Easy, Cheap and Healthy Meals!


  1. Breakfast $1.30, lunch $3.45, dinner $4.45 for one individual to eat three, healthy, small portioned meals at $9.20 a day. Let's multiply that by 30 for thirty days in a month = $276. Most of America lives on minimum wage. In my state that's about $8 an hour, and after taxes that means it would take more than one weeks wages to feed one person, more than 25% of the monthly income. For a family of two on SNAPs benefits (aka food stamps) the food assistance benefit would be about $350 a month. If we double the average of $276 that's $562…. even if we only add half of the $276 which is $138 to the first $276, the total is $414. An excess to that which the SNAP assisted family's benefits could cover. Please watch Cosmic Disclosure, with David Wilcock on Gaia …. because "You need to know"!

  2. For me that's not pasta, I'm Mediterranean and in my country it's one of the main dishes!

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  4. Nothing there has a creamy texture or morish flavour. I would go crazy eating that.

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  7. 1090 calories is not a sufficient amount. I would say add a nice snack somewhere between breakfast and lunch.

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