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good morning guys I am super excited for this video I think this is going to be the first of its kind for vlog style of healthy habits I do every single day that makes my life a little bit better and partnering for this video with us by far my favorite lip balm company ever they actually just came out with new formulations and new design for their lip balms this one has SPF the smells are amazing Thanks Els let's go show them some good stuff they can do ok coffee let's go I love starting my morning with a 5-minute journal it helps me to get me centered and feel gratitude and kind of ride my intentions for the day and it always starts the day on a good note I'm not recording anything that's my face so when it comes to skin care and self care I am mindful of what I put on my skin especially products that I use on a daily basis because everything that would put on our bodies that's soaked in so be mindful of that if you have a good functioning liver it does ice you know help to filter all the toxins and stuff but if you can't help your body to minimize the amount of crap that goes in there you do that so some of the things that I love and I use organic and natural are my deodorant and my toothpaste I use this cleanser and essence it's by Juice Beauty for my eye cream I use actually an oil I love using boys in general so at night instead of a night cream I use just like an oil to put on and gos which is actually probably my most use lip balm I have just here right now probably like six of them and I have one in every bag in my home and I'm sure you do too I know you did so I'm really happy to introduce you guys to the new revent formula that yours came up with some of you may not know but Evos has actually always been a much percent natural and organic but their new formula has brought better smells better taste and more like nourishment which is always good time and lip balm addicts and I use it probably every seven to ten minutes might be an obsessive compulsive behavior but ever has been certified by USDA and echo certs so every time you look for organic natural products make sure you see those type of certifications on it because those are the ones that matter so is just another trick learned on my natural products that I use every single day then I'm moving on to the makeup my makeup is not all organic and natural but as I mentioned I do try to go for my most used products as clean as possible so I use this CC cream from just Beauty as well it has the 30 SPF sunscreen in which is big winner for me and I have like these butters with some color in that I like to use as blush most of them are lip and cheek so that's obviously as you can tell I do try to kind of keep it to a minimal and just kind of be done with it I don't like to pile up a lot of makeup I like my face to feel like it breeds and that's it this is not a makeup tutorial so don't know I'm talking about this so much when I come back from dropping off the kids my workday is already started but I do try to get like five minutes just for myself but first let's just say hi to Emma hi I don't see you I don't see you and see you I see so the day has already started but usually the drive back after dropping off the kids is my time to kind of you know reconnect to myself I usually they put some music on or just kind of read and think about you know my kind of plan for today I do try to plan out my day so I actually am as a big help for me because like I write her sometimes at night like the agenda for tomorrow but it's actually like for me because so I'll know what's going on so that kind of makes my day more efficient and not as scattered as they used to be although I have my moments sometimes so that's when I take kind of my five minutes I just breed preparing myself for a new day and I do it every morning and that's all I like I do like to drive the gifts to school I feel like that's something if you guys don't have kids go for like a little walk if you have a dog or just kind of take literally five minutes to yourself go outside and just breed and be like Cavalleria today's the day just starting today on a positive note and not as rushed and frantic as most of us do I haven't had my breakfast yet especially in the mornings because I'm like really quick to get the kids to school already so they'll be like I don't mind mmm out of my space kids get out of my space it's Wednesday need to be in school I come back and I take my vitamins so I K multivitamin probiotic and fish oil as a holistic nutritionist I swear by these and I know there's a lot of people to take a lot of different ones but if you don't know what your body needs please stop taking 10,000 tells together obviously with the balanced diet please cover everything that I need so I have my multivitamins probiotic fish oil which is Kanna yaki but I got used to it and it's so good for my hair and my skin so I do eat breakfast I have to eat I don't get people that like don't eat wheat in the morning I get like a low blood sugar right away and faint not like a great start but today when I was pregnant if I like opened my eyes and I didn't put a cracker in my mouth like you know it's a bad day I eat these toasted buckwheat waffles that I buy their are pretty clean substitute I don't have time to actually make make breakfast when I do all have like eggs and avocado toast and I'll you know make an effort but a morning like this when we have so much to do I just kind of put it in the toaster and put some almond butter on it and some pomegranate seeds so we're good to go blood sugar is balanced we're getting kind of good grains in here good carbs healthy fats and some pomegranate antioxidants regarding coffee I'm not gonna tell you Coffee is bad for you because I think it's unrealistic I've seen so many people they're like preaching don't drink coffee who are you people so what I recommend doing is making sure you drink a lot of water you can replenish your body after the coffee and make sure this you hydrated can being dehydrated is kind of the downfall when you love to drink coffee because then your skin shows it your mood gets yakky you get headaches like just drink water sighs so that's why I always have this guy with me there are these supplements now noon active that you can add to your water it really like helps to kind of amp your water up a little bit and it gives a little bit of taste and it makes sure that you get electrolytes and you hydrate it and you're good to go so the options are there now I'm gonna go back to work I'm gonna drink my coffee eat my waffle and then I'm gonna show you what I eat after this waffle to make sure that I have a balanced kind of food intake for the day so make sure I have enough energy okay back to filming so I wanted to show you when I don't have time in the morning to eat like a proper breakfast I had that waffle I had the coffee it kept me going for a while it's now 12 o'clock but we are running for shoot outside so I don't have time to eat lunch at the moment I don't like to get myself to a point where I'm starving and I feel grumpy and gross and then I eat something like fast and not healthy so I'm gonna whisk this like really quick smoothie there will be still the nutrients will keep me happy will keep me going until late lunch so I'm gonna show you what I'm using so making sure you have frozen food at home will help you a lot trust me I make all my smoothies from the frozen food so what I'm doing is I'm just gonna have coconut water because it's super fitting that will be the base for my smoothies I'm gonna make some time ago I had a garden hat and I took out kale and frozen so I can use it later that's gonna be our squeeze then I'm gonna add some frozen castle [Applause] am i making us a smoothie and college a so this is a source of protein and it keeps us young and beautiful it's time for some magic what are you doing I'm making a dewy look with the EOS ball our nominees multi-functional person it actually has coconut oil and sunflower oil and / oil and olive oil and so many amazing ingredients that actually this like weird weather if you like I need to nourish my skin a little bit that's not your wanna see something good what wait what is that it's like my stout yes how cute is for real yeah okay that is so cool I want to eat it I got one for you it smells like this is like strawberry survey assistance I should be helping her so we had lunch and we always share pizza and salad I feel like the other past like three lunches with peas and salad I took footage of the food just to show you that you don't have to like restrict yourself necessarily and you know what I mean if you want something it's totally cool I always get a side of salad for everything and eat the salad first to make sure I kind of fill up on that and then I'll have the pizza and I'm a happy person yay we are back home back to our office slash kitchen another tip I do a lot that kind of keeps me I think feeling balanced and accomplished is to remind myself that I did good today I think that a lot of us would get down and like really hard on ourselves about a lot of things especially if we don't you know if we don't accomplish everything that we set to accomplish that day and all that stuff so instead of sitting here and just like oh we haven't finished this and we haven't finished that I'm kind of sitting being like you know what we did this was for us reminding myself that you know I made some progress today rather than being angry that not everything is done and it's almost five o'clock I think it was already five o'clock the day is supposed to be done and I'm gonna go and pick up my kids and another habit that I started doing is once my days finish and I'd put the kids to sleep I do things that you know helped me to unwind I let myself kind of relax and if it's watching a series or reading a book all the books make me fall asleep these days or anything to just you know for my own enjoyment I think that a lot of us you know maybe sometimes feel guilty that we're not like reading a book in our start time or this we watch too much TV you do whatever makes you happy stop overthinking things probably the last last tip is before I go to sleep I let myself sit for like two minutes and it's kind of meditation but it's not really and just kind of saying thank you for the day and for everything that I have and for what happened today and didn't happen I'm just kind of reviewing the day in my head and I'll finish it with my five minute journal and that's it and I'm magical asleep so I hope you guys enjoyed this very Bloggie habits that I do every day that I feel make my life happier I wanted to say huge huge thank you for invading my house but also for collaborating with me and sponsoring this video so thank you so much you guys can check out in the description box about their new products the new organic lip balm thank you guys so much for watching I hope you had an amazing day and peace out


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