Easy Health Tips You Can Start Right Now! II Follow me along video

hey guys how's it going hope you're all are doing well so basically I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and we were talking about like different health routines and how the New Year's coming and you know gyms are all packed come 1st January and there's this huge rush of people who want to try out new fitness routines and the new diets and that's all great I mean it's great to get motivated and and start your journey but like your fitness journey but that's actually a really short lived high if you want to call it that you know cuz it starts off first January and then by the 15th or the 20th people generally start to get tired and the high the initial motivation has like sort of dull down those of you to know me personally you guys know that I like I understand that yeah motivation is good like motivation is what gets you started I believe and then it's it's not motivation that's gonna keep you going till the end it's discipline like it is the it's the hard core like telling yourself this is what I'm gonna do and there's no way out discipline like that's what's gonna get you to the end of the race and motivation is what's gonna start that process for you so I came up with sort of like four or five little things that you can do today a really kickstart your fitness journey but they're not big things they're not massive like life-changing steps however if you continue them you will see the results and once you start to see big results from those tiny changes that is the biggest like motivation warrior feeling it's the best thing so I thought I would tell you guys what worked for me there are little things and I'll say you guys along with me and hope you guys like it ok so you guys know I am the biggest fan of smoothies ever like I think I can make a smoothie out of anything in my fridge alright what I wanted to tell you guys was having a green every morning is an acquired number-one taste and it acquired routine like you can just get up one day and be like Oh starting today I'm just gonna have green smoothies for the rest of my life it just that's not realistic it doesn't work like that so what I wanted to tell you guys was this is what you really need to start with you only really need to start with this much like you do not need to go full hardcore every single morning green smoothies all you need to do is a handful this is even less than a handful like just five or six leaves of spinach that's all you need every morning whatever you like making okay let you guys see my face now so whether it's banana strawberries blueberries any sort of fruit that you like generally in a milkshake or in a smoothie all you have to do is put like that much just that much spinach into it and that is like that is a good start for you to get start getting your greens in okay so you guys are my washroom right now with me basically every time I'm brushing my teeth or just brushing my hair or anything like that I try to make it like a ten minute or a five-minute no matter how much time I have a little bit of a workout so what I do is let's say I have to brush my hair right now I'm gonna start doing calf raises so you get on your toes on your toes like that I know I'm higher and you just keep going lower until your heels almost touch the ground but not really like almost and then you come back up and you're gonna really feel this tightness in your calves and I do that the whole time I'm brushing my hair the whole time brushing my teeth it's a really quick little way to get a bit of a stretch yeah it's that's what it basically is like a stretch in your legs and your calves it's a really good way to do that not even thinking about it like do this every single day like every morning in out night when you're brushing your teeth or your hair you're gonna start to see that your pants are fitting better up to 10 minutes of calf raises in the washroom okay so another tip is that whenever I'm driving and I'm at a red light I always take a couple of sips of water and I've found that to be the easiest way to get my water intake in also it kills the pressure of like having to chug a gallon or whatever it is those big bottles of water throughout the day or to keep the tab on how much you like already had or not had this is what's worked the best for me so the next couple of things I wanted to tell you guys about all relate to grocery shopping so I'm in the grocery store right now and I'll take you guys to where I want you to see what I want you to see okay guys so you know that feeling you get when you're super full after a big greasy meal and you really want to have a Coke or a pop or something like that like a soda basically a really good and healthy alternative to that is actually kombucha this is what it is so kombucha is basically a fermented tea and as you can see it has these bubbles up top so it has the fizz that you're sorry yeah so it has the fizz that you're looking for when you drink a soda and it has the same effect like it helps you digest things better but this this is actually a tea so it's a tea with some bacteria in it that ferments it and it's actually really good for you bucho culture ginger black tea green tea like all the really good stuff and so the next time you're craving pop just go to the the health food area and you're gonna find some version of kombucha my favorite is this one the rice bran but really any kombucha does the job and you guys are gonna get the same effective soda with none of the in it people a lot of times for breakfast just have these bars like these granola bars or something that they think are actually good for them because they have fiber and cereal and in some cases nuts and fruit in them but what I wanted to show you guys was that a lot of these granola bars actually one of their first few ingredients and their ingredients list has sugar in them and anything that you're buying that has sugar or corn syrup as the first two or three ingredients that's a bad idea you do not need that much sugar in your diet okay so for example these Kellogg's fruit crisps they say to have fruit in them that's great but then when you look at the ingredients its wheat flour and then sugar that's your that's the second ingredient listed which means there's a whole lot of sugar in this and even if you go up to the sugar where is that so you see there's seven grams of sugar and just two crisps and these are really thin crisps as you can tell so things things like that see these things that have fiber on them and you're like okay great I'm getting a lot of fiber but then when you read if this will focus you see enriched wheat flour or whatever root extract and then icing sugar like that that's a problem guys if you're looking for bars that have food in them half proof have the thing that you're looking for in the bar X in the actual form so yeah those were my top little tiny tweaks and changes that you can make in your lifestyle starting today you don't have to wait till the new year also the biggest thing that I like about these little things is a lack of pressure so you don't like it's not a big thing to drink water at a red light or you know do calf raises or squats in the washroom one while you're brushing your hair like these aren't big things these are tiny little things they have you don't feel the pressure of doing like a massive new routine but these will show your results in the long run so I really hope you guys try them out and if you like this sort of a casual follow me along video style let me know let me know what else you guys would like to see and I'll see you guys in my next video

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