Dwight Schrute Does Healthcare – The Office US


  1. The early episodes are gold!

  2. 0:59 Angela breaking character. Came here to see after she mentioned in recent interview.

  3. Watch Angela break at 1:00 😂😂

  4. It's always the best when Stanley starts losing it.

  5. Angela totally breaks character at 1:01 and Brian points at her

  6. :59 seconds, Angela breaks character and laughs. Kevin points it out and laughs too 😂❤️

  7. Fun fact:


    laughing and


    pointing at her when Dwight says "hot dog fingers" in "The Office" episode about healthcare was not in the script 😂

  8. at 1:00 angela breaks character and kevin points her out on it (she mentioned this in an interview!)


  10. 0:59 wasn't that unscripted? Angela wasn't supposed to laugh. But she did, making Kevin laugh lol

  11. Hiliarous👻🍦

  12. Oh, so when Jim traps people in the break room, it's funny, but when Michael does it, it's suddenly not okay? Make up your minds people!

  13. Everybody broke character like a mf 😂😂😂

  14. 0:59 you know a joke has to be funny if angela is laughing

  15. My favorite part is when he calls Jan.

  16. I’m confused,

    Can’t he just open it from the inside? I mean, it’s not that hard.

  17. I was Dwight to do my healthcare 🙁

  18. 2:01 That’s some ASMR right there Stanley

  19. Angela broke character and Kevin noticed it lol

  20. How could dwight not have won the poll…..

  21. are dwigts eyes blue or green the world will never know

  22. Love how Stanley just completely disregards Jim tossing the keys into the shelf and leaving Dwight in the room.

    Just, “yeah, okay”

  23. Dwight is the best!! 😂😂 He is the key to all of the humor when it comes down to it

  24. Its nice seeing Angela laugh at something not serious once in a while

  25. I bet Angela came up with hot dog fingers


  27. I love how when Dwight says hot dog fingers Kevin points at Angela

  28. What Dwight did to the Office's healthcare is what every Scandinavian country needs to do to theirs.

  29. 0:58 Hotdog fingers OMG hahaha!

  30. Why didn't they include the icecream sandwich part

  31. If the Office was realistic, the series would have ended with Dwight shooting up Dunder Mifflin

  32. 1:00 thats a blooper 😂

  33. i think angela broke at 0:59 , lol

  34. Jim could have really fucked everyone else over with the healthcare prank

  35. Hot doggo finger

  36. I'm not mad. I just want to know who did this so I can punish them.

  37. why does jim look like coconut head?

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