Eating healthy foods cheeries and cereal and toast

I wonder you know generally want some cheese I'll pick you got done eating I do I won't make you something now and some choice took money healthy for you powerless no just leave it in the package open the bag each other yeah it's day two of my big build to make a sketchy brought a brief of a job like hey let's keep this bus on the road we got a job to do let's figure this thing out this is the deal you just bring it up they're closing they're coming down because another company is going in it's gonna be a convenience store and a coffee shop bye MA well there's you panniers Susan Barrett's are stuck that you bide to remember your dress like your PJs those are souvenirs I got those for souvenirs for good luck for you guys you've got one of the best coaches really good he's the one that Maddie that was her coachman oh boy growing up what she was yeah your coach is take an old school bus and turn into them to a camper temple I want to live in a camp we can we don't have a capital small again we never have small will have smores again summer time oh we do have small wait there there you go covered into grandma it's the last day to turn the average bus into an adventure friendly evoke Jenna Jarrett will be heading off soon so we're hustling to make everything show ready what washed out and painted the exterior with a light blue trim we didn't want to change the color on the outside but we want to have accent that match the inside and then to cap this whole College thing off available wood-burning stove in there I mean every cottage has to have a wood-burning stove now Kyle's working on a fun way to access the top bunk in the sleeping area I think these rock climbing holds push too to help

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