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if you're looking to get a little healthier maybe drop a few extra pounds or really just up your wellness game watch this whole video I've got four of my top food swaps that are really gonna make a big difference in your waistline and in your energy hey guys it's dr. Mona and today's video is all about eat this not that there's so many different food swaps I could share and different things I could really share in this video but I really wanted to narrow it down to let my top four got really good ones here that I really don't think you'll notice much of a difference in but that'd make a huge difference and one other thing about these food swaps is that it's not always the most obvious things like it's definitely not always calorie for calorie or you know like what specific ingredient is in this that makes it so much better you'll notice it might not always be obvious right in front of you but that's why I'm really excited to just share some little tips that will really make a big difference in your overall regimen your health your long-term health because remember all weight loss is maybe the short term goal or improve skin is a short-term goal long term health is the ultimate goal we sometimes take that for granted or don't really think about how we want to feel years from now you know you really can't put a price tag on that let's go ahead and get into these alternatives one thing I want to say is to swap out some garlic salt and instead use regular garlic powder and regular sea salt basically when you're buying things that are pre-mixed pre combined really when it goes for anything especially spices the quality tends to diminish a little bit now this obviously isn't for every single brand but generally speaking when you're buying like a seasoning they're gonna end up using a lot of different things and often times they use a really low quality salt and there's a very big difference between table salt and actual sea salt now when you're getting really high quality sea salt you're getting a lot of really great minerals it can have a lot of great health benefits and some sea salt is actually good for us we actually need a little bit in our diet but regular table salt is just not the same quality so when you're buying something like garlic salt they tend to just use that you look at the back of this one the ingredients just say salt and garlic if it said sea salt and garlic could be a little bit different but like I said just get them separately it's much easier to get things separately do it on your own you're gonna get the exact same combination and you know in this case you can kind of make them your own amount cig maybe you want a little more garlicky maybe you want it less garlicky but a really simple swap out is to just do this it probably is more cost-effective it will last you longer really simple easy fix again not just for garlic salt but really for any condiment try to just get them simple plain on their own so that's our first example so the next example I want to talk about as oil and I have two of the three I want to talk about because unfortunately I ran out of my avocado oil which I guess it's just real life but the two examples I have here are sesame oil and and olive oil so when it comes to oils there's a lot of information on you know which ones can get up to a specific temperature you know can you cook it high like which ones are better for sauteing so as a general rule I just like to say sesame oil olive oil these are better to use at either really low heat or anything olive oil just use drizzled cold you're really gonna get the most benefits when this is cold whereas if you really want to saute something at a higher temperature avocado oil is gonna be the way to go I don't have a baccata oil with me we can maybe pop it up on the screen and I'll put a link below this video of a few friends that I recommend my point here is you might see that different oils give you the exact temperature that they can cook at or where they start to smoke but I don't think many people out there will be taking the temperature of their oil or taking the time to do that so it's better to just be on the safe side so when you're cooking it does make a big difference if you cook above a smoke point with certain oils it can release toxins it can actually be really unsafe on top of that you're losing a lot of the nutrients so if you are going to saute number one I'd recommend trying not to do it on too high of heat it's better to get in the habit of lower Heat second I would use an avocado oil it's popobawa cod oil and third if you're gonna use olive oil try to just use a cold my favorite olive oil and the one that I find to be the healthiest overall is when it's a Greek olive oil and cold-pressed extra virgin my favorite olive oil to use that I find gives me the most health benefits that I feel the best after consuming is cold-pressed Greek extra virgin olive oil so sometimes what I'll do is I'll saute some veggies even and just like tomato or water or like the tiniest bit of oil and then when it's all done maybe for the last ten minutes when they're already cooked I'll add a drizzle of olive oil just on low heat and mix it and it almost gives it that taste as if you used oil but you didn't put on high heat so you're still getting all the health benefits now let's move on to ketchup and mustard this is also a slightly weird example because I have a really healthy brand of ketchup here and the ketchup I'm mainly referring to is like the really processed higher and sugar maybe like not organic ketchup that you have this one tends to be a little bit healthier but if you are going to pick a condiment I always recommend going with mustard and this is really when you're eating it every day if you're someone that really likes to you know put ketchup or mustard on your meat if you're eating it or on sometimes I baked sweet potatoes and I like to dip them in something definitely a better idea to get into mustard mustard seed mustard greens like really the origin of it are so good for you they have so many antioxidants and minerals and anti-inflammatory properties they're actually really good for digestion so if you are having any trouble with like gut health or bloating I'd even recommend buying mustard seed and sprinkling out some of your food you can bake it with some of your food whereas a lot of different ketchup brands tend to have high fructose corn syrup they tend to have added sugars so just as an overall rule I'd recommend training your taste buds to like mustard I actually hated mustard my whole life grew up not liking it and now I love it really I'm telling you I've done this with so many food I just kind of slowly incorporate it and eventually I'll end up liking it for something is not everything so if it's an everyday thing or if it's a constant thing switch to mustard of course if it's once in a while ketchup is fine this brand of ketchup I really like it's organic unsweetened ketchup so it actually has no sugar so if you are gonna go with it also try this and see what you think and the last example I have is peanut versus almonds so peanuts are an interesting one especially if you're in the fitness space because peanut butter is something that you know people always recommend eating especially if you're a vegan or vegetarian I think that we kind of made the mistake that peanuts our great source of protein or peanut butter or something we should add in there's a few different reasons why I'd recommend avoiding peanuts altogether number one it's actually not enough even though it says peanut peanuts are considered a legume so they're actually difficult to digest not only are they difficult to digest but they have a really high percentage of allergens so a lot of people have gut sensitivity or some kind of gut allergen to peanuts not I'm not talking about like an allergic reaction that you'd get where you'd see it this is more of like an a sensitivity or you know gastric upset when you have peanuts number two they're actually very very susceptible to mold so the way they're grown they're just susceptible to growing mold and a lot of times can be unsafe which sounds really weird I actually really highly recommend you do your own research on it because you'll see they've found this so peanuts can actually be a little bit toxic sometimes I don't like sharing information like this because I feel like people get upset like that's ridiculous like we've been eating peanuts for years peanut butters healthy I'm not saying it's the worst thing in the world but if you could try switching from peanuts to almonds and not only will you maybe save the risk of toxicities and stomach upset but you're gonna get so many great benefits of almonds almonds they're full of healthy fats are gonna give you great energy they're a great source of protein you know I would recommend making the switch honestly sometimes it's just about snacking and it's something we're just used to and we don't really notice the difference of so maybe even you know half and a half peanuts almonds and slowly make the switch when you are eating nuts whether it's almonds walnut always make sure they're raw unsalted unroasted that way you're gonna get the most benefit out of them you're gonna digest them the best and you'll just get the best results whether it's in diet or energy those are my four examples of little food swaps and alternatives you can make if you guys liked this kind of video let me know if this one was a little bit short but I can maybe do a series of these and just go through all sorts of kitchen stuff and what you can swap out let me know in the comments also if you want to see my video on how I fight cravings and specific foods I keep in my kitchen to make me fight cravings go to the link below this video it's a free video you can go check that out if you have any questions leave it in the comments let me know what else you want me to film content on please like comment and subscribe I will see you next time you


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