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(guitar strums) – You guys probably don’t know, but we just recently removed, we just got some graffiti done, I’m gonna have Dan show you guys around the office here in like
a quick little skit. But, yeah, we just moved the offices, we got brand new offices, a big
team, everything is growing. But I’m here to talk
to you guys about you, right, so we worked a lot with people in the fitness industry, right, so the big people that we work with are fitness influences,
people that have two, three, four, five hundred
thousand followers to a million followers, and then also, the struggling, trying to
come up personal trainer. Whether you have a gym location, and you’re trying to
build the hybrid process, and take things online, or you’re just kind of
doing things online, and really trying to
figure out how to scale. That’s who we try to help, and that’s who we serve primarily. We’ve built one of the largest companies in the fitness influencer
space and coaching in America over the past four years, doing eight figures a year
in multiple, hopefully, next year with our goals,
hitting multiple eight figures a year with all of the projects
that we have internally. So, I wanna help you
guys, because I was there, I was a struggling entrepreneur trying to get things to work, and I didn’t know the processes,
I didn’t know the systems, and that’s why we developed
the coaching that we have. So today, I’m gonna talk
to you about a case study. A friend of mine, who is actually
my coach for fitness now, his name is Akaash, okay, he goes by Akaash_Aesthetics on Instagram, you guys should check him out. So, Akaash came to us, and he
is just like a lot of people that are coming to us, he was struggling, and he was at a revenue plateau. He was doing inconsistent 20K-ish months, so he was leveraging
all his time for money, and he was doing, at max,
$20,000 a month, which is cool, you can hit like a quarter
million dollars in revenue, but really, he was spending
all his time working, he was starting to get beat up, and he was very unhappy with the people that he was working with, and serving. And so he came to us and said, “Los, I need a solution,
I need to figure out “how to do this the right
way, in a better way, “there’s gotta be a better way. “I’ve heard a lot about
you from different people, and you seem to be the dude.” We had a conversation, it was a good fit, we brought him into our coaching program, and so here’s the three key things that we did to take his revenue from the inconsistent 20’s, all the way, into moving now to a
seven figure income, okay. So, number one, we
changed his ideal avatar. See, a lot of times when
you’re doing this online, offline, and you’re a fitness trainer, you’re kinda just going for anyone. You just, hey, I need a coaching,
I need to lose 20 pounds, hey, I need to lose six pounds,
I need to gain 10 pounds, hey, I just had a baby, I
need to lose five pounds, hey, I have arthritis that
I don’t know how to workout, I need better nutrition. Sure, I’ll take all of you guys on. And he was working with a lot of people that just wanna bulk up, gain some muscle, lean mass, et cetera. And it wasn’t his ideal
avatar, for two reason, one, he was unhappy, which
is number one, right, like you have to be happy
in what you’re creating, there’s a really good book, you guys should check this book out, it is called “Levels of Energy.” It has dramatically shifted
how we do our business, and that guy’s a great author, talks about the levels of energy that you need to maintain and everything. And so, his level of
energy was really weak, and when it came to
working with these people. And second, that particular person, someone in their 20’s to
27, 28 years old, max 30, they don’t have a real budget for what he was trying to create, and he wanted to create something that really helped people become optimal. Optimal in a workplace,
optimal physically, so they could create optimal
finances for themselves and be like a machine, like feeling good, and being able to operate their business. So we really dove deep
and broke down his avatar, and it turns out we completely shifted this whole scenario, right. He was charging a couple
of thousand dollars for just doing workout trainings, and then we shifted everything into him being very specific with who he serves. He now helped entrepreneurs and executives get in the best shape of their life so they can be optimized in fitness, in mindset, so they can
optimize their business. Now, see how specific that is, he’s helping entrepreneurs and executives, high performers, get
optimal with their food, get optimal with their workouts, so they can be optimized and ready to work because that’s who they are. Most of these guys are, and gals, tend to be very alpha, very aggressive, very intense, very work, and
goal oriented and driven, and so they care a lot about
what they put in their bodies, they want to be efficient, and they want to excel in everything, including their fitness, and a lot of times that
kind of takes a backseat. And so we worked on a
process and a project that could help him
really create the avatar, and then execute a good offer. So his offer now went
from a couple of months, or, I’m sorry, like four weeks,
into an eight week process. And in those eight weeks
he optimizes your food, your water intake, he does
some other bio-hacking things, and he sets you up to have
success in your office, to make eating something
that is very simple, something automatic, something that just is
very simple for people, because a lot of times
for these entrepreneurs it’s really hard to do that. So he systemized their eating, he systemized their
drinking habits of water, and different things like that, he gave them the right supplementation, and now those people are in better shape, they also feel better, they
have more cognitive benefits because of the supplements, and they’re able to work, and be more efficient in their business. And so you’ve gotta think,
the sale becomes very easy, because the avatar is dialed in, he knows, hey, if I can
create a system for you that will create more
output for you at work, and make you look and feel better, is that worth five, six, seven, eight thousand dollars over eight works? Yeah, no problem, no brainer, right? No brainer for these people. And so, he was able to
really serve his avatar, and he was able to take
what he was kind of doing, optimize that, put it in
a real concrete offer, serving the right audience, and just organically he was able to get to a point where he is now scaling into the seven figure mark. And now, we’re working with him into a place which is phase two, which is really taking
this into paid media, okay? Bringing people in that are that avatar, taking them into an application, working with them, and then
selling them the solution. It’s not selling them the product, he is selling them the solution of what these people are looking for, because he dialed in the avatar. So that is a case study
of my friend Akaash on how we were able to take him from 20k inconsistent months training, all his time to money, trading all his time for money, into a system that now is more automated, systemized, simplified,
with the right avatar, the right message, and the right solution for his audience that now has him scaling to over seven figures a year. Now, listen, if you guys need help, we can help you guys dial in your systems, dial in your processes,
understand your avatar, and scale where you are, to
where you really want to be without taking more time of yourself. In fact, removing time, and building a more systemized approach. If that’s something you
guys want to do, guys, just click the link below, apply, and if it’s a good fit, we’ll get on a conversation
and let you know what the next steps are. (light beats)


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