EASY PALEO DINNER RECIPES: healthy low carb dinner ideas

if you’re stuck on what to make for
dinner then watch this video because I am sharing three easy Paleo dinner
recipes that are great healthy low-carb dinner ideas and if you’re new to my
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healthy delicious recipes that are good for you and taste good as well so let’s
go ahead and get into it the first thing we’re making is a twist on beef and
broccoli so I’m adding some coconut aminos to some grass-fed beef which is a
better choice than your conventional beef and coconut aminos are great
because they actually have an acetal is better for you than soy sauce because
there’s no gluten I add in a little bit of sesame oil as well as some arrowroot
which really helps to give a texture to the beef when we cook it so that’s our
marinade that we’re going to stir and kind of let it sit while we get our pan
ready so I’m heating my pan to medium heat with a little bit of avocado oil
and some garlic garlic is great for you this time of year as well as ginger both
are antimicrobial antibacterial great for supporting the immune system they’re
a really good thing to basically add into a bunch of your meals throughout
the winter time then we’re gonna take our beef and put that into the pan and I
cook it for about 3-4 minutes per side um you just need to cook it until it’s
through and cooked how you like then I’m gonna be adding in a little bit of fish
sauce some more coconut aminos and some broccoli you know I have this
pre steamed broccoli but if you haven’t yet you can add it in a little bit
earlier to the beef so that it starts to cook broccoli is great because it’s
loaded with what is called a 3c which helps us some more healthy hormone
balance it’s also full of sulphur names and what those do is that they’re
anti-cancer in your body so the broccoli is a really good thing to be adding into
your meals so once that’s all cooked through and the sauce has thickened a
bit you can go ahead and I plate it and this is such an easy quick meal to make
I love making this I finish it off with a little bit of sesame seeds and it
honestly just taste so good and it’s a quick meal as well
next up we are making this sausage bowl so I’m starting off by chopping up half
of a sweet potato so all of these recipes that I’m making right now are
recipes for one because you can definitely double them or quadruple them
if you’re looking for more than one person or for a family and three
potatoes are great because they are loaded with vitamin A which not only
helps to support your eye health but also helps to support your immune health
it’s also full of manganese which helps to support your liver and the
detoxification process which is what helps you feel good and not be bloated
and not you know have weight gain and all that kind of stuff so I added a
sweet potato to a pan and I cooked that for about 3-4 minutes while I get my
other ingredients ready like my mushrooms and my sausage mushrooms are
loaded with b5 which is pin the TOEIC acid and this is actually needed for so
many cellular processes in our body and helps to actually give us energy also
supports liver detox and it’s loaded with glutathione as well and then I add
in some greens so I’m adding in some shredded Brussels sprouts Brussels
sprouts are loaded with folate which helps in cellular repair helps with
inflammation and it’s also loaded with vitamin K so I add that in and kind of
cook that down while everything is finishing cooking I add in a little bit
of salt a little bit of pepper you can definitely add in any kind of your
favorite seasonings here too but this is just a really quick little stir fry that
you can make you have protein you have some ice cream vegetables some complex
carbohydrates from the street potato and it all comes together super quick and it
slow with so many good things for you and I love meals like this that you can
make it quickly because I don’t like spending a lot of time making dinner
especially during the week I find I want something quick easy and delicious and
this got so much variety so much yumminess in it for you and it’s all
really simple ingredients that you can buy at your local grocery store and of
course you can also change up the vegetables if you don’t like any of
these particular ones and lastly I’m showing you a chicken salad so I’m using
a mix of spinach and arugula for greens both of which are loaded vitamin A
vitamin K iron and the fiber in them as well is also super important for your
gut health and also helps you maintain a healthy weight I’m adding in some
and for proteins are just some leftover chicken some pomegranate seeds which I
have been loving in my salads they’re really great for your blood pressure
your memory and they help to fight infections and then I’m adding in some
pecans these were some caramelized ones from high healthy snack ideas again
healthy fats vitamin E and fiber too so now you have three easy paleo dinners
that you can make better healthy low carb and delicious if you like this
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playlist right here that has tons more healthy recipes they’re all really easy
really tasty and delicious so make sure you check that out after this video I
hope you guys are all having a great day and I will see you in my next video bye


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