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hey help us welcome back to health net kitchen today I am kicking off a very special series on my channel I am finally doing a meal prep series which I've been wanting to do this for quite some time now because a lot of you guys have expressed in your comments and emails say you're just you need some help you know making it easier to get healthy meals throughout the week whether you're a busy mom or dad you have school or work and you just don't have the time to like make these meals every single day I've made it super easy you can literally spend like an hour to on a Sunday afternoon and just kind of pre prep everything get it cooking in the oven pack your containers throw them fridge and then you literally have meals for breakfast lunch and dinner all week long which is really easy and exciting and some of these recipes are new some of these are old health nut favorites that I thought would be perfect for the winter season right now all right so let's get cooking and make some delicious meals for the entire week first recipe we're going to get started with is breakfast because it is of course the first meals a day so for breakfast I decided to make my apple pie slow cooker oats this is a delicious recipe it's basically like a dump and cook recipes which I love and it makes so much out meal it literally makes it up for two people for the entire week so definitely enough for you for five days if you're super hungry for breakfast you have to get this recipe started you're going to need a slow cooker in a slow cooker I like to just rub a little bit of coconut oil in there so it doesn't stick and then I just like to add my coconut milk water maple syrup some peanut butter or almond butter your steel-cut oats then I throw in some chopped apples a cinnamon stick or fresh cinnamon ginger nutmeg please salt give it a stir pop that lid on and you can either cook it on high for four hours or low for eight hours now before serving you just want to make sure to remove that cinnamon stick and then you can just pop it into your jars for the entire week the stores really well in the fridge for the whole week without going bad so what you can do is make this on Sunday night and then Monday morning you're literally going to have fresh hot cooked apple pie oats for breakfast which is awesome next up we have lunch and for lunch I am making my creamy dairy-free leek and potato soup for the soup you're going to need a large pot where you're going to add in a little bit of olive oil and saute your onion chopped up leeks garlic with a bit of sea salt black pepper you're basically just going to stir that in sautee it for about 10 minutes until the leeks soften and you'll really start to smell that aroma is delicious next you can add in your chopped up peels or unpeeled potato chicken broth I just use the little bouillon cubes and then I like to add in a bay leaf so you're going to add in your time I always like to keep some fresh herbs frozen in the freezer for any time I need them for like a recipe like this because I find if you're always buying them they'll go cook bad really quickly so and who has time to have fresh thyme on hand that was really corny so yeah and then top it off with the six cups of fresh filtered water pinch of extra sea salt and black pepper if you'd like and then basically you're just going to stir everything bring this to a boil and then you want to cover it with a lid and simmer on low for about 30 to 40 minutes until the potatoes are tender and then just let it cool before we're going to transfer it into our blender to blend everything up to nice and creamy so once your soup is cooled you can just ladle it into a see blender and you can make Vitamix here and you want to do it in the two or three batches so you don't overfill your blender and just blend it up you don't wanna over blend or else it's going to kind of get gummy so blend it just enough so screaming and then go ahead and place it into your little mason jars for the entire week just soup is perfectly paired with either some merriest crackers and hummus or some veggies whatever you like or you can just eat it by itself depending on how hungry you are at lunch now for snack time I have something super warm and comforting for with the winter months I have my One Bowl banana bread and for the week I actually made my mini ones you know you don't have to eat a whole one too for snack time you can just cut these in half or places and just snack on them they're full of protein from the almond flour and eggs and they have low sugar and because they're just sweetened with a little bit of honey which is really good unlike the store-bought banana breads you don't want to be eating those all week long so for that recipe you're going to need one big bowl and when we combine everything together to make this banana bread so we're going to peel our bananas and mash them up really well with fork then we're going to add our coconut oil that's been melted add in your honey two eggs a little bit of vanilla and whisk that all up together now we're going to add in our dry ingredients so usually you want to have a sister for this I surprisingly do not have a sister at my place yet I realize I need to get one but anyways even if you don't have a sister you can still make this recipe you'll want to first add in your almond flour both flour baking powder baking soda pinch of sea salt cinnamon and then just mix it all up together add in your chocolate chip mix together one more times and then just set that aside while we grease our little mini loaf pans so we're just going to scoop our batter into these little loaf pans with a nice infuse I find this is really good for portioning it out to make sure you have the same amount of batter in each little loaf pans and then flatten the top with the back of a spatula and you can pop these into a preheated oven at 350 bake them for about 30 to 35 minutes until they're nice and golden brown once out of the oven you can just do the little spaghetti test to make sure the center's are cooked really well and then you just want to transfer them to a cooling rack just to cool fully before you remove the banana bread out of the pan and that's how easy it is to make banana bread on a Sunday last but not least you're going to need dinner after a very long day at school or work or whatever it is that you guys do and I'm going to be making this awesome kale salad and kale is a great green to make when you're kind of prepping things for the week because it doesn't wilt I prefer not to put the dressing on if I'm going to want it to last more than three days so you can definitely put the dressing on and it'll be good for about two or three days because it doesn't get a little tea it actually will just marinate and taste better and then I also have some fish that we're going to roast in the oven along with some veggies I've got carrots and broccoli and then we're also doing a roasted sweet potatoes so I'm going to show you guys how to make this so we can get it into the oven so on a large baking pan lined with parchment paper you're going to place your roughly chopped carrots broccoli florets drizzle with some olive oil sprinkle on some sea salt black pepper chili flakes garlic powder tumeric powder and then roast these into a preheated oven at 375 it's about 25 minutes for the broccoli and then 45 minutes for the carrot you just want to check on them and make sure you toss them like half way through so they get crispy on both sides then for the sweet potato I have to do this make sure you wash and scrub them really well and then stab them with either a knife or fork just like get your anger out and stab them also that way the steam can release and they don't explode in your oven and then you basically just throw them on a pan with some parchment paper fix them in the oven on 375 for about an hour I say doesn't feel like the jeesus starts to kind of come out of the hole and you can just like stick a fork in it really easily that's when you know your sweet potato is done you do not need any oil or salt or anything just playing sweet potato is delicious on its own okay so to prep our fish first you'll want to make sure that your fish is mostly thawed out you can use frozen but it's best if it's thawed and then you just want to place it on top of either parchment or oil I like to layer my parchment on top of the foil so I don't really like the foil right on my fish so I like to add a drizzle of olive oil just to keep it nice and moist in the oven that's optional and then I sprinkled mine with a garlic herb blend some sea salt black pepper a very thin slice of lemon a few sprigs of fresh parsley you can also use cilantro and then you're just going to wrap it all up and place it into a preheated oven at about 375 and you can cook this for about 20 minutes and it's just going to be the perfect temperature and time to get it nice and steamy but not overcook it now with your dinner you're going to of course you some greens and for Koreans I'm going to be making my kale salad and I have a very similar recipe up on my channel basically doing the exact same thing just different dressing but when you're making a kale salad I always like to wash dry and then be spend my kale it just makes it a little bit easier to to because we don't have that really like woody stem in the in the middle of it and then all you do is just like roughly kind of split apart with your hands you could do like a flying chop if you'd like but then I always like to massage my cat when I'm eating it raw so you're going to just need a little bit of olive oil some sea salt let's please a fresh lemon juice and then just massage it really well with your hands the one with your kale and give it a nice good massage to soften it up and then you can just add in your chopped veggies I'm going to be adding in some chopped cucumber celery green onions and then some fresh cilantro and you basically just want to add veggies that are not going to go soggy if left in the fridge for few days cut and then for the dressing I am making my creamy lemon ginger dressing and you can really make any dressing that you like and then you can just store your dressing in a little container or you can prep it the night before because it's kale it's not going to get soggy overnight if there's dressing on it and basically you got your kale salad you got your veggies in your fish and you have a complete dinner and then I also add on some Mary's crackers here and just some plain garlic hummus just as an extra snack so if you're like me you like to snack know between breakfast and lunch this is a great option too all right so that's gonna be it for today's meal preps video I hope you guys enjoy this series I'm so excited to do more of these it really kind of just challenged me to kind of think ahead I'm not so much a planner so and I don't really nail prep to be honest I make a couple things when beginning of the week to kind of munch on but since I'm always creating new recipes for house Matt I'm always eating different things they can sometimes get a little exhausting especially it's the long day I come home from work I'm tired I just want to sometimes grab something under the fridge and eat it for dinner and this is going to be really great from that as well because he is commuting to work and this is great from the grab-and-go so I'm excited to see what you guys think of this video in this series also be sure to answer my survey and I think it's I don't know what corner it's in it's just a little poll where you can vote and tell me what meal prep theme you would like to see next I thought it would you like themes for each one so this one is a winter theme a lot of hearty warming foods keep you warm and satisfied all season long and be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you liked this new series and I will see you guys in my next video bye


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