[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I am going to be sharing some super easy lunchbox ideas for back-to-school so the first thing that I wanted to share with you guys is some different lunch containers that I got recently I did order all these on Amazon so I will have them all linked down below for you guys but the first ones that I’m showing you are ones I really really love because they are leak proof and they come with one large compartment as you can see and then three smaller compartments and while all of these containers are pretty affordable this second set is an extremely good deal they are not leak proof but it does come in a pack of five so this is a great option if you have multiple kids and I like that this one has the larger compartment along with two smaller ones the first one I have is a homemade lunchable with a salad and an orange this is a really simple lunch but all I’ve done is just gone to the deli at the grocery store and just get them to cut your meats and cheeses a little bit thicker so they’re kind of more like a lunchable thickness this is totally optional you can definitely use whatever kind of lunch meat you have but this is just what I will do sometimes and then you’ll just cut your lunch meats and cheeses into a square add in some Ritz crackers and then add in whatever sides your kids enjoy so for today I’m adding in some ranch dressing for their salad along with an orange the second lunch I have is a pasta salad with berries and cucumbers and I will have the recipe on how to make this pasta salad at the very end of this video so you can go ahead and screenshot that at the end but what I’m going to start by putting in is just this little container that I got at the Dollar Tree this is perfect for any kind of dips you have and so I’m just putting in some ranch dressing to dip their cucumbers in and then next to that I will put in the pasta salad and then in one of the small compartments I’m going to put in some sliced cucumbers and in the other one I will put the berries so for today I just have blueberries and strawberries but keep in mind that you can always change out the sides for whatever you have on hand or whatever your kids like the third ones that I have is an eggo peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and honey sandwich with fruit skewers a lunch me and string cheese roll-up and some carrots so starting out by making the fruit skewers I am just getting these extra long toothpicks I know that you can find them at Walmart and I’m sure you can find them at other stores as well this is something that is really easy to put together and I feel like my kids always eat their fruit when they’re a little bit more interesting so I like to make these sometimes when I have a few extra minutes in the morning next I’m just going to take a frozen waffle you can use whatever brand and whatever kind you like I’ve put this in the toaster already and then I’m just spreading on some nut butter you can use again whatever kind you like and then today I’m going to be using jelly but you can also use honey for this as out so your kids prefer and then to assemble the lunchbox and just first going to be putting in the egg Oh peanut butter and jelly sandwich this is definitely one of my kids favorites they feel like it’s kind of like a little bit of a treat and it’s just kind of a different twist on your traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and then I’m just going to add the fruit skewers in the big compartment next to the waffle sandwich along with the carrots in the small compartment and the lunch meat roll up cut in half in the other small compartment the fourth lunch I have is a chicken salad with crackers a salad and applesauce and again I will have the recipe card on how to make the chicken salad at the end of this video so you can screenshot that if you’d like so to assemble this lunchbox I am just going to be putting a small cup of French dressing and that would be to put on their salad next I’m going to be adding a cup of applesauce in the big container and then in one of the smaller containers I’m going to be adding in if it is a chicken salad and a few crackers to eat it with in the other small container and then I’m just going to put in some salad into the big container because once they take out that dressing and the applesauce they will have plenty of room to eat their salad that way so the 5th and final lunch I have is Italian kebabs with pretzels and hummus apple slices and carrots this is so easy and it’s again really fun for the kids to eat so it kind of encourages them to eat their lunch instead of talking with their friends and all you have to do for this is just take a string cheese I cut it into about five pieces and then I just get some mini pepperonis along with some olives if your kids like tomatoes you can put that on you can kind of customize this to whatever you like and then you just stick them onto those large teeth and you were good to go so to assemble the lunchbox I am first going to be adding in the Italian kabobs into the big compartment and then I’ll add in some pretzels in the smaller compartment along with a little tub of hummus I love getting these ones from Costco because they are just super convenient and next I’m going to add in a few slices of apple along with some carrots and one quick trick on how to make your apples not get brown when they are cut is to add in some lime and lemon juice you can do one or both it adds a really great flavor my kids always love this and it really helps them not get brown but time they eat at my lunch time so [Music] those are my five lunchbox ideas so you have a week’s worth of lunch ideas here I hope that you guys enjoyed this video please leave it a comment down below letting me know which of these lunches were your favorite and also let me know any lunch ideas that your kids love that I didn’t share today I do have more ideas for school lunches that I didn’t share in this video so if you guys would like to see more lunch videos like this leave this video like so I know you enjoyed it and leave a comment down below just letting me know that you would like to see more videos I hope you guys have an amazing day do not forget to subscribe down below if you are not already and you can go ahead and screenshot these recipes for the pasta salad and also for the chicken salad and that way you can make sure to make these for your kiddos at home as well and I will see you guys in the next one bye guys [Music]


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