Eat These Ingredients to Slow The Aging Process | Naomi Whittel on Health Theory

this is crazy I feel like I just accelerated my aging overnight something happened and it's really weird because it's taking so much more time to sort of bring my glove and my skin feels dull and I feel like dull energy wise and this is not gonna work for the amount of things that I want to do in my life so let's say on average you have 60 60 thousand thoughts in a day right if you are stressed and you're sympathetic and you're and you're feeling anxious your cortisol levels are higher it can pop you out of ketosis quickly which is super weird so upregulating saying parasympathetic is something that's very important to me and then also managing my mind my mindset I mean you look at all these different cultures and how they move exercises like a man-made activity and it's sort of like processed food that's a bold statement what's up everybody thank you so much for tuning in to this episode which is sponsored by our friends at butcher box and on their behalf and mine we hope you enjoy everybody welcome to health theory today's guests is Naomi Whittle known as the Indiana Jones of wellness she's the founder of reserved Oz which was at one point the fastest-growing midsize company in the nutritional supplement industry she's also the former CEO of twin lab and now the founder of simply good fats additionally she's the New York Times bestselling author of glow 15 a science-based plan to lose weight revitalize your skin and most intriguingly invigorate your life so basically reading your book I was like alright this is essentially the Fountain of Youth in the real world which I love to me about the foundations of youth what can we really be doing right now to feel younger look younger what are the keys I think that it's it's about really allowing our body to do what it naturally wants to do and we live in an unnatural world right there's so much pollution there's so much contamination in the soil we we we struggle every day just the sort of ward off the challenges that is our environment and most of our health is affected by what we can't see right so it's the pollution that's in the air that were breathing inside of our house it could be what's in the insulation I mean there's so many factors and for me I was born in Switzerland I was literally born on a biodynamic farm so that's like organic on steroids my dad's a chemist my mother's an artist and they were obsessed with keeping me healthy like they would move my stroller and my pram like away from the street so I wouldn't breathe in fumes and it's weird because I had I was born with autoimmune disorders so I had already a struggle when I was first born and what was my biggest struggle was I was unable to sort of process a lot of the contaminants that I would be bringing into my bodies so I knew intuitively at a young age that I needed to help my body sort of like detox I sweat much I couldn't really eliminate a lot of what was building up and it created this fire and inflammation and I was covered in eczema it made me pay attention to things that like most kids wouldn't I I always wore clothing where you could never see my skin and yet it's still totally screwed with my life I was always feeling unattractive it would bleed it would pass it was very ugly so I was like I'm dealing with this ugliness that hurts me like it physically hurts and yet I know that the organic food that I'm eating the ways the products I'm putting on my body have to be such that they don't inflame it and so I was always sort of chasing what would give me that sense of energy because I had so much desire inside of myself to sort of reach for whatever it was like I was 6 years old when I ran away from home and I did it for the first time it wasn't because my parents were like mean or hurting me or anything it was just this intense curiosity I wanted to see what was out there and I didn't want to be inhibited by my biology really I was in my mid-20s when I first went to Okinawa I didn't go to Okinawa because you know it's a beautiful part a beautiful island off of Japan I went there because there are a large group of centenarians they are more than as a proportional basis than other parts of the world and I knew that I couldn't just read a book to sort of discover what was there I had to go and touch and feel and see with my own eyes and when I got to Okinawa I learned some really interesting things I learned that when I ordered a salad it wasn't like the lettuce that we eat on our salads it was filled with these like super herb rich nutrients that I had never experienced before so I was eating like all of this parsley and all these different wild herbs I had never had before and that was their salad or that pork was a really big part of their diet and I didn't know that or that when you sit down with them you know they're going to show can laugh three or four times more than we do and they're always on their bikes it could be a 90 year old woman and she's biking around this constant like paleo movement in a way right like we've taken sort of our diets back to where they used to be in many ways and now there's an opportunity for us to do that with movement and exercise and I learned about creating youth inside of my body through these different cultures these different people and that's to me the keys so the keys I would say are this etaf adji which we'll talk about a Tophet g is in greek it means auto self Fei Jie to eat so it's self cannibalization that's number one and I think number two is just embracing that joy whatever that means for you for me you know for us like we love to optimize and hack and find the best performance that we can experience in our life because that allows us to accomplish what it is we want so I think those two keys working with our own biology because our bodies have the answers like we know scientifically we can live to 120 mm all right so you talked a lot about okay we've got pollutants and we've got things you can avoid it you've got things that you can do you've got die you've got exercise it's this whole universe of stuff and what I want to do hopefully in the next hour is really tease this stuff out and do things that are hyper actionable so okay if we were going to build our Fountain of Youth from scratch so you've given us a couple of key ingredients how do we avoid the tinfoil hat wearing sense of like trying to avoid all of the pollutants and everything because I know part of your story of curing the eczema you found this Chinese herb you yeah ate it it actually really helped it was very beneficial for your skin but then later when you were trying to get pregnant you realized that you would ingest it a lot of heavy metal toxins yeah so now you take the soil very seriously and I thought oh my god like if I had to go research like everything is coming from I'd lose my mind yeah so how do you like start making this simple for people I think it's it's is complicated and I hate saying that right I want to tell us all like its it there's a simple way of doing it at the end of the day if we can find a couple of you know foods from our farmers market that's grown locally that can nourish us from like a functional food perspective and then when you're there maybe there are a couple of one to three different stands that are organic and once you tap into those they can become your friends I mean like these are the people that are nourishing you physically right so I try to buy 80% as much as we can we buy from the farmers market and we're friends with the people at the farmers market so that to me if they're organic that's a great place to start and then you can optimize it by really focusing on like the super herbs cilantro parsley rosemary I mean any of what makes a man super important they're like it's like a superfood so in avocado is a superfood these are super herbs because they have such nutrient density and then using those as sort of like the foundation of what it is that you're eating so pests though in my house is not a side condiment it's not something I add in its a base right and there are so many different types of pesto's so that's one way to activate the youth inside of your cells okay so now are you getting into etapa G when you say yeah all of it everything that I'm speaking about has different effects so if I'm gonna talk about a super herb it's going to have a variety of different benefits to your well so let's dive into those and so I'm I'm taking in the herbs what am I getting exactly so you're getting antioxidants you're getting polyphenols let's pause and polyphenols for a second I think this is a big one you go deep into it in the book could be great people to understand exactly what those are okay what they do for us so polyphenols are essentially like a supercharged antioxidants so they have micronutrients in them so polyphenols are found in red wine they're found in the grapes they found in the skins the seeds the stems they're all over the place but what they're so good at doing is really helping your body to repair from a lot of the damage the environmental damage and they fight off that damage so in my book I call them I have a series of them that are called power phenols because not only do they protect us from all of that junk but they also help our body to truly repair itself which is why I love them so much so that's resveratrol you can have a good glass of wine there's this crazy beautiful fruit in Calabria Italy called the citrus bergamot fruit it's like a combination of sort of a lemon and orange but it has tons of polyphenols tons of flavonols so when you eat this fruit and I was taught to eat the white part the pith you're getting all of these flavonols and it's like jacking up your etapa G so again that's a great that's a great one green tea so you'll drink I'm sure a ton of matcha and green tea when you're when you're in Japan and that's just filled with tons of polyphenols and it's so powerful I mean you get them in coffee you get them in a lot of different places okay so we're getting our polyphenols our power phenols how are we kicking off the toffee G mechanism so you used a really simple clean analogy which is imagine you cook a meal in your kitchen and then you clean the kitchen up you take the trash out it's all nice and clean you sort of reset back to zero and that was how you explained what a tofu ji is yes give us a little bit more about what's going on at the cellular level like what that looks like we've talked about it a little bit in terms of fasting which is how I've always heard Lee you're the first person I've heard really go into there are other ways to kick you into that other than just in fasting yes I'm so be really interesting to understand a bit more about what's happening at the cellular level and then how this stuff is kicking that off so for me it came out of necessity right I was in my late 30s and I was on QVC all the time and I remember one day I was getting my makeup done I was like this is crazy I feel like I just accelerated my aging overnight something happened and it's really weird because it's taking so much more time to sort of bring my glove and my skin feels dull and I feel like dull energy-wise and this is not gonna work for the amount of things that I want to do in my life and I think for every single one of us right sometimes you can have this feeling of oh my god I'm like held back by just sort of this toxic feeling inside and I became really passionate about this idea of what is it at the cellular level that will give me that energy back and I knew that my cells were either building like building up you know through the protein and different nutrients or they were detoxing and this is very much blamin thought process I was just thinking they're eliminating crap right like my cells are either building on themselves and they're replicating or they're eliminating junk and maybe they're dying off but I didn't know that there was an actual biological process that occurred so fast forward to Italy I'm in the orchard with this brilliant PhD dr. Elizabeth janda and she opens up a citrus bergamot fruit shows the white gives it to me I'm eating it we go back to her lab we're drinking this tea all day long the citrus tea I'm like I love this tea but what's the deal like I've never drank so much tea other than when I was in Japan where they were just drinking green tea three four or five cups a day and she was doing the same with the citrus tea and she's like oh it's my anti-aging secret and it activates my etaf adji what's that word and I started to learn from her she explained to me that this process is something that we all have in every single one of our cells it's almost like a little doctor inside of each of your cells that says okay time to recycle this part these organelles need to be removed this needs to be killed this needs to be strengthened and so a toffee is like this brilliance within ourselves and there's so many ways to activate it and there are so many ways to deactivate it you don't always want to keep it on right like it's kind of like the ocean back and forth so she told me about it and I came back to us and I was obsessed and I was on a mission and that was like five years ago and I knew when my when I looked at my skin and I saw that I had experienced these accelerated Agers and I looked older than I was and I actually looked at a picture of my mother at 37 years old I grabbed this photo of her and I looked at a picture of me and I looked so much older than she did Oh like this is really messed up like I know I put a lot more stress on myself you know I travel around the globe like on average eight times a year oh yeah I'm I'm on the go so I'm dealing with a lot of that I have four kids you know built I was running you know twin lab CEO of twin lab I had sold my company to them public company so all of these factors put stress but still I shouldn't have been looking that much older than my mother and so that's when I got into activating ecology okay that's really interesting and let's sort of bring it down from the scientific for a second because so I heard you on bulletproof radio and Dave was talking about how your skin really looks good in person and so the second I saw you I was like it really is fascinating seeing you up close like truly your skin is phenomenal so now becomes a question of what are you doing on a daily basis you've talked about things you put on your skin or stuff that was super weird but made me want to go out and do it and you were talking about like coffee grounds and all kinds of crazy so walk us through the things that you eat and then walk us through the things that you apply externally okay I consume tons of super herbs tons of power phenols okay um which is like cacao and a lot of those things I eat a ton of microgreens so that's like broccoli sprouts my crow green yes so like little sprouts huh so when you go to Japan you should be taking sulfur ofin which comes from the broccoli sprout because it's an incredible otology activator and detoxifier so you're gonna be in a very supplement yeah you can take it in a supplement form you can find it anywhere sulfur fin is it's really awesome okay so I take those foods those supplements I personally really benefit from a ketogenic diet it reduces the inflammation in my body there's maybe what fifteen or twenty percent of the population that does well on a low fat carb rich diet but the rest of us just look better off you know I'll very much put myself camp do you live in ketosis like your I love it yeah I only got really into it about a year and a half ago myself personally I had maybe eight years ago one of my translator had cancer and so we put him on a ketogenic diet with his cancer and that was many years ago and that was based on Thomas say frites were and one of my children my seven-year-old has suffered from seizures so he's ketogenic so he was ketogenic before I was and a year and a half ago I was just like I have to figure out how I myself my family my mother I mean you spoke about metabolic disorders and you know metabolic syndrome and and and obesity and morbidly obese when we moved to this country my mother developed metabolic syndrome and that has been the most one of the most painful things for me personally because I couldn't solve it for her so a year and a half ago I interviewed over 80 experts and I created a documentary called the real skinny on fat it's a free documentary it's online and I got so inspired by these genius minds that I went ketogenic and I haven't gone back Wow so if I took your blood right now ballpark where would your ketones read probably like one to 1.2 yeah the biggest impact on our ketone levels are usually it's usually our mindset right yes gaudí brother what do you mean meditation so meditate so if you're sympathetic if you're in a state of somatic nervous system nervous system but it's also related to mindset so let's say on average you have 60 60 thousand thoughts in a day right if you are stressed and you're sympathetic in your and you're feeling anxious and your cortisol levels are higher it can pop you out of ketosis quickly which is super weird so up regulating staying parasympathetic is something that's very important to me and then also managing my mind my mindset I was really interesting I've never heard anybody say that before I am such a believer that the mind is terrifyingly powerful that I am I'm very open to believing hats oh one I've suffered from anxiety just massively I won't say that I'd noticed an impact from diet so when I go hardcore ketosis which I do a few times a year I'm always high fat essentially zero carb moderate protein but a few times a year I'll go like deep into ketosis I've never noticed any sort of correlation between whether I'm feeling anxious or stressed and my levels but that's interesting just because I haven't paid attention it's entirely possible that some fluctuations it's real I was on the phone with dr. Dominic D'Agostino yeah two days ago he's published papers on anxiety and ketosis so there is real data proving that it can reduce anxiety and shift your your state okay so that'll believe I just have heard that it actually affects your ketone yes which is yeah saying okay so you try to stay in a parasympathetic state yes to keep your ketones elevated yes and not all the time right like there's a place where you want you want to be sympathetic right there are times you just don't want to be chronically in that okay so to bring that all together and then I want to keep going down the list so obviously what we're eating it really matters we touched on that a little bit staying in the parasympathetic so what we'll call rest and digest yeah or what it's often referred to as rest and digest you're doing meditation you don't do a ton of exercise as far as I mean like there's data now showing us that just twitching like if we were sitting here twitching that's the kind of movement that can really impact our health like it's crazy you know there's like any sort of micro moves using like once an hour doing little things I mean you look at all these different cultures and how they move exercises like a man-made activity and it's sort of like processed food that's a bold statement I'm gonna clip the out of that okay so talk to me more about that so if exercise is like processed food meaning you can do too much too hard in ways that aren't beneficial it's unnatural in the ways that we've made it right so we go to the gym we go to our gym we do certain moves I mean I love to wait train I'm weight training right now like I'm getting ready for the front cover of my next book and I'm ecstatic about that but that's an unnatural process so what we've done is we've taken out movement these everyday natural moves that really are good for our body and we've made it we've compartmentalized it in such a way that it's not necessarily giving us the bang for the buck so what's the sort of ultimate Fountain of Youth style workout I think different for every single person so in my book we talk about resistance training and that could just be your own body weight we also talked about interval training so what I'm doing right now is a lot of weight training but it's not what I do normally I focus on strengthening my glutes because there's such important muscles that really sort of give that cascade of of energy throughout our body specifically the glutes or the entire set of leg muscles primarily the glutes because so many of us are quad dominant so I really like to focus on that I've been trained to do things like skipping I do a lot of skipping backward forward I like to be outside as much as possible and there's new data that shows us if you can be looking at water and outside when you're moving when you're exercising the benefits are so much greater for me it could be very different than what's what's right for you and I just find that the less we have like specific boundaries on on movement the better off we are and the more our bodies really benefit from it do you have ways for people to judge what's working what's not working to notice the patterns because like usually people gonna say well how do you feel yes promise you can be fatigued from doing a workout that three days from now actually would be very beneficial and you probably should stick with it but because it made you so tired or a major muscle sore like what do you tell people to pay attention to I think it's about how you perform in your life like I have so much desire inside of my mind to do so many things in life to me it's like every moment I want that I want to optimize every single hour so I don't want the energy that's in my body to hold me back so what I'm paying attention to is how long am i feeling good in the day so I want to be able to have a 16 to 18 hour day and I'm mostly paying attention to my thoughts so if I start to have negative thoughts I'm starting to beat myself up or whatever it is I'm like oh that's fatigue going on because my my state I'm not shifting it I mean we talked about Tony Robbins like I fell in love with him probably when I was a teenager and used his work to really guide me and I developed that ability to create state very very quickly so if I can't maintain people about that it's so interesting you really go so seamlessly back and forth between what you eat how you exercise yeah how you think I think that's really powerful and hopefully people are paying attention it's exactly why I do a show and mindset and a show and health you absolutely must do both talk to people about state change I think this is yeah the reason I can shift my my state the reason I have the ability to do what I want to do is because of my love for health so my love for health is about really helping people myself my family you anyone have a better version of their own life so they can reach their potential right and we can do that in so many different ways with different patterns and systems but it starts here no question the thoughts the feelings the beliefs that we have are everything and then the food the movement all of the other stuff sort of supports that so talk to me how do you wrangle in your own mindset so one obviously is the awareness of oh maybe I'm fatigued or something because yeah coming back to negative thoughts but even that is a level of self-awareness to understand that the negative thoughts aren't necessarily driven by reality which is where I think most people get ya if they think that negative thoughts are real and that's why they recur so much and so oh I should beat myself up over this because I'm a loser or whatever not realizing actually no there's these other triggers that cause that and that becomes something to be aware of in and of itself but the negative thoughts related to something else so okay you catch yourself you're in a negative spiral what do you do so what I do is I change my physiology what I learned from Tony all those years ago right so I learned about NLP neuro-linguistic programming the words you use matter the words we use matter our physiology our body the way we hold our body our breath all these things matter so much and for me I felt so badly about myself because I was covered in this fire this inflammation of eczema and moving from another country and moving to the US although it was in English in country I was like I am painfully truly painfully shy and so it was such a culture shock moving to this country I went through so much that I had to just figure out like how I was going to get through the day and and live my life and so I used quotes you know if you can dream it then you can truly make it happen and I learned that my subconscious was everything so if I could start working with my subconscious at a very young age which I did through meditations at night I stew it to this day then who guided meditation I just got so I do guided meditations I love it I mean I'm just every night I clean my brain okay that's a really interesting way to say it so and I'll even loop that back as you use the cleaning analogy for a tapa gee and now we sort of have the same thing happening in your mind which is really interesting it's a huge theme that weighs in the book so let's ride a toffee G horse a little bit more here which i think is super super interesting so this idea of cleaning things up of getting rid of the negative thoughts getting rid of the broken cells and getting back to a state of sort of optimal performance so one thing we haven't talked about I know you talked about intermittent fasting I'd love to hear about that I'd love to hear about your protein cycling you love to hear about timing great how does all that work you have favorite topics so we can start with the intermittent fasting so for me I've been fasting for 25 years and I've always been doing it for health reasons people fast for religious reasons all different reasons I do it for help and it is to me my favorite tool in my toolbox so I did tons of juice fasts water fasts everything under the Sun though I started to get into intermittent fasting then loved it I had so much more energy okay that's what I was gonna ask you say you love it yeah not eating sucks almost universally yeah so what's the love part I'm the energy the mental focus like it just allowed me to benefit from my day by 2030 percent more so I that's what made me love it then the research has really blown up over the past couple of years around intermittent fasting and now we know so much more about it and so if you can add two more hours where it becomes an 18 hour fast its exponential the benefits just think of it this way when you're a sugar burner you have 2,000 calories in your fuel tank I use 2020 100 calories every day just regular when you're using your fuel tank that's made up of fat you have access to 40,000 calories so like the thought around when you need to eat when you're hungry is just so different because you have a massive reserve but I like to intermittent fast every other day and so that helps my production of ketones it helps activate the atashi and at off the G is really just going in there and cleaning up why don't you do it every day based on like the world's top researchers on the topic their recommendation was to do it every other day you can do it every day if I do a five-day water fast I'm activating it very deeply you do it through exercise you do it when you sleep you mention the timing piece so timing as we all know matters like when I don't think most people know that really non-food yeah like they definitely get it in other areas but even even timing for me is very new I used to think it was total yeah and then because Lisa has gone through such catastrophic microbiome issues yeah somebody was like have you ever tried not eating for three hours before you go to bed mm-hmm I thought why would that matter like that didn't even make sense to me but we thought well we'll try anything at this point and that was a huge that may be the biggest breakthrough for her was just stopping eating sometimes four or five hours before she goes to bed and it makes a huge difference so one what is your window how far do you stop eating before you go to bed if that's part of your stabbing and then how do you think about timing in terms of macronutrients okay so the reason I care about timing is every cell in our body not only does it activate at otha G but it has a little clock in it right so that rhythm that circadian rhythm that won the Nobel Prize the year after at otha G did so in 2017 and so if the idea of when I sleep and for how many hours that's just tapping into my own rhythms and those rhythms really have an impact on our health so the timing of when I'm fasting that every other day again it goes back to that rhythm and when you eat your macronutrients like a big part of this is fat first because it's activating your ketones and if you're going to eat carbs carbs last that's so counterintuitive I know I know most people would just say oh if you eat carbs like you're gonna get fat right yeah and I'm not apropos I'm not a big believer in in lots of carbs obviously because most of us just can't tolerate them okay so why carbs late why do that last so if you're going to have carbs have them late because for someone who likes to exercise a lot it can help with the rest and also recovery for the for you know your for building of you muscles and recovery is such a huge part of movement and exercise so recovery is like the secret sauce I I see it and if you eat your carbs late it helps you with recovery it helps you to sleep again not a big believer in cards right it's an interesting statement though to say that it helps you with the recovery but I'm not a big believer so um one do you take in any carbs I'm assuming you do because you have vegetables and giving you powerful as I'm guessing we're also getting some amount of even though it's probably fiber rich but you're getting some carbohydrate there absolutely so I'm so I guess how I would communicate that is there is that small percentage of the population that can thrive on a high carb diet I mean think about the Japanese how much rice do they eat they're processing it differently so that's why I'm couching what I'm saying you know for the in vigils that do benefit from carbohydrates then fat first carbs last for people like me I'm gonna get small quantities of carbs in the vegetables I eat but the small amount that I get is throughout the day so I don't believe I've never believed in a one-size-fits-all talking about protein cycling hmm what is that how do you do it so you protein cycle in order to again just sort of activate the youth inside of your cells so which is activating it the restriction or the giving it's it's a little bit like muscle confusion you know how you can do different movements different exercises it's sort of confusing the metabolism a little bit which I love to do it keeps it on its toes and you get a lot of benefit that way so on the days when you have low protein so a low day is a day where you're intimate and fasting and you have low protein you take about five percent of your calories from protein and then the day that's a high day so every other day in glow 15 you're going back and forth a high day you'll have the regular amount of protein that you would normally think that so for me it's like 45 to 50 grams of protein on a high day okay and I'll reduce that to about five percent of my calories on a low day and and you I believe you know you can get accustomed to this sort of like confusion that your body goes through and it's all for more youth more energy more focus more joy give me a couple meals that you eat on a day where your protein is 5% yeah like what is that good question so that's the day where I don't consume like any specific proteins and I'm gonna get my protein from the vegetables that I'm eating so I'll eat primarily vegetarian and we have like a whole slew of all the different recipes so walk me through run load a we're basically vegetarian yeah but I'm racking my brain to think how you what you end up eating there that doesn't just become carb Central right so we're gonna have a lot of oil yep gonna have lots of oil lots of nuts I love peeling nuts he leaned up yeah peanuts are super delicious they're filled with tons of good fat I eat lots of avocados so like even we have these egg dishes called our egg 15s and or avocado glows do you leave the egg white and so like on on on a low day we'll use just the egg yolk really interesting yeah now talk to me about skin care on the outside okay what can i slather on that's going to give me skin as amazing now but that's for real Dom now I'm trying to pay you a compliment that is um pure jealousy driving that comment like how does one get at that point so we've talked about the ingesting and now let's lather things on so our body is consuming 60% of what we put on it and I have been so humbled and so privileged to literally travel all over the globe and learn from some of the most brilliant minds I thought collagen as an ingestible beauty supplement into the US market because 15 years ago I was in Singapore in Indonesia and Malaysian I'm like my god because women are like beyond and I know genetically that they have great skin but there's something else that's going on and they were eating donkey hide burgers and soup and bone broths and ingesting all of these college and supplements so for me what's going on on the outside because I have suffered with so much inflammatory eczema on the inside I kind of had to become my own expert and I couldn't slather too much stuff on because it's just like screwed me up so I looked at how do I get the most Beauty I can on the outside by putting things inside my body or using a dry brush to activate my lymphatic system I mean it's exactly what it sounds like I wish I had one it's a brush that that has sort of like harder bristles and you put it on your skin and you brush toward your heart I do it every day like if you were in my hotel room you'd see I have my dry brush there you'd also see I have absence salts I take baths non-stop and I know it's a European thing and I know it's an Asian thing but beauty outer beauty is built in many parts of the world in the bathtub so getting your magnesium which impacts 600 reactions in your body getting your magnesium in the bath is a really great way to have beautiful skin so we're absorbing 60 percent of what we put on our body the key in my mind is reducing the amount of chemicals that we're putting on so most women just by accident just to regular products put on over 500 chemicals a day like five hundred plus into their bodies move so if we can just reduce that number just like we can reduce our negative thoughts our subpoena wants to be luminous do you wear any masks or anything oh all the time what are they so all I love love love hyaluronic acid it's a hydrating moisture grabbing oil that I put on my face all the time I just came out with my my skincare that I've been working on forever like too long to mentioned it's called OMI outside meets inside so it's about activating the atashi in our skin I worked with the world's like leading he's a dermatologist dr. Richard Wang who's also in a toff AG expert and we gave him like 300 different ingredients were like what activates at alpha chi the best in the skin and he said it was ceramides which is a good essential fat he said it was green tea you know caffeine he said it was a special asparagus citrus bergamot fruit resveratrol so I made a complex and it's in my entire line and it's like a cream serums it's cleansers its moisturizers it's all sorts of different things all right so now I'm really gonna make you give it some detail it's bedtime and walk me through all the things you put on your face what whether it's washing taking the makeup off like every last bit of it so I'm very aware of the quality of the water that we put on our face like I've spoken with a lot of um brilliant toxicologists dermatologist cell biologists that teach us you know what the water is and how many pollutants are in that water you have to be really aware of so I start with using the cleanest water that I can get my hands on so I'll use all different types of water sometimes I'll use spring water sometimes I'll use sparkling waters there's like online on Amazon there's all different types of waters that you can buy and you can spray your face with them every on waters things like that's how you start your routine I've realized to sort of the way yes with water and then just depends on the type of cleanser I'll use oil cleansers because at my age my skin is leaking moisture right so it's there's so much moisture coming out of it I want to really support it and nourish it and I want to activate the atop of G so it depends on what the day is but basically I look in the mirror and I pay and I'm aware like I know if I need to be focusing more on like a lymphatic drainage for my skin you're looking puffy absolutely oh yeah yeah so I'm always fighting that so I do like little facial massages and I'll use the MCT oil I'll use a Clint I will use my cleansers to do that all sorts of different fun things now let's talk about you said caffeine at one point in passing I've always been told the caffeine is terrible for your skin and I'm talking drink caffeine well you have to drink a lot of caffeine you have to drink several three to four cups for it to have an effect on your hydration which is what everybody worries about but it is a vasodilator and so it can add you know some of the benefits of the tightening and energizing effect off the caffeine drinking it from drinking it but also from putting it on your skin so that's why you know I love the scrubs that use the coffee grounds in it yeah very very interesting okay so if you had to say what has the bigger impact I'm gonna make you choose between three things you know I love to choose between diet mindset or external products that we cleanse and rub on what's the the most sort of youth invigorating mindset hands down interesting wow that's that's really interesting especially because it's the the part of all this that you don't sell which I really respect by the way yeah yeah and and for me you know there's so many contrarian perspectives in in my book I mean even writing a book on the toffee that no one could even pronounce I mean I started this several years before the Nobel Prize in medicine was wanna me was won in 2016 I just had the privilege this past December of interviewing the Nobel Prize winner dr. Yoshinori Osumi when I was in Tokyo I was brought to tears from what he shared but it is about the mind everything comes back to that and so he was drawing a correlation between etapa g and my absolutely you're activating at otha g through so many different things it's not just about the food it's not just about sleeping and sleeping with your own rhythms I mean there's the mind is so powerful on the activation of a toff gene and different things and he's really talking about inter cellular communications right so he's been he spent his entire career studying yeast but he's a powerful entrepreneur like what brought him to this discovery that can change millions and millions and millions of people's lives is being the mind of a man who recognized that he had to go in his own unique direction in order to survive really he had he was malnourished as a child his mother had tuberculosis and he dreamt of being a scientist and everybody was in the world of chemistry he was like oh maybe I'll go into this new field called cellular biology and then everyone was studying these areas and he decided I'm gonna study a toff adji and there were like no studies out there 30 years ago he did the study took him three years today since he won the Nobel Prize 10,000 studies are done on an annual basis he's changed the world by being an entrepreneur who who paid attention to his mindset mm-hmm that's incredible where can people find you online where can they find the book so the books all over it's on Amazon this is our brand-new softcover so it's just been a year and I'm very excited that satin softcover the book can be found on Amazon my website Naomi widdle comm we're just starting to get really active on YouTube so going all over the world sharing recipes functional foods nutrients different types of movement beauty you know hacks and just the things that make us feel good and have a better life I love that all right if people could only make one change and it would have the biggest impact on their health what one change would you ask them to make oh so hard what one change it would be to focus on gratitude and finding that on a daily basis nice that's amazing guys we could have gone into a hundred topics it is really extraordinary the number of things that she can speak very powerfully about I highly encourage you to check out the book to dive into her world it really is extraordinary Naomi thank you so much for coming on the show that was absolutely wonderful guys if you haven't already be sure to subscribe and until next time my friends be a legendary paper hey everyone I hope you loved that episode now I want to take a quick second to share about our awesome friends at butcher box butcher box delivers 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef free-range organic chicken and heritage breed pork straight your door every month when it comes to cooking it is really hard to find high quality meat that you can actually trust and with what lisa has gone through I've realized just how important it is that the food you eat is raised and sourced properly and that's why Lisa and I are so passionate about butcher box every box comes with at least nine to eleven pounds of meat and that's enough for 24 individual sized meals and the ship for free nationwide except for Alaska and Hawaii sorry guys we have an awesome offer for you right now to give butcher box a try get $20 off your order by using the link in the description below that's $20 off enjoy and be legendary thank you guys so much for watching and being a part of this community if you haven't already be sure to subscribe you're gonna get weekly videos on building a growth mindset cultivating grit and unlocking your full potential


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