Dylan McKenna Admits To Cashing In His Natty Card?!!!

hey everybody its Jason blah yeah you guys know what time it is time to talk about current events and the own line Fitness community and one of the most common questions I've had this week is Jason what do you think about Dylan McKenna am I saying it right McKenna I'd have to go back and look at it what do you think about him admitting he's cashing in his natty card to pursue an NPC men's physique thing what do you think about it you're gonna rip on this kid actually no I'm not gonna rip on him he actually did a couple things in the video because I'm going to wash it I'm gonna link it below that I can be respectful of inspite of the fact that I don't like younger guys messing with gear I don't like physique competition at all I think it's absurd I think it's ridiculous he still did a couple of things in here there's gonna get a lot of respect for me so let me go and put on that plus five out of weapon smithing and let's talk about it and again I think that's gonna be a surprise cuz I mean I've been an asshole to numerous people this week in these current events I'm actually not gonna be to him I'm actually not gonna be and here's why he has done some of his own research it's a choice that he thought about for quite a while he waited till he was at least 21 and he built a strength-based first okay and he did so when he realized it was necessary for his personal competitive goals that he's decided as a competitor okay even though I don't think the Z competition bodybuilding is really a sport it is a form of competition as a competitor I get it I understand you're gonna go into an endeavor that has no testing you're gonna compete against other people who are all all of them and that's where I'm gonna take offense hehe people set it on that or he's been convinced on a lie that the some of them aren't that he's going into an endeavor where that's what he chooses to do that's what he wants to compete in or everybody is on drugs everybody and it's not against the rules there's no testing it's not cheating and he made the decision to do so over the age of 21 weighing out his own health risk after building a strength-based because he's absolutely strong I'm not gonna hate on that I know hate on that I don't think there's any need to I really don't because he's being transparent about it and so I'm gonna give credit for that now where are some of my issues with some of it him actually believing in telling people because he has to know at this point that's that's that there are people who are doing very well in the NPC or natural I bet you believe all the natural pros at the top level of natural bodybuilding are natural too huh right yeah okay over to the point they're not Dillon if a grown man disrespects you at that level if an NPC competitor who has won shows to your face not on the internet not while driving to his fans lying to their fans to sell products if he looks you as another grown man in the eyes in person at an offender at a gym and tells you that he's natural you don't need to put up with us to him just disrespecting you expecting you to believe that line you need to not not tolerate that sort of life from other competitors because that that's that's completely disrespectful to you as a man fact if I ever have one do that I actually have had one do that for Hyundai said NPC you guys before you said oh I'm natural wipe your forehead and ask him is it gone yet he says what the word stupid written on my forehead and you let him know that you know you weren't just born yesterday okay no not how it works so over to the point there is no such thing as a natural IFBB Pro and there are almost no successful NBC guys who are natural nonsense don't don't listen to that BS so that being said he made the decision to do so now I would argue I think you need to get out of this silly physique thing but I get it it's his career I get it it's for the money it's not a passion man well you're making money on social media and you decide to start competing in physique endeavors and you already have a good body it's about that money baby and it is it's kind of because it's going to improve his outreach he's gonna make more money I mean let's be honest anyone with more than us that has a verified like silver play award YouTube I've got one of those you don't have to have another job outside of this you really don't you can live purely off your social-media earnings quite decently um so I get it man he's gonna cash in he's got a train car he's gonna get his money and it's all good I understand it now what I would say with that a lot of times I get worried and you see these guys who chased this silly aesthetic stuff and they go on a bunch of gear was the first thing they do they start training like exactly the first thing they do or they train like a to start like I mean we just called out Brandon Hardy he doesn't know how to train he's lazy no strength base I at least watch Dillon I want to see what he's doing in the gym I watched his leg workout you know what like okay man are you gonna get a nod of respect and here's why even though he's pursuing the physique thing he built a strength-based before he cashed in his natty card you guys have to understand how important that is especially for people who might want to come off on day the guys who don't get strong and they go on a bunch of gear they lose everything they shrink down they just get sucked up it's exactly what happens so I bodybuilding is so ridiculous they just get sucked up as soon as they come off this kid built a strength base and he's actually legitimately strong guy right he's actually decently strong I can't hate on that I mean what did he open with in fact I would say he trains like a power lifter which is what I love strength training like a power lifter doesn't he I mean did anyone watch this is he training like you would expect a physique competitor to train on his his leg training day no and I'm not saying I don't know how many I hope he does at least two like days every week hope he has an upper lower split but I could be wrong he came in and did heavy triples and beltless squats all right nice he's doing reps with 405 dulles that's not shabby that's not shabby I'd say that's reasonable number to do before you cash in your natty card you know anything you can you can rep and you're thinking about cashing in your natty card I would say something like that the prerequisite you should grab four or five on this clock to depth before you even consume Casa de niro Nattie Hart guy was doing sets of three with 405 on the beltless squad so what's the basis of his training heavy barbell work he does heavy low rep barbell work as the foundation of his training from what I can tell well that's well that's what we want to see that's good and then he does additional volume and accessory work to gain additional size right that's exactly how a powder looked at trends right I trained it's a power lifters train now a lot of people would say well have you so esthetic when he trains like a power lifter because it's called genetics guys welcome to reality power lifters don't look like power lifters because of the way they train power lifters oftentimes look like power lifters because their genetics give them that shape all right if more people who just wanted to get big actually trained like Paloma true they would probably be bigger don't be realistic you because what is power lifting heavy focus on maximum strength on big exercises followed by accessory movements to fill in all the gaps and your your hypertrophy right powerlifting is almost always about maximum strength combined with maximum size because they're correlated well there's a synergy between all of that and so yeah it's a good way to get really stepped it is and it works you don't see non jack power lookers at the national level so the point is the trains not always like a power lifter I could respect that I could appreciate that the fact that this kid has decided to build a strength base at a time he still even though he's gonna go pursue the physique thing he's putting his main focus on the important stuff heavy weight with big barbell movements well you know what if every physique competitor did that I wouldn't make fun of them so much let that sink in if every physique competitor did what he's doing I wouldn't make fun of them they'd get my respect just like when I meet a bodybuilder or men's young or whatever and I know them personally they actually train heavy and they're strong they still get my respect even though I'm not a fan of the form of competition they do why because they're so strong they still train for the stuff that I think matters it that I value their doing something that I value even though it may not be for the same goal and they're working hard at it and are getting results I mean they're gonna get my respect for it so you know I mean the kid the kids clearly strong he's clearly got a strength-based built because why are you calling him a kid because he is literally half my age I'm literally double his days so yeah he's a kid but you know here's what I would say Dylan I think all things considered I may not approve of the MPC stuff but I understand I don't think it's unreasonable for you to make the choice that you made you're choosing not to glorify it you're admitting it to be transparent and I'm gonna glorify it calling it what it is do you know what you have to do to win I get that I understand you built the strength base when you get tired of this whole physique thing and the extra Instagram money and everything to make from it and at YouTube money you turn the physique thing come on over to powerlifting man I think you could do powerlifting very successfully right I think this is someone who could branch out into a real sport of men's sport do very successful and I'd love to see him come over and do power looking eventually when he is tired of those physique thing I think he would fit in well my opinion says me all right guys but that's really all I have to say on that today I hope it's been informative and I will talk to you guys next time


  1. hey Jason. For someone who does compete in Bodybuilding, now looking to get out of it and in to the strength base, should i just go back to basics? I've been lifting for over 8 years and have done well in the bodybuilding world but it's not for me anymore. Back to basics?

  2. Dylan should move to classic if mens doesnt work out lmaooo and then powerlifting

  3. Dylan also trains like a pussy no intensity . heavy weights play a role but then theres intensity . another level of training

  4. If I can get to national natty and win my pro card im going on gear for classic

  5. whenever said he was on gear or sarms? just not natural lmaoo

  6. dude you banner pic is photoshoped as shit

  7. But do you reckon he was already on gear before like most people do?

  8. Have you looked at some of his beginning videos the guy's been juice forever

  9. Coach this guy's been juice since day one are you serious

  10. Hey Jason what do you think of Larry Wheels epic fail at a one handed deadlift for 675?
    I think your prediction that he will eventually kill himself is looking pretty on the money although it may be death by misadventure rather than organ failure at this point. 🙂

  11. Dylan has also stated in a video that he followed your novice 5×5 program which is probably why you like his training

  12. Great video Coath but what are your thoughts on Chris Jones and the 5mm bulge between his l4/l5?

  13. he was never natural he's juice buddies with steven cao and david laid

  14. Coach, Elliot Hulse is now promoting prolonged fasting just like snake diet guy. Why are you against fasting and adamant in maintaining high food intake and high body fat?

  15. He’s the real deal

  16. He does powerlifting and bodybuilding like Powerbuilding on Push pull legs 2x

  17. But but Jason. Your bigger than him. I thought you would call him small and weak.

  18. Cash in your natty card REALLY means you have been a juicer for years and now you are not getting tested but don't want to admit to wrongdoing. Like how greg douchette suddenly decided to take roids and yet is already a complete expert on them and is taking a massive well crafted cycle as his first entrance. Riiight.

  19. Roidlan Mcktrenna

  20. I hope we see a new phase of guys coming out as not natty and keeping their sponsors. Everyone in fitness apparel should be able to make money natty or not. I don't even understand why Gym Shark would cut one of their "athletes" (I use that word loosely) over coming out for gear use when it's just clothes they sell. But yeah props to him. Jason and Vegan Gains have both played major roles in educating the masses on fake natties that it has made some of them do the right thing and we should be accepting of that and from what I see the Youtube community does accept fake natties once they admit it.

  21. If his physique isn't any better to previous cuts, he's been on roids for a min

  22. David laid and him were on drugs before I think

  23. Jason what are your thoughts on Lexx Little?

  24. If you go on gear without having reached a 400 squat and 300 bench press AT LEAST, you're a pussy. fact.

  25. I believe he has a 680 deadlift and a 585 squat (not to depth)

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