E3 Pokemon Sword and Shield Live Gameplay – Nessa Gym Battle – PP Update

yeah what's good guys good guy gastly here with another episode of PP update and this one is incredibly important to me and very special because I got to go to e3 for work and experience the entire convention floor when I wasn't doing my job which is kind of like all the time I don't really do much so I was very lucky to go there and be able to walk around the convention floor and to my surprise there was a giant mock stadium inside of it where you could go and you could play the Pokemon sword and shield demo I had no idea was gonna be there I was just super stoked about it and of course there was a gigantic line because why of course there's gonna be like there was a standby line for their standby line I'm gonna stand by line waiting for Pokemon sword and shield about an hour long wait but it's totally worth it I gotta be at work at 1 o'clock I have some time so we're gonna make it work but you know what it was worth it that line was absolutely worth it guys I had such a blast standing in this line because I was waiting for something so magnificent something I didn't expect and it was everything it could have been except for the whole national dex thing that's kind of and a rough like here's me happy and I didn't know about the National Dex I'm gonna get myself a miltank and Dynomax ik gonna happen and here's me now knowing is a big possibility that there won't be a miltank in Pokemon sword shield baby man it might not be in the game I have no idea I have no freaking clue look at my shirt I wear mil tanks on my shirt I wear mil tanks on my shirt so if miltank isn't in pokemon sword and shield I'm not gonna buy it I don't care this year at color world books calm by the way I'm not sponsored I just really like this shirt the Nintendo staff working the event was super friendly and energetic I'm so excited I got to meet Michael who gave me tips and information and he was just a super rad dude the demo took us through your typical gym challenge of old with like puzzles and trainers which I have to say that I'm really happy about because I just didn't like the island trials back in Sun and Moon I mean it was a nice try at something different but the old gym battles there was just something about him that was it just I don't know something visceral about I don't know how to really explain it and it looks like in this game they're trying to make it bigger and better than ever one cool thing they added in this game is that there's actually a person inside of the gym who will heal your Pokemon and it's taken a few generations for them to give us as quality of life change but I'm really glad they did because now you don't have to leave the gym to go heal your miltank when it when it gets low you know provided there is one but then something crazy happened because I got a huge surprise that I was not expecting and I did not spoil myself while I was working I wasn't on Twitter that much internet was terrible and that's yam per and in Padano impotent impotent I like Impa derp though what the heck is this I'm gonna put it out I mean and support it support it's got a corgi but oh my god it even has a heart on its butt Michael are you not I know you're over you know did you know what don't want to show you Pokemon nobody senior Oh do what is that impotent impotent he looks ridiculous and hated at the same put dip is gonna evolve into something crazy like fairy dark is such an awesome typing like offensively and competitively that I have a feeling it's gonna be like on every team like definitely owe you for sure you guys can go ahead and debate in the comments below tell me who what team you're on are you team Yammer or you team impotent I'm gonna keep home and put dirt that's his nickname from now on go out you're beating all the trainer's and solving all the puzzles you then finally get to fight Nessa and this is what I'm talking about this game is is is just encompassing Pokemon battles into its entire culture they're making Pokemon battles these grand spectacles with an audience and a crowd and it's filmed on TV and you know things like that just gives me hope that the games are gonna focus on more competitive gameplay like actual like like and especially what they're not when they're when they're not adding the whole pokedex and they say it's for balance reasons I kind of believe them because it's hard to balance a game with over a thousand pokemons but if they if they if they limit the pokemons to a certain number it's it just becomes every single pokemon they take away the game becomes easier to balance so I'm hoping with with bated breath that the game makes breeding and competitive pokémon battling a little more accessible those like me who don't have as much time to come to breed Pokemon cuz that that takes a long time and you you guys know it though and that's why there's hacking in this community because it's a lot of work we're gonna Dynomax our Corgi and and Corgi but stop all over this dread now okay here we go so let's talk about Dyna maxing really quick because Dyna maxing was a feature that I like a gimmick that I didn't think I was gonna like but after experiencing it in the gym battle versus Nessa and feeling how it played out I actually think I'm gonna really enjoy it like it's actually like it's it makes the battle you'll really epic and cinematic and and just like like these two kaijus fighting like is it feels like in the in the hills that is a battle or a fight scene that feels like the pinnacle you know what I mean so it's really cool to do it it lasts only three turns your attacks then now have secondary effects whether it lowers your opponent's stats or it makes a certain terrain the only thing is I think it can eventually get boring and annoying like I see it wearing off I see it as like fun and like I have a feeling some of the battles in the game versus whatever villainous team or whatever Leon is gonna be such a sick fight with Dynomax thing I have no doubt about his Charizard Dynomax thing is gonna look really cool and be really dope I think somewhere along the line you're gonna get tired of putting out electric terrain and and and water every single time you make one attack I think it's just gonna be a weather war that nobody wants to have so we'll just see how long it takes for everyone to get annoyed and hate it in an email pokemon for for Megas again as we all know that's gonna happen so I'm gonna let this play out for you guys to watch it's it's it's fun there's some there's some cool moments at the end of the event we got pins oh my god I was so worth waiting in line for like two hours they're really nice they're good quality I haven't even opened them yet I was thinking about selling them so if anyone wants to inquire or bid for them you're welcome to their e3 exclusive pins so get at your boy Danna strut the strut of our lead is solved just ratted that's ok I believe you still starving you can always yeah yeah you know you want to go in strong you know yeah oh my goodness wait wait hang on oh wow they make it all cinematic this is like so like the little like we'll talking it took an anime it's good right alright so you know what I'm gonna play I don't want to did I want to use ruler but she's not gonna do let's go to ruler guys we're gonna we're gonna go to Wu because we loo is Lulu it's Lulu's the best okay we got a sheep out here yeah she put okay now we're going to do a wet sponge I do yeah I don't want to do that double-edged yes do it we will get mad oh my god the waterfall coming through animation animation water okay all right one down Goldeen down six Pokemon she only has two okay yeah yeah they've got a bag yeah the Dynomax they guess you could take any of your Pokemon when you used on the Mac to increase their size the shine their defenses but it also gives them no move okay that new moves would be pretty power okay okay she's down to one okay yeah I got this there but you know what we're gonna do we're gonna Dynomax camper we're gonna get Yammer we're gonna get a big Corgi button on screen it's gonna be a good time dude I love this red knob the normal water and roll yeah yeah so let's see okay but what's good to get in some water yeah so we're gonna be a wild charge I don't know all right here we go we're gonna Dynomax we're gonna Dynomax right here I want you to fill me really quick we're gonna Dynomax our Corgi and and Corgi but stop all over this dress now okay here we go ready let's go what let's see let's see what happens all right this guy's excited to wear if I'm excited for it all right Oh what is this you get max whoa hang on these moves are all news so when you Dinah Mac you get new moves oh wow it actually turns the ground into electric train Wow all this stuff is really cool you have miss each grain this lowers artificial defense stat oh wow okay all right this is good news this is good news so that means we're going to use some Mac's lightning here oh man okay it's time it's time it's going to turn into see I wasn't sure about this what kind of ridiculous now I'm pretty sold by it it makes the battles pretty epic it looks like it's like a kaiju like hey where's mom amazing any of these giant stadiums for the advertisements in the background I feel like it's like an Olympic it is like the finals I just feel bad for all the people in the crowd when some of these moves go in the video yeah that's geyser Oh No okay that's cool though we're gonna we're gonna I'm kind of upset that this giant turtle is faster than our core korie's are not known to be nimble get the thing I'm a little worried fine [Applause] all 120 okay we're going to lose we're gonna lose our core game but it's okay Yammer Yammer was a big good boy good boy my god our dog this explode okay the the best choice against water rock that's four times effectively [Applause] he's ready to clubs so we're gonna raise a week like how do you oh my god no we resist that – and that still do that much damage right okay all right so Brittany should be going down this thing now okay so he's gonna lose his Dynomax gonna shrink back into a little cute turtle it's still scary got a lot of dogs a lot team alright and we're gonna use that razor okay this thing is so fast I think so fast sandstorm no I don't think this what he's boy Oh No originally avoided I'm gonna I don't care I don't care for overnight overnight we're gonna see all the best all the best new things this game has off korbinites my favorite one that they've been waiting for I mean it's like the cooler Twiggy bird Pokemon they've ever liked me surprised it's not dark time but you know right okay we give it everything we're gonna use that you know what steel wing is going to be well it's actually made new for all right oh you still with technically news really strong against us all right okay okay look at that $6000 six out of the money man she's gonna give us a badge what are we getting now oh you gym badges again oh that's so cool okay legendary Pokemon yes you got my septum such cool names alright guys we finished the demo it was a super fun time thank you so much Michael for all your all your tips and everything really helped because yeah I kind of like forgotten things it's been a while guide I'm sorry I guess Pokemon go was not my game you know I'm saying so everything to my yeah we're team so that was the Nintendo e3 Pokemon sword and shield demo it was a fantastic time I enjoyed every single second on it it's gonna be out in November 15th I believe and expect more content on the way I'm glad ghastly and subscribe and like for more videos okay I'm not gonna make it okay now do this my health I do it for money alright bye you

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