Eating Healthy ON A CRUISE!! Keto / Low Carb Diet

hi everyone we're ELISA and Jayson with EE CC travels and we have a different video today in that so many people have asked how Jason looks so good now Oh blushing and what he has done to lose all that weight and how he is eating healthy slash keto on a cruise okay well you gotta have them want to you get out the desire and you got to be you got to have the discipline and you got to be consistent okay those are the main things so I'm down like 50 pounds now I had to do a lot of running I was running not too terribly much but about you know on an average of about 10 miles a week I don't have to run anymore now that I've got the weight off that I want them at my target weight I can maintain it without having to run as long as I keep my diet up so that's that's good because I hate running basically my eating habits other than going to the gym and working out and running I cut out my carbohydrates you know things like pastas and potatoes and breads you know I eat some complex carbs because you do need some carbs for fuel and energy like oatmeal I just adore sweet potatoes and at home I'm basically you know I'll have like two fried eggs over-easy and that's it and then between breakfast and I'll have that you know somewhere around 7 o'clock 8 o'clock in the morning I'll snack on some maybe some like I love that imitate imitation crabmeat and I get I get that little snack packs there's five and I eat those they're high in protein they're very low in carbohydrates I like them and then I'll eat a couple pieces of cheese like some baby bells or something so I have like two of those and then for lunch I'll have a sandwich with some deli meat like ham and turkey with like some some deli American cheese and I'll put it on a lettuce boat it's just a piece of lettuce and I'll put me a little sandwich sauce on it and just roll it up and eat it it's basically lettuce for dinner I'll have like steak or chicken most the time I don't even eat a lot of vegetables up I'll just have just they make me I'll Steve meat like I'll have I'll get me a rotisserie chicken or something like that from from the grocery store and I'll heat that up and just dip it a little hot sauce or something like that if she has chocolate cakes or something around the house or Little Debbie snacks I'll have every known and I'll go ahead and get me one or two but I won't continue to do that on a regular basis I'll have one or two and then I'll go through four days without even knowing but I've cut my portions so far back on sugar that it's really not affecting me anymore sometimes we'll have like a nice dinner I cook all the time spaghetti and meatballs or you know shepherd's pie or gumbo or whatever and I'll eat me some of that I'll just eat me a small ramekin of it you know a small little bowl of it but that's basically it as far as on a cruise ship it's basically the same thing it's actually easier I find on a cruise ship now the hard part is all this good food is staring you in the face so that's difficult but by this time I'm kind of kind of used to it and I can kind of look away from it every now and then I get weak and just decide you know hey it's been a while since I've had a splurge and I can go ahead and splurge and I don't think it's going to affect my body but you just got to know your body I find it's easier to stick with your diet on a cruise ship because everything's already prepared for you you don't got to come home and think about what you're gonna cook and by the time you figure something out you've said screw it I'm just gonna grab this and then you blow on your diet for the day well on a cruise it's already there for you there's plenty of smart choices for you to make it's just up for you it's just up to you to make that smart choice the chicken the ribs the meatloaf the shrimp I'll get all the protein and and just eat that you know stuff like that you just got to make common sense smart choice they say like for instance for breakfast when we go to the breakfast buffet what would you normally get on for breakfast all right for breakfast I usually go to the omelet station and I will order two eggs over-easy and they'll cook them anyway you want at the omelet station in case y'all didn't know that and then I'll grab me like two pieces of bacon and maybe a piece of sausage and he does I can attest to this this is truly what he does every single morning and I was very impressed they're our last cruise on the Carnival Vista and there is a guy's burgers and everybody knows how much we love guys burgers Oh what did you do I Love You God wouldn't it I never had me one with the bun the whole cruise and that was pretty tough I made me I basically went up got me a burger patty with cheese no fries no craps just just they'd asked what you want I said I want a burger patty with cheese no fries no nothing cuz they'd ask me you want surprised nope nobody nope so I get a burger patty with cheese then I go over the top and spar and I put my mushrooms I put my grilled onions I'm putting the raw onions I put my pickle my lettuce tomato all that right on top of it and then I squirted a little bit down a little bit of donkey sauce or sweet sauce you can I eat it again no no carbohydrates you know you get plenty of the fat that you need from the burger patty you know you can eat the fat your body can process metabolize the fat sugar is what stores fat carbohydrates turns to sugar and that stores your fat that's you know what I do and he did it every every time we went to guys that's exactly what he did and like going into the main dining room in mind he would normally were you know a steak and a baked potato and probably take one or two bites of the baked potato and that's it yep so he's done great and the last what for cruises we've been on he's been on this diet he's done great with it he's even healthy I'm impressed I know obviously looking at the two of us he's lost all the weight I have not I need to get to that point but this shows that he it's absolutely doable on a cruise you can enjoy good food and not feel deprived now that I'm kind of retrained myself how to eat smaller portions and it more often mm-hmm I don't have any of those problems I'll have any of the digestive problems that I used to have you know it was one of the best decisions I've made and I'm so happy that I made it and I don't think I'll ever go back I like the way I look a lot better now and you know I feel a lot better than I ever did the first the first thing is me you just gotta want it you gotta want it and if you want it you'll do what it takes you have to achieve it and get it and then in order to keep it you have to be consistent okay and that's it that's the three big rules right there you know there's gonna be people that are gonna call in here and comment and you know get all scientific and that's fine I'm not a scientific dude it's listen to my body and do it Phil's right I got you know I kind of used common sense and I kind of go with that I don't I don't Matt nothing I don't I don't write things down I don't measure things you know I just I just go with it he just makes good healthy decisions and eat small portions yeah that's really what he's done I've been watching him over this this last year in his progress of losing weight and that's exactly what he does good healthy choices smaller portion no and also drink skinny beer okay and if you want to drink hard liquor drink vodka you know drink vodka and like diet tonic water tonic water club soda and vodka you know things like that you know those are very low cal drinks that you can drink and enjoy without gaining tons of weight or taking in a bunch of calories I drink michelob ultra but I've been drinking them so long I just my body just pees it out what well that's the truth also today I don't know if you guys know this or not but we got races Dean we're going to go up to close because our bottom girls are a little self-conscious about it so we don't want to like show you up close and personal but yep we have braces on our bottles we're on our way to straight teens I know it's been a long time coming something we've always wanted to do and we finally bit the bullet and did it say we did it this morning together at the same time we were saying in the chairs right next to you know they're getting our bracelets on and and we're gonna go back in five weeks in five weeks and we're gonna do the Invisalign trays on the top we don't know we don't need the braces the actual races on the top just the Invisalign train which take out all the rough spots there for us and so hopefully within the next 24 months yeah they'll pop these things off and we're gonna have a beautiful new straight smile all for your viewing pleasure I want to see I thought I was gonna die with crooked teeth but anyway um you guys you can do it no problem it's not gonna damper your vacation whatsoever I want to tell you what to be honest with you what feels really good on a vacation is when you when you've spent the day on that cruise and you you've made good decisions all the day and then you wake up the next morning and you you look flatter and thinner than you ever have and here on that cruise ship and you get to go off port go to the beach and pull that top off oh that feels good let me tell you that feels really good that that makes your vacation fun I'm just saying based on my experience that feels a lot better then fill in your stomach up full of food don't get it you can do it too yep I have that you'd like this video jaison's inspired a lot of people a lot of people have asked how he does it so we want it to just kind of lay it out there this is how he's done yeah I'm not trying to pretend like I'm some expert or anything but you guys have asked I'm just giving you my two cents and how I did it if you if you got some more questions or you know you a little bit more detail please feel free to drop a comment down below and I might can go into a little bit more detail about you know the diet okay but good luck and happy cruising [Applause]


  1. Congratulations. Jason, you should be very proud of your discipline and persistence.

  2. Jason: has your doctor checked your cholesterol since you started your diet? That is one thing that's made me hesitate to do keto. I still really want to try it when I see what progress you'd made. I have several friends who've had to quit keto because of high cholesterol. My other concern (that I haven't researched enough yet) is that a friend who follows a "nutritarian" diet (Dr. joel Fuhrman) swears that those on keto have longterm consequences for eating too much meat. Any thoughts? Sorry if I'm putting you on the spot, LOL. Thanks to you both for sharing!

  3. Congratulations. Although I am not on a diet when I cruise I try to be careful with what I eat. I don't linger at the buffet. I cruised twice and both time didn't gain much weight. Maybe 1-2 lbs. I was about to ask alcohol but you answered the question although I am with your wife that tbe choices are not too appetizing. Again congratulations and keep it up

  4. "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

  5. Congrats!!! I am on Keto as well. And i agree with EVERYTHING you said. Even with the cheating here and there. I am 32 pounds down five mouths. My goal is 50.

  6. Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing this video!!!! "What" was priceless 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Thanks for sharing! I think you both look lovely! :D. I don't think I would have the will-power, especially on a cruise, but congrats to you! ❤️

  8. Thanks for sharing your story! Keto is hot topic right now you could have a nice niche with the cruising market- I'd hit it hard.

  9. I feel ya honey…lol. Diet tonic water???? Lol!

  10. Thank you for this video. Congrats! You both are so cute together. I love how goofy you are and your wife loves it and is never annoyed with you.

  11. First off…Alyssa you are beautiful. Second…you don't need to change a thing because Jason looks at you through out the video and LOVE just oozes out of his face. I'm luck…my husband looks at me that same way. Y'all are just adorable. I'm a big fan. 9 days till first cruise. YAY! Blessings to y'all.

  12. Hi Jason….an avid watcher here…funny, I just started keto 2 weeks ago..lost 7 lbs already. I wondered if you were doing low carb/Keto…..nice job!! And we are cruising April of 2020…hope I’ll be in half as good of shape as you are….thanks!

  13. Hey you two, so great to see how well you've done on keto Jason, I have a story too. I've been type 2 diabetic for 3 years. I've been doing keto since January and found out last week after my a1c blood test, I'm no longer diabetic, as you can imagine I'm stoked. Well done and look forward to more of your carbless travels. Xxx

  14. Thank you.. I needed this video.. Cruising in 3weeks been on KETO for 4months.. Love this lifestyle of look fantastic

  15. Jason, how long have you been eating Keto? You look awesome! My husband & I tried Keto in January 2018 to March 2018 but experienced horrible GI issues. We lost weight but could no longer tolerate the "keto dump" as my husband called it! Now I'm doing WW, the weight loss is much slower & my GI is tolerating this eating better. But I really loved the Keto program.

  16. Y'all! I absolutely LOVED keto on my cruise! Like you guys said, it was so much EASIER on the cruise, because it's all made and ready for you. Great job and congrats to you both on the smiles!

  17. Yea, thanks for nutrition update. And I got my invisalign last July. Sure makes overeating easier. Get tired of brushing teeth all the time so just skip all those snacks. Keep up the great videoa!!

  18. Great. Now I want Gumbo…. 🙁

  19. You should add vegetables to your diet!

  20. Congrats on the weight loss and braces! Adult braces was the best thing I ever did. I get mine off in 4 months; fastest 18 months ever

  21. Jason just told the truth 🚽🚽🚽🤣🤣. How long has it taken him to drop 50lbs? Thanks for sharing 👍👍

  22. I love it !!! Good for you Jason! Congrats on the braces. I just finished my Invisalign too! It’s never too late !

  23. We are sailing to Alaska on Sunday on the Bliss and this video has helped me to game plan since I've been doing the Keto/IF thing for two months. Great advice!

  24. Jason.  April 4th two days before my Carnival Breeze cruise I started the same diet as you are on.  Its been over a month now and I have lost 10 pounds.  You are correct about sticking with it and the you will get used to it.  On a cruise as you stated everything is made for you and all a person has to do is pick and choose.  It wasn't hard.  Guys was kind of tough but I stuck with it.  I had a double burger no bun and no fries.  I do have a 6 inch sub for dinner at work because it gets difficult to figure things out.  Thanks for the inspiration because I started because of watch you.  I also cheat a little bit once a while and I drink my carbs 3.2 gram miller lites.

  25. I'm starting the keto craze after I read up on it, and I'm determined to get some weight off before my May 2020 cruise on NCL Breakaway! Jason, you look awesome and I just LOVE how you guys support each other. There's a lot of love and respect in your family and I enjoy your videos so much. Thank you for sharing your amazing family with us. ❤

  26. was hoping for this video but didn't want to ask! I'm 50lbs down with keto too and I'm not stopping! we have a cruise in July and want to be down even more! You two are great!!!

  27. I'm on keto too and I want to stick to it as much as possible on our cruise. I can definitely stick to it for breakfast and maybe even mostly for lunch and dinner. What is going to break me is that melting cake!!!

  28. I have been eating a very low carb "ketoish" whole foods diet for three years and have lost 180 lbs. At 52yrs I feel better than I did at 30yrs.
    I have my first cruise coming up June 8th on the Vista (get your Vista videos out quick before I sail!😀) and I have been worried about all the temptations. I have appreciated watching Jason managing to find low carb alternatives on the buffet and in the mdr. And Jason you turned me on to Michelob Ultra dude and I am grateful. I hadn't had a beer in almost three years.
    Love to you and your family ❤

  29. I'm not on a specific diet, but I tend to eat better when I'm on a cruise. I thinks it's because I'm not stressed out with every day life. Relax, eat well, & spa that's my cruise itinerary.

  30. I am trying Keto now. I am struggling with sauces. I have no problem leaving out the fries, pasta, rice etc but what about ketchup, bbq sauce, salad dressing. Making Keto friendly sauces is so time consuming and I don't have the time so I end up using regular sauces. I hope I can still lose weight if I continue not making my own sauces. Are you eating berries or any fruit?

  31. Jason, Great Job on the weight loss. I have been on a Life Style Change Diet too and lost 32 pounds. no longer pre diabetic. You are right that on cruise ships it is easier to eat right. My favorite is a Big Mac Salad: two all beef patties, special sauce (1000 island dressing), lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed… (at home I sprinkle sesame seeds on the salad.) Just make it on a bed of lettuce and you get all the flavors, with none of the guilt. Good call on the drinking too, my favorite is Grey Goose Vodka with diet 7up.

  32. I love that Jason is on Keto / low card diet because I'm too on a Keto diet and I didn't know how I would go on a cruise so Thank you .

  33. You’re looking great! I’m doing Keto too.

  34. Great job on the weight loss! Thanks for the tips. I’d love to hear more details of the Keto. Thanks!

  35. That’s awesome!!! Smaller portions is the way to go. Have more energy also. Congrats 🙂
    Also what do you normally drink thru the day with this diet?

  36. Do you have to run. I have a fused left ankle and can't run. Can you walk

  37. It’s easier for men. Women do the same, result is not that obvious.

  38. We have been keto since October. I’ve lost 28 lbs but I haven’t been on a cruise yet. You have done great on a keto you inspire me that I can handle this on a cruise .

  39. OK, I’m gonna do it!

  40. You  a'll are awesome keep the videos coming,    any advice on a carnival eastern Caribbean cruise    we are leaving Saturday   st Thomas,grand turk san jaun etc.   thanks

  41. I have done low carb for a few years, I will give in to fries, but I don’t do a bun on my burger and actually enjoy them better without the bun!

  42. Just got back from my cruise on Symphony of the seas and I didn’t gain any weight

  43. SO enjoy your videos! You guys are GREAT!!

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