Easy Dinner Recipes – 30 Minute Quick Dinner Ideas

oh my gosh what a crazy day and of course it's countdown to dinnertime so time is tight and I'm not calling for take-out I'm Tracy Metro from the Kraft kitchens and I'm going to show you how to beat the clock with a few 30 minute recipes that will add the calm back into your life and when I say 30 minutes I actually mean 30 minutes or less first up is easy beef and broccoli I'm gonna get the water going for the rice first so now this is really hot and I'm ready to put my beef in oh yeah listen to that the one thing with these kind of beat strips is you don't want to crowd the pan if you crowd the pan they don't get the opportunity to get brown and they kind of seen themselves I'm going to add my voice and sauce and I'm going to add some Catalina dressing to it and what's nice is the combination of the Catalina dressing and the hoisin sauce just it's a beautiful thing and then I'm going to add in the ginger I'm going to check in on the rice the rice is perfectly done now doesn't that look delicious all right what was my time see I told you I could do it in less than 30 minutes next up is an incredibly easy chicken and stuffing dinner for when you just feel like having some comfort food and it's called our stovetop one dish chicken skillet here we go I'm going to add some hot water and butter to moisten up my stuffing mix and I think it's time to flip my chicken sour cream and soup make a beautiful mixture and it's gonna taste so yummy right on top of the chicken now I'm gonna put some stove top on top of the soup mixture and honestly what could be better than these two together and now I'm just gonna cover it and let it all come together look at that beautiful there you go 30 minutes look for these and lots of other recipes at howdini I'm Tracy Metro for the Kraft kitchens and howdini


  1. thank you

  2. Nobody ever factors in cleanup time when saying "30-minute meals". Not realistic.

  3. Lady where tf is your seasoning?

  4. let's face it. doing something well, takes time.

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  6. loved those recipes and there is also the 28 day keto challange you should check it out https://tinyurl.com/y5douu38

  7. I think that's more than 30 minutes with prep and hair net?

  8. Add peas to that beef and rice

  9. nice…….https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFPr2NjXURvCQSwQMAA_6rg?view_as=subscriber

  10. why don't you just eat your spaghetti hair

  11. Don't want to be a hater but……I do wonder what man paid for that kitchen.

  12. That Hosin sause provides all the salt and bang. Catalina dressing looks and sounds like thousand Island dressing with hot sauce. Thats just going off my Gut instincts.

  13. what about a burning stomach ? sauces acid and starch . A HEALTHY MEAL

  14. this is an amazing video. You can also like this https://cookingrecipeslive.com/meatloaf-oatmeal/

  15. What kind of soup was used for the second recipe?

  16. No pepper and salt?

  17. think i will make a stir fry

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  19. I love your recipes, thank you. This inspired me to find healthy, nutritious meals for all the family, that are inexpensive and easy to make. Being a working parent, this book has saved me so much time, http://bit.ly/2EWPH9b

  20. Looks bland and boring

  21. I doubt if this will be done in 1hrs but honestly, they are nice tips.
    You can get a handbook containing nice recipes from this book here – http://bit.ly/2AR5DqL

  22. Fast shooting doesn't mean preparing the dinner takes very little time. What are the ingredients of these 'loving each other' sauces? No cleaning, no seasoning?

  23. u make it look easy thank u Tracey. 👍👍


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  26. There is no time to season!!!

  27. That's enough for 1 teenager. What about the rest of the family ?

  28. hey tracey do you have any more recipes on howdini

  29. Is this a diet recipe?

  30. Is this a diet recipe?

  31. Is this a diet recipe?

  32. Please be more detailed about the steps. After the rice you were cutting something somehow and didnt say what it was and you put oil in saucepan but didn't say how long to wait. Some people are beginners and need more help. By some people I mean me, my most advanced dish is a hotdog in the microwave

  33. Rice and meat need to be washed first. Ginger should be sauté first to release the flavour, not the last thing to add. No seasoning on anything. And for the comment "Now that's a real wife!" …actually NO. A real wife who cooks will agree with this comment.

  34. No washing the rice ? That food must take like two hours to eat

  35. lol yea cause we just have "Hoisin sauce" just laying around!

  36. yes, use that LEE KUM KEE seasoning haha

  37. really very amazing………

  38. I like your video – check my Beef & Broccoli video out!

  39. What a crock. Rice portioned and cooked in less than 15 minutes?? Not seasoning the beef or chicken is one thing..

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