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hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I am filming the most requested video that I've had so far and that has been my meal prep and how I prepped meals for the week so I am excited to film this video for you guys and kind of show you what I do to prepare my meals and kind of the foods that I choose and what not so let's get into the video we are going to actually go shopping together I'm going to show you guys just kind of the foods that I pick out and give you guys a glimpse into how I go about my shopping process on Sundays it's gonna be a little bit weird because I am gonna film and have my kiddo with me so this should be really weird I'm kind of nervous so let's get into it let's head to the grocery store and get shopping alright so I have my little partner here or hit me grocery aisle so for today's meals I'm doing a chicken and some sort of Mexican turkey Bowl that's kind of the only ideas I have so far all right so so far we have gotten some ground turkeys and oh then you can't forget brown rice all right you guys I would not suggest filming in a grocery store with a one-year-old not successful for me but I did decide to go with a Greek chicken meal and a Mexican turkey bowl so I'm kind of gonna wing it I hope that it turns out yummy so I'm gonna go home unload the groceries and we'll get to you cooking right so time to unload the groceries this is always a challenge because every time I open my back hatch everything flies out the back all right you guys so I just got home from the grocery store and I'm gonna show you guys what I picked up so for my Mexican Bowl I am going to use ground turkey this is 93 percent lean I do like a little bit of fat in it so I didn't go with the extra lean meat I did do the diced tomatoes with green chilies for some flavor I'm gonna cut up some veggies and make a little bit of this brown rice as well as some avocados I always got to have avocados they're my fave and then for my Greek chicken I have these no antibiotics thin sliced breast fillets I couldn't find any organic I don't know if they were just didn't have any I don't know what was going on with that but usually I'll go for the organic and then I picked up these cherry tomatoes some cucumbers onions for a little bit of a veggie salad on the side of the chicken I'm gonna mix the veggies with this Italian dressing the olive garden light version it's super delicious and this cucumber ranch yogurt dressing it only has 35 calories per serving so I'm gonna try a little bit of that on top of this chicken for like a topping so I'm gonna get started on food prep and to show you guys how I prepare these meals so finished prepping the chicken and the salad and after I prep the chicken I put it in a pan to bake it at 350 and usually for about four these chicken breasts I'll probably do 30 minutes 25 to 30 minutes because they are a little bit thinner so this is what the chicken breasts look like after I have prepped them they're covered in the pesto with a little mixture of that cucumber yogurt dressing and I'm gonna bake it in the oven and it will be delicious all right so as you guys can see I have started the ground turkey and I basically just cook it up in a pan and i season it with just a little bit of garlic salt not a ton because I want to kind of keep the sodium down and I'll just basically wait for this to brown up and then add some other ingredients all right so the meat has browned quite a bit I'm going to add the diced tomatoes and green chilies to the mixture and this just adds a really good flavor then I like to add about 1/2 cup each of a red bell pepper and yellow bell pepper and to the turkey mix I just try to make it as hearty as possible so that I'm getting a lot of veggies in there and it's also super filling after the peppers have kind of simmered into that meat I decided to add a little bit of cilantro for flavor I love cilantro and I think it just is perfect in any sort of Mexican dish all right so this is how it looks you guys after I've finished the me I'll add some avocado and then a little bit of my favorite Cholula hot sauce I always love a little bit of hot sauce on top all right so I pulled the chicken out of the oven and this is what it looks like extremely delicious so I have all of my containers out here and I'm gonna start prepping the meals and show you guys how I put them all together all righty so the chicken is done I'm going to start placing the rest of food in the containers I get these containers on Amazon and they are super affordable they're awesome because they have like three portions and just I love them they're microwavable they're awesome so for my Mediterranean chicken I'm just gonna take the salad and just place it in each container cuz we're gonna make that yummy Mediterranean chicken dish and I also made a little bit extra of the veggies because I figured for one of the turkey dishes that I've made I didn't include a brown rice so usually I'll have carbs earlier in the day and I try to cut carbs off after 3 p.m. so for the dishes that have the rice in it I'll usually eat those for lunch and then the dishes that just have the veggies and protein I will eat like a dinner adding the veggies to one of the turkey dishes so that I just kind of have like some options and this salad is super easy you guys just you can put any sort of veggies that you want in it it's really your preference but for this white Mediterranean style I kind of figured cucumbers onions and those really yummy grape tomatoes would be perfect and then that all of our dressing is like so good and it doesn't have many calories at all all right so my chicken is done and it looks so delicious so I'm going to add that to the dishes as well and then I'll show you guys how it all looks so here are the meals you guys the turkey with brown rice when I'm ready to eat the turkey bowls I'll add some avocado and hot sauce to complete it and then for the Mediterranean chicken dish I did just that chicken breast with some pesto and some of that yogurt cucumber ranch dressing to add a little bit of Mediterranean Flair I guess and then that really yummy vegetable salad so this is what it looks like I basically will just put the tops on and then put them in the fridge and they will last me for probably a good week so not too difficult all right I'm going to finish off the turkey dishes I just add like a squeeze of lime over the meat just to add a little bit of natural flavor and that is it you guys that is the meal prep this will basically cover lunch and dinner for four days and what I like to do is for breakfast I usually will cook something because I do enjoy cooking something in the morning so usually I'll make some sort of egg whites and veggie or egg whites and like a chicken sausage type skillet meal or I will do a protein smoothie I do like to do like a protein smoothie for my morning snack just to make sure that I'm getting in protein so I like to eat at least 6 times a day that's usually how I do my meals that is it it's not too difficult I like to get a lot of my ideas on Pinterest or just kind of look in the fridge and see what I have and try to kind of come up with some ideas and it's really as simple as that it's not too difficult that's the end of this video I hope that you guys enjoyed this food prep video it was kind of difficult to cook and film at the same time but I hope that you guys enjoyed it I love to get tips on healthy eating so I hope that this helped you guys in some way and if you guys like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and also if you guys want to see more videos like this in the future then comment below message me on Instagram I will linked my Instagram below and I will continue to give you guys what you want to see thank you guys so much for watching I will see you in the next video love you guys


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