Eat These 10 Foods to Regrow Hair in 19 Days

hi friends welcome to toots corner dot-com videos eat these ten foods to regrow hair in 19 days if a receding hairline or excessive hair loss is a cause of concern then you should not worry about it anymore balding or hair loss is not an irreversible process and you can regrow your hair in just 19 days by making a change in your diet scroll below to read about the ten superfoods that will aid you in getting back your luscious tresses number one spinach spinach a much detested leafy green contains a lot of iron in addition to the iron it is also rich in vitamins of zinc which nourish the hair and help in regrowth since it is rich in antioxidants it protects the hair from damage and nourishes the scalp number 2 eggs if you are looking for a way to regular hair in 19 days incorporate at least one egg in your daily diet hair is primarily made up of protein hence you must consume eggs as they are the richest protein source they also contain biotin which aids in hair regrowth number 3 lemon starting your day with a warm glass of lemon water is not only good for digestion but it also assists in hair regrowth lemons are rich in vitamin C which is needed for iron absorption it also helps in producing collagen which makes the hair grow at a quicker pace number for salmon Coldwater fishes like salmon and sardines are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids omega-3 acids have anti-inflammatory properties which promote hair growth by opening the hair follicles they also prevent hair shedding caused due to the inflamed scalp number 5 cinnamon adding a dash of cinnamon to your morning coffee will help you regrow your hair quickly cinnamon not only moisturizes the scalp but it also improves blood flow to the hair follicles this spice is an excellent hair regrowth stimulator number 6 guava guava is rich in vitamin B and C which help in regrowing hair by forming collagen studies show that guava helps in restoring healthy hair growth very effectively in women who experience temporary hair thinning hair loss may happen due to a deficiency of vitamin b2 since guava contains plenty of riboflavin it restores the hair growth number 7 Easter's a deficiency in zinc is known to cause hair loss zinc deficiency leads to the generation a protein structure resulting in weakening of hair follicles hair shedding happens due to weak hair follicles oysters are the best natural source of zinc they are also rich in protein which is the main component of hair number 8 walnuts walnuts are a rich source of selenium potassium and Omega acids if your hair loss is caused due to the deficiency of selenium walnuts will prevent further balding the rest of the nutrients will strengthen the hair the natural oils of the walnut will also nourish your hair number 9 bok choy if you wish to regrow your hair soon incorporating bok choy in your diet may be the answer bok choy is a good hair food since it contains iron they will not only help in fast hair growth but they will also prevent hair fall number 10 sweet potato sweet potato is a naturally rich source of vitamins a thanks to the beta carotenes b6 C D and E it also contains minerals like zinc iron copper potassium magnesium and medicine vitamin A boosts cell growth which also includes production of hair thanks for watching please subscribe to my channel and don't forget to click on bell icon to get all latest updates and notification


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