Duke Rec Fitness & Wellness Programs

what I think is great about Duke fitness is that we offer something for everyone or at least that's how I feel whether you want something one-on-one to be a personal training we offer semi group personal training so you can have a partner with you we do small group programs just give you that accountability factor and then we also have our group fitness classes which is dropping they're free come hang out with our group fitness classes we have 475 classes a week between our two locations which is a lot for our student enrollment and they're free free of cost you can come to us money a lot and we have anything from 10 people to 75 people attend a class our head classes are really big we offer a lot for anybody and if they have any questions they want to see anything they can just reach out to us and ask and we do our best to oblige them I love the enthusiasm and positivity that I get from students I've been teaching group fitness classes for two years now and I feel more empowered just from the energy and excitement they get from learning and from getting stronger and getting healthier being happier all around I would say what people don't know about new fitness is actually the biggest things that we offer you'll get a lot of times you guys offer personal training or existence or fitness classes that are free we hear that a lot we try to really work hard on figuring out how to get that message to them and over the past couple years we've really worked on our outreach to different student groups to say hey this is what we have come see us so we get that question a lot but then we hope that they go out and spread the word once we give them the answer so for giving recreation we have two different facilities and one great thing is that we try to keep our stuff new all the time so we're continually rotating through all of our equipment we're on contract so every summer we shut down for a little bit which people aren't very happy about however the end product is always really great we cycle through our cardio equipment our weight equipment just to keep things new and fresh so that people have you know means to use things are kept up they're not broken so I have a great group of personal trainers I have about 25 depending on the semester and they range anywhere from undergrad to professionals we have people who work here at Duke who are also certified personal trainers that come in and work for us we have undergrads and then we have grad students we have a great doctor physical therapy program here at SU and a lot of them ends up training for me and I love it they end up being a resource for me they're so knowledgeable they're great with their clients I tend to especially give them hard cases when I have somebody who's maybe had a lot of injuries for me I've had a lot of different injuries and so trying to create a workout that to strengthen my muscles but not aggravate injuries has been a challenge but the coach has been really helpful in figuring that one out so some student out there that can't find their fit or doesn't know what that is all I say to them is come see us come talk to us we're here all the time all of our program areas are represented most of us have free services that they can take advantage of just to try something out otherwise stop in our offices come chat with us ask us questions about anything and we'll help you find your fit find your fit find your fit

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