Drumstick Leaves Can Treat All Deficiencies In Your Body | #HealthTipsByGurudev | Health Tip 3

Moringa Leaf (drumstick leaf) is considered the best for consumption There is a great demand for it in foreign countries It is very expensive to purchase a small bottle of moringa leaf powder It is commonly found in our neighbourhood Moringa leaf provides all the essential nutrients required for the blood Regular intake is recommended for all of us If moringa leaf is not available Ayurvedic Urja tablet which is manufactured by us is an ideal replacement It is made out of high quality moringa leaf Always Keep urja tablet with you It increase your strength Urja tablet takes care of all the deficiencies in our body like calcium, potassium, vitamins, iron etc It is good to eat Moringa (drumstick) which is commonly available but leaves should be consumed as well. The Urja tablet is made from Moringa leaves When you make ghee at home, add few Moringa leaves to it It has been an ancient practice by our grand mothers to add Moringa leaves to the ghee while preparing it But we have forgotten these old age practices

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