Eating 60 Raw Eggs! Ft. Bradley Martyn

so Kyle and Jessi are getting fucking ripped with Kyle we took some insane progress pictures just today pop those up right there with the help of pulse and aminos Radley Martin and me these guys are gonna be get right all right so this time he's the audio the audio working we just me and Bradley filmed the eating challenge of your epic and mr. Naito it's not your fault he recorded a whole entire YouTube video yeah we're going to edit it today no audio at all so we just hit dirty arms yep so now it's time for a little protein shaking 60 eggs yeah it's it goes straight to the the biceps and arms great so the bite yeah with with beer and liquor if you mix it up here and look here that makes it shuttle to spray it against anti catabolic nobody's been alive right here well listen spit what the suck we put spin there bro he's a big big guy crazy cuz on camera like you can't tell how actually gigantic his fingers okay that's the last one Jesse come back all right we got 18 18 18 and 6 do the math that one cracked Oh 60 all right before we start we are having a huge drop very soon on full Sun calm and for the first time ever Steve will do it merch never dropped it before limited stop bro is that eroded you break the rona looks like is that a Heineken uiq guy there's a beer guy hailing legal opportunity yeah like the protein powder protein bars it's all this you know like beer a beer just gets me creep Jack okay also Bradley Martin just started a new channel yeah if you haven't subscribed you need to subscribe we're working out together a lot me Bradley Kyle go you are about to eat 60 X 60 engines I don't think I've ever ever seen anyone eat this many a koala I did two eggs once and I was like I swear cuz they were like you know I sold rocky and I was like oh you drink eggs is how you get the protein back which you guys don't know rocking off cameras actually dozen beers what are you sure Oh a hundred percent I don't think that's true bro are you sure I'm 99.9% accurate but you're pretty sure you're 99% accurate like how much this actually is like this is a ton of eggs I've seen him do 48 this is 12 we're doing we're here okay oh it's serious time oh it's for real cue rocky music 9 out stressing me out right now okay me my work buddy brain freeze freeze oh brain freeze pause for the brain freeze let's go baby tongue to throw your own personal pause present for you guys at home don't be afraid to pause don't be afraid to put your own face go at your own pace you know I know this is not [Applause] straight I already had some chest brandy last bite always sponsored by proper flow okay so if you're watching this video right now add me on snapchat 10 p.m. 10 to 11 double Ciroc slam on my snapchat add me right here at Steve and alien art how you doing Bradley's gonna be doing it make sure to drop a thumbs up subscribe – Bradlee see you next Tuesday yeah let's go


  1. I can’t find the ciroc slam or his snap

  2. The last little yolk tho

  3. Do the math u r the asian that racist we r not same people white is white but we r not

  4. chug a whole big ass sunny d bottle

  5. How many eggs is that?

    Steve: Yes.

  6. This guy is definitely buying fake views it seems. Im a fan of NELK and steve and personally have nothing against it but it seems really fishy to have this many subscribers at such a quick rate, even with a trending video…

  7. Who else threw up

  8. 🐐🐐

  9. I really hope those eggs were pasteurized


  11. This guy is just gonna die at any moment

  12. Hope everyone in the comments gets that little joke Steve says
    “See You Next Tuesday”
    Spells. C*NT

  13. Now do 60 scrambled eggs

  14. LA Beast drank 100 👀

  15. Do more weed challenges😂

  16. Imagine having a piece of egg shell in it….

  17. RIP toilet

  18. Man you’re crazy man I fw that heavy bro, you got any advice for yt starters ?? Need it bro you’re hella gnarly 💯🤯

  19. Bradley Martyn is lowkey annoying as fuck

  20. Chug 10 bottles of ranch

  21. 200k subs in 2 days 👌👌

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