it's about 6:30 in the morning right now I'm on Shasta Lake here in Northern California and it is absolutely gorgeous today I'm gonna go hit up San Rafael and get going down the coast and on the way I figured it would be super fun to show you guys how I eat healthy during road trips because I don't know if you're anything like me but constantly grazing on snacks and chips is kind of my go-to and so I'm gonna take you guys along on today's road trip and show you exactly what I do to stay a little bit more healthy and first things first every day starts with their really good breakfast and so I am going to do my classic go to just eat Hey Jesse's on juice defense this morning oh let me just show you what's Thank You dusty anyway so the perfect morning starts with a good breakfast and so I'm gonna go with my classic go-to which is oatmeal I'm gonna take you inside the van and show you exactly how I make my oatmeal the super healthy way and then we're gonna pack up camp and hit the road okay let's do it [Applause] Oh mealtime that was a hair YUM I am a big chai tea gal and so I try to make like chai oatmeal that's kind of what I'm doing here all right breakfast was delicious and I just got the van all packed up it's time to get going over to the coast I've got some tea right now but you know what comes next so let's get going I found Starbucks I am gonna pee my pants I have to pee so badly so I'm gonna go take care of that situation then we're gonna get some coffee I haven't reached problogger level I still feel super awkward going into stories and stuff with a camera so as mentioned I just got into Sacramento I think San Diego Sacramento Stockton I don't know a California City with an S that is up north so whichever one that is so as you can see I carry my personal mug with me literally everywhere I go if I was a Barbie and had an accessory pack this mug would be part of it I just love having this thing but the the real purpose of the video is to talk about the copy so I get an Americano usually hot sometimes iced if I'm feeling frisky with a bit of almond milk in it just to give it a little bit more of a creamy taste and this is a vegan option it is super healthy very low in sugar basically zero calories yeah nice nice coffee a little bit of almond it's pretty good not quite Frappuccino level but it is still pretty good just listen to a podcast get your mind wheeling distract you from the miserable suffering that you don't have your creamy delicious drinks and then maybe the americano will do just fine all righty so it is 11:24 and 1124 and I'm getting hungry so it's lunchtime here to rest area where I don't know Sacramento I think again we're in a place on i-5 that's about some details but anyway so I'm going to show you what I eat for lunch and all of this food is food that I'm meal prepped the previous day howdy there I am just parked outside of Ashland Oregon by this beautiful Lake I do weekly meal prep so that means putting all of my vegetables in little containers like this so that when it comes time to cook I don't have to spend hours chopping I can just dump it in the pan and eat because we all know that the easier it is the more likely you're just gonna go and eat the healthy option it is perfect because right now I've got my fridge right here between the seats and I could just hop in there take out my bowls of food and then slip up a nice meal that's really quick and really easy in five minutes or less and get back driving all right so I'll show you what I make 11:29 what was that like five minutes I wasn't really keeping track but check this out it's a delicious healthy Bowl I don't really have a recipe basically I just chopped up vegetables add some tofu add some green and then top it off with either some hummus or some hot sauce in this case a little of both and that just makes a delicious healthy salad and its really good cold too so the best part is that there's zero cooking required which means you can make this even if you're driving in a regular car all you need is an ice box or a cooler or something like that filled with food well hi dusty Dusty dusty approves of this meal you're ready to go alright so I'm gonna finish eating this take dusty outside to go the bathroom and then we're gonna hit the road again and we'll be seeing San Francisco pretty soon I'm almost into San Francisco yeah this is where my healthy eating guy that takes a little bit of a break area is this world-famous vegan restaurant called gracias Padre and apparently it is the bomb my number one tip is don't pass up on a place that you're gonna regret and I'm already starting to get hungry so I was thinking this would be a great time to have a bit of a late lunch stress me out to the max this is terrifying dusty stressed there's just a lot of stress going on as this guy was totally checking out my van like he looked very sketchy and homeless I went through all the trouble of taking my bike off the back of my van is shoving it on the inside and then I went to the camera shop I literally left my front door wide open with my GoPro and actual camera just sitting there just sitting there for the whole world to see and I was on the camera store for probably half an hour Cali da thank the lucky stars that they got stolen that would have been lame I hate the city I get my food and get the Frick out of here all right food was amazing I got jackfruit taco a jackfruit taco a mushroom taco and nachos oh my gosh and I ain't that really fast because this place is super sketchy all right we're good time to get out of here it's the Golden Gate Bridge what do you think dusty beautiful


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  7. I do my oats in a similar way Chia seeds flax seeds sometimes also raw pumpkin seeds and un shelled sun flower seeds. a banana and sometimes bits of Dried fruit Like Mango dates almond mild I Like my oat runny and a Little bit of Maple syrup..

    My Coffee well I use Nut Milks for Creamer But Honestly I need to Lay off the sugar lol my other weakness is spicy Chips..

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