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hi it's Kristen from life more abundant blog.com welcome back to another meal planning and grocery haul video as always they'll be a link in the description down below you can go to my blog and find a list of all the recipes as well as the free printable grocery list so you'll know exactly what you need at the store and you just take the guesswork out of meal planning so this week's meal plan is extra-special because we are making five meals with one chicken we are going to cook our chicken in the instant pot where you can roast it in the oven and then we're gonna separate the meat out and save it for all the different meals during the week and then we're gonna make a bone broth out of the bones that are leftover from the chicken and we're gonna use that to make a soup at the end of the week I'll put a link in the description below to my video showing how to make a whole chicken in the instant pot as well as how to make bone broth in the instant pot all of these meals come together really quickly and are all approved by my kids don't forget to head over to my blog to get your free printable grocery list and if you enjoy these types of videos please give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe let's get into the grocery haul I got some organic gold potatoes you'll only need a couple for the recipes but I use them for other things so I got a big bag then I got some fresh ginger organic coconut milk mayonnaise pinto beans you'll need some green onions some brown rice and I also got some celery some organic broccoli and then we have a yellow and red peppers some onions wakka moly heavy cream some organic carrots organic zucchini some Mexican style cheap shredded cheese organic sweet corn frozen corn then blue tortilla chips you will also need a whole chicken I use organic you can use whatever kind you like but that's not in this video because it's in my instant pot right now now go ahead and head over to my blog to get your free printable grocery list thanks for watching

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