy your chicken being cooked with olive oil instead of butter then you have a right to ask for that people you are paying your money for that food and they can turn around and be like actually sorry we can only kick it in butter what is your entitlement keep it nice and simple nice and healthy every single obviously food thing I've been incorporating all the macro so you guys could see kind of the macros as I go along and also I'm gonna tell you the prices at the end how much I spent today I don't even know how much I spent actually Jack's been paying for everything because I don't want to be aware of what I'm spending and then at the end more tally all up if I'm being honest Jackson paying for it all so let's go hungry alright guys so you just come to Tesco I want some snacks and obviously I can't have any other snacks from home so we are going to buy some snacks and I'm going to show you kind of what you can eat on the go to be healthy and dandy it so one of the snacks I'm gonna have is some yogurt and I think it's such an easy snack to have and you can't go wrong there's so many alternatives nowadays like there's light and free what I'm gonna have is I'm gonna have literally one of these honey ones from the total yeah honey and Greek yogurt that's one of my senses tonight and then I'm gonna get another one as well so there you go I've kept healthy throughout the day I made sure every single meal had protein in and that was my main concern I wanted to have protein with absolutely every single meal and I wanted to have some form of vegetables as you saw when I went to Nando's I had peas and I had a side salad I kept it simple with the carbs and I opted for a rice chicken out for sweet potato as well you can definitely definitely definitely eat healthy on the go but it is expensive I'm not being funny but literally you can go McDonald's and get a bloody cheeseburger fries and a drink for less than five pound but when you want to eat healthy somehow somehow carrots and vegetables are seen to be more expensive I don't understand their I don't know why that is the case for this bloody country needs to do and every other country needs to do something about it but this is exactly what I wanted to show you guys that yes you can eat healthy on the go however one it can be expensive too you're not necessarily gonna know exactly what is going into your body and three you could fall short of your macros so that is kind of what I wanted to kind of say about this there is no excuses you cannot for healthy foods but to be honest in my professional and personal opinion you need to be meal prepping in order to see results and in order to be consistent you need to be meal prepping your milk it will save you money it's effective it will help you see results in the long run because you are being consistent so I hope you liked and enjoyed this video I'm gonna put the total of macros right now here that I had and I hope that you enjoyed this video and make sure that you are subscribed to this channel you are following me on Instagram and you comment down below for any future videos that you would like to see and remember that I love you always always always and forever bye


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  7. Awesome! Thank you, this video is very informative and really gives me a confidence boost in eating out. My hubby and children are heading out for dinner tonight and I’m dreading it! So I’m trying to plan ahead and pick from the online menu and hoping to keep my calories LOW! It’ll be Chinese so hoping for just chicken, rice and veggies! Maybe a veggie roll if it can fit! Any suggestions? Thank you again! Love! 💕

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  14. I'm really surprised this video didn't include snacks brought from home. Most people into fitness will tell you to prepare lunch or veggies to take on the go with you. That way you save money, you know what you're eating and it's healthy!!

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  17. I live in the US and I feel like the #1 reason most people eat unhealthy foods is because it’s so damn expensive to eat healthy. Every time I get a salad it’s $10-$13 but you can go to any fat food place and spend way less on so many unhealthy foods. So I feel like people don’t want to be unhealthy but sometimes it’s just what they can afford to eat especially if they work.

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