Easy Mini Abstract Painting Exercise

one of the exercises in my get creating
book is all about many abstracts and it’s something I tend to do myself in
batches and you can do it as a daily exercise which is the way I suggest to
do it in the book but you can also do it for a concentrated period of time say do
a handful of them in a day or every day for a week for example and that’s how I
do mine as a batch of mini abstracts and this is one that was from a batch so I
actually did in the spring of this year and I filmed all of them well I think
pretty much all of them but I couldn’t decide what to do with the films so I
sat on them and until now and seeing as those of you who have been playing with
some of the ideas in my get creating book and you’ve been asking me to share
these videos well I thought it might be a good time to get them out get them
edited process them and you know show them to you so you can get some more
inspiration maybe some more ideas and hopefully to get you working on yours as
well and to inspire you to find a way to make this really simple but useful art
practice fitted into your life so you haven’t got a copy of my ebook then it’s
a freebie download so is a thank you for joining my newsletter and I’ll leave a
link below if you want to grab it so once you’ve gone through the process of
signing up you’ll get a thank you email and the link will be in there so this
exercise is really an extension or maybe a development of my daily doodle diary
exercise and if you caught my activity on the life book 2020 summit you’ll know
a lot more about it and I hope you’ve also used the exercises that I shared
there to launch your own daily doodle practice too and I’ve really enjoyed all
the shares that you’ve been sharing with me of the results of your daily doodles
both on the life books site Facebook page also on Instagram as well so thank
you so much for hooking up with me over there too I wasn’t the life book summit
pretty amazing there was such an interesting mix of inspiration and
classes I didn’t get a lot of time to see a
the activities unfortunately but I have been watching the amazing work that
people have been posting on the Facebook page and I’ve been pretty blown away by
it and that was just for the summit the actual life book year-long class where I
can’t wait to see what comes from that and what everybody does registration to
that is open by the way so if you’re thinking about joining I’ve actually got
a coupon code there’s a coupon code for it it gives you 20% off so I’ll also put
that in the description as well and you know that I also have a list of what I
use in these videos in the description too so you’ll find them there as well
now I’m gonna be putting together my life book classes very soon so I’m
planning I’m planning the videos now so I’m going through that process of you
know working it I’ve got an idea what I want to do and if you wanted to know a
little bit more then there is actually an outline of mine and the other
teachers classes over on the course registration page as well so that gives
you a bit of a heads up but I think I’ll probably be sharing a lot on the way as
I put these things together maybe teasing you a little bit anyway
back to the doodle diary, so the daily doodle practice was something that I
started regularly last year and I do have another video about it from
inktober 2018 when I shared some more pages from a daily doodle diary over on
Instagram and I will link that video up below as well and their video is
actually about keeping up with inktober so if you’re doing Inktober this year and do
you need a bit of pep talk to keep you going
then go and watch that one after you’ve seen this one now with my daily doodle
diary I tend to use pens and pencils more in that book mostly as they work
really well with pages on the paper that’s in that book and also I mean
they’re really useful for transport as well so this kind of diary I take it
with me when I go away because it’s small and you know the Pens the pencils
are easy to travel with as well and working in it can be really quick but
it’s really about creative examination of the mark making that you can get from
your tools and from yourself so the many abstract
exercises that I’m doing here and this one that I’m showing you today for
example is also a creative examination of mark making but with paints so I’ve
mostly been using acrylic paints but you could do this with gouache you could do
it with watercolor you could do it with crayons do whatever you wanted I think you
really want to explore you know get to know your brushes get to know what kind
of marks you can make really tease out the kind of marks that make you happy
and it’s really great also for getting you to learn about your materials and
you just have fun with it use different colors different sizes different shapes
different patterns and of course you can mix and match so there’s nothing
stopping you from using pens and pencils in this one as well so I might have a
daily doodle diary where I don’t use paint but I also use pens and pencils
here on these mini abstracts too I suppose on the mini abstracts I keep
them very much more abstract whereas my daily doodle diary there’ll be abstracts
they’ll be drawings, sketches there’s a different range of stuff and this
piece today is pretty much all acrylics there’s a little bit of ballpoint pen in
it too but I’ve got two different forms of acrylics and I’m using them in
different ways as well so I’ve got acrylic paint just straight
from the tube but I’ve also used it where I’ve watered it down and then I’ve
also got accryic paint in ink form in in a pen it’s kind of amazing what you can
do in such a small abstract isn’t it I love doing both this mini abstract
exercise and also the daily doodle diary because they totally feed into each
other if you do these kind of regular practices you find that they affect each
other and they’ll affect the art that you do as well so I don’t see these
types of practices as separate things I see them as all part of the same art
exploration and they are really easy to slip into the super busy lives that we
all have in this fast world that we find ourselves in so okay let me just
summarize this into some top tips to help you with this exercise or just a
little refresher to keep the exercise going for you so try playing with colors
that’s a top tip try to use this mini abstract to explore colors that you
don’t usually use and particularly combinations that you don’t use together
also use it to play with your materials and learn how they work and I mentioned
this one in the book because it is quite a key one for this exercise and it is
such a good fear free place to try them all out and see what plays with what
particularly if you’re a beginner and you’re just starting out but I think my
top tip would be to really try and do different marks and play with your mark
making style as you starting out you might find yourself more copying other
people’s mark making we we’re not really sure where we’re going with these kind
of things so we’ll see what’s been done before and we’ll maybe take that but
this really is the place to explore your own mark making and what you can do with
the tools that you’ve got and I promise wholeheartedly that you have your own
mark making style and it’s just as valid as the next artist so yeah use this as a
way of teasing out and let it play see what kind of combinations you like there
really is no wrong way to do this there is just your way to do it
for example one of the ways that I might try and sort of jog myself out of a rut
if I’ve been doing the same thing too much or I’m just I’m just not feeling it
I just can’t see where to go next I might actually do something as simple as
hold the tool that I’m using in a different way just doing something
different that kind of jogs you out of your familiar patterns and you’ll be
amazed what kind of marks and what kind of inspiration this will bring to you so
keep it up and keep tagging me in on your daily doodle diary exercise shares
and your mini abstract shares over on Instagram I really love seeing them I’m
also trying to keep up with inktober again this year so
come on over and let me know if you are too because I would love to see that as well
if you want some more mini abstract inspiration just like this one then
please do give me a thumbs up or comment below so I know that you would like to
see more of these and if you want some more abstract art inspiration and then
watch these videos next and I will see you over there


  1. I just love these mini abstracts,Kim!!!! Keep on posting!

  2. You are an inspiration❣️❣️❣️❣️

  3. I like these mini abstracts!

  4. I’ll be honest, my first reaction to this was not as positive as I expected, especially when you did the drippy paint thing, but I stuck with you to the end and absolutely love the result!

  5. So amazing job my friend ❤️
    Thanks for sharing
    New art here
    Please stay connected 🙏🏽

  6. very useful video. FUN results. I really Like it!

  7. Ok…another Wednesday another fantastic work! I have to admit that I get caught up in the piece of plastic you use as a palette – I don't know how you can find the paint you're using. It's such a mash of colorful goodness infused with the talent and kindness of all your past work. Some may see it as a distracting mess, but I see it as this beautiful connection between old and new. I just love it and find myself fascinated by it. (Yep, a bit of a nutjob…)

    I really like your use of color and shape. You have a gift for putting together colors I would never choose to use together, but they somehow work. This week has reinforced the lesson I've learned from you over and over: get out of my comfort zone of pink, purple, and turquoise and use a much wider variety of color because the results are surprising and stunning. And the mark-making…be still my heart! So simple and obvious but at the same time unexpected. I sit on the edge of my seat (without even realizing it!) waiting to see where the piece will go. It's so enjoyable. I usually have to watch your videos more than once so I can get distracted by different parts, then go back and view what I missed. Your upload days genuinely are the highlight of my week, and I block out time on my calendar so I don't make appointments and can fully immerse myself in your brilliant creations, adorable personality, and lovely accent. Everything KD just combines to form a special Nirvana I can get lost in…and I love it! The time and effort you expend into your videos is deeply appreciated and very much anticipated throughout the week. Thank you for teaching us so many exciting tips and techniques and for pointing us in the direction to find more information. You floor me, girl – and I'm so excited about your LB2020 lessons that I can hardly stand it! If you need some help or someone to bounce off ideas as you plan your lessons, well, you know where I am! (That's my way of offering to be nosey. Haha) You're my absolute favorite, Kim – I love the mini-lessons you plan, design, create, and video every week. I could fill a book with everything I've learned from you (oh wait – I am! It's called a journal, der), and I never get tired of watching. I'm off to play with this week's lessons – let's see what I come up with. Thank you for your inspirational teachings! ❤

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