Drug Prices to be Included On Pharma Ads

all right everyone we start off today with something that this is a positive story and this is something that Trump's not going to actually get credit for it from people on the left but arguably for something like this probably would more than he would from some of the Neo comes on the right that I like her much best for the corporation is best for everyone if that is that his FDA is rolling out a new rule that you know when you see ads from pharma companies for you know the latest drug that invariably causes diarrhea and heart attack as a side effect you're actually going to see the price of that drug on there and the idea then the Trump's idea the reason he's managing to sell this to people on the right as he's saying well this will cause lower costs because when people see how much the the pill or the device or whatever the procedure costs then they'll be incentivized to lower that cost to make it more palatable to the consumer that potentially is being advertised to so if it's on TV or radio you don't have to do that now I'm not sure if this would take effect on internet-based ads because that's a little bit different because the internet hasn't been rendered of public utility largely outside of government control which Evon itself as we see has become a problem into so I support this this is one of the few ways in which intervention by the government in a bureaucratic sense can be helpful this could lower prices it could actually cause more competition because there will be that rush to lower the price to something you know you don't want to put your your new pileated cures flatulence or something oh it's only 99 hundred dollars per bottle or something yeah that's probably not gonna fly normally you'd go to the doctor the doctor pitches it to you then you find out you know the true cost maybe down the line or something when the generics run out which they almost inevitably do this will be a good thing I think normally bureaucracy is negative normally what bureaucracy does is say okay we're gonna regulate this product we're gonna regulate the service here's a hundred pages of legalese red tape and it makes it more expensive this though will make it less expensive arguably I mean it's it's magical how that works this is how government is meant to administer something like this the regulation should not abuse private industry it should try to encourage and promulgate it as much as possible if you're causing lower drug prices everybody wins it'll be funny though I'll bet anything that some people on the Left will find a way to bitch about it though I guarantee that they will so well you would have been better to just encourage more generic source languages you know isn't entirely wrong but they they're not gonna give him credit in fact you won't see this probably widely reported on at all unless unless they spit at CNN's headline will be Trump embraces his inner regulator or something like this Trump agrees that the FDA is great and regulating things is wonderful and has adopted socialism they'll do some stupid shit like that instead of just telling it straight this is actually ironically a CNN article wing archived of course linked in the description so it's very interesting I strongly support this because the pharma companies are really one of the central reasons that our healthcare system is fucked because right now because there's so little competition in our health care system with the regards to insurance drugs medical devices and stuff the prices are astronomical they shouldn't be saw when people say well we have the most expensive health care system in the world yes because we hyper regulate everything it wasn't like that when we had a more capitalistic Lai's a fair medical model in which the only real intervention was we subsidize some basic care for people who couldn't pay for it and and much of that was at the local and state level that system worked when the government came in and began hyper regulating things and applying heavy hand bureaucracy over the last half-century to our medical system it became more and more expensive ironically the people hurt by this are the poor and the lower middle class it doesn't hurt the super rich the tippy tops that were supposed to pay for everything it's peanuts to them they don't care what ends up happening instead is that even junk plans junk insurance that used to be even cheaper before Obamacare it got rid of them basically even those junk plans are expensive some junk panda plays it pays fucking you know 20% of catastrophic and maybe half of your pill price and that's all it's still onerous ly expensive for anyone who wasn't at least in the the upper rungs of the solid working class if not outright middle class it doesn't make any sense our health care system is at once highly intervened in and yet at the same time there's no real market competition that's that's lowering the prices we don't have enough interstate competition we don't even allow international competition into a lot of our health care markets and so it doesn't work the system doesn't work this is one step in the right direction getting rid of the mandate was another scrapping Obamacare entirely is another you need to replace it with the health care overhaul preferably I think if Trump wins in 2020 gets a Republican house he'll move to replace Obamacare with something more streamlined that should be a hyper capitalistic bill my problem is this other than Trump do I believe that many and many other people at national level politics aren't controlled at least in part by a pharma company no most of the handful of the progressives aren't in all honesty like a Sanders I don't think he takes money from ground GlaxoSmithKline whatever the fuck it is now I don't think so then again though his basic economic model would be free health care for all aka more taxes so be even worse yeah I yeah yes Obama care bad as it is as arguably better than the kind of things that the people on the far left are proposing because none of them are proposing actually getting rid of the regulatory structure that's causing the cost to be so high if you did that yeah you probably could have free health care you probably even pay for it without arming the middle or even upper middle classes nobody's got the will to do it and if Sanders were president and proposed it it wouldn't happen anyway because most of the Democrats also take money from the pharma companies it's like asking them to regulate Silicon Valley big big big horrible idea what will end up happening is that they'll pass bills favorable to the big tech companies in exchange for peanuts to to promote you know freedom or something like that online and then everyone else to get regulated out of business smaller firms would dry up I need to have a situation they'd have more power than ever and they would slowly strip back those regulations those burdens because they basically control Congress that's what the pharma companies would love to do they they love free health care to be passed again free in quotations they would love to have single-payer or Medicare for all or whatever the fuck new new label they invent for it next week they would love that to be passed because there's still no competition they'd still be making money hand over fist they become even more monopolized but having Zoomers aware of things is one of the few regulatory systems that I believe is truly necessary like um like even safety precautions and stuff in business no but the worker needs to understand that they may be had in a hazardous situation everything should be voluntary voluntary action consent requires information it requires knowledge so the government should promote the idea that businesses should give people knowledge like you know when they have a thousand pages of legalese before you get a loan or something that should be more streamlined make things more efficient more quick more easy for the average person the whole system becomes less expensive and more fair it's just like GMO labeling yeah I support GMO labeling is it a regulation yes but it's a regulation that prevents victimhood by allowing knowledge anything that suppresses knowledge is usually a bad thing that's why I support WikiLeaks and I'm happy to tell people that I do so yeah I support this I think it's a good idea so now on Fox News when you see your geriatric liver pill commercial the the you know grandma will know how much the geriatric liver pill actually will cost or likely cost before insurance kicks in which half the time probably doesn't cover it anyway she's probably sharing a cat food with her cat Mayo three nights a week just to make ends meet in order to be able to buy it or liver pills that's the way it works for anyone who's in the lower or working class these days a really sad situation because really in the most successful wealthy nation in the world there's no particular reason that should be happening but I'll tell you the reason is bad government not not the free market free market didn't fail the free market was suppressed and made everything more expensive that's about all peace out


  1. Prison reform, inner city investment, jobs, taxes. He's given no credit for anything by the lying press.

  2. They should do this with all healthcare and healthcare providers. Make them post their prices and compete on value.

  3. I think it's absurd that medications are advertised to begin with. This isn't a lipstick that you can just go out and buy on a whim! These are chemically altering substances which in some cases could lead to death!

  4. Drug companies have colluded to raise drug prices across the board, there was a 60 minutes segment on this just last weekend. This does not mean we need to centralize our healthcare system, but imo this is where government needs to step in and promote competition through legislation against these underhanded practices. It may decrease the profits of pharmaceutical companies, but they already make so much money that it would be a drop in the bucket in the long term of things.

    I'm not very knowledgeable about lobbying practices, but I see the biggest problem as the pharmaceutical lobbyists having so much power and influence that they can negate any step towards regulating the market.

  5. Pay attention to the capital letters.
    big pharma can go PHArmaC itself

  6. BERNIE WOULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS. But his supporters won't say that….. great idea to stop the rip off merchants.

  7. Generics have jumped 1700% since barrycare

  8. Sure they'll name the price, but it'll be quietly and quickly mentioned while they're listing the terrible side-effects while a smiling elderly man goes fishing with his smiling grandson or a smiling grandmother pushes her smiling grandchildren on a swing, while smiling.

  9. Styxhexenhammer666 we do compete internationally on every level in our healthcare system. WE ARE CONSTANTLY competing for drug manufacturing and experimental treatments internationally.

    The issue is a lack of transparency on prices. This literally means the consumer wont know the bill till they actually consume it.

    An I think we need safety regulations.

  10. The root cause of the prices still remains obfuscated, which is to say that the corrupt medical lobby known as the AMA is a major driver of the exorbitant cost via arbitrary legislation that protects the major players from any upstarts stealing their lunch by making it cost prohibitive to bring good drugs to market. The number of people who have died as a result of AMA and FDA collusion and interference preventing viable treatments from coming to market is astounding.

  11. archived, of course, link in the description

  12. The next ED commercial will give many heart attacks when they see the cost ,

  13. He cute !

  14. Awesome move by Trump

  15. Getting rid of the mandate? When? They still stole money from me this last tax season for not having coverage.

  16. Which price- drugs have many prices this is a dumb law

  17. Good! Let it shame Big Pharma for charging $5300/mo for Enbrel that has been on the market for 18+yrs. It was about to go generic & the price had dropped to $1322/mo down from the initial cost of $1600/mo when Obamacare took over. ACA allows them to repatent the same formula for every autoimmune disease individually. It's amazing just how screwed up ACA is, more comes out every year. If I want to avoid the pitfalls of RA, SLE & Sjrogrens, I NEED that medication. I just had 4 cervical vertebrae fused due to 2yrs RA damage. The surgery was only $1000 out of pocket…think about that, a major surgery is cheaper than the shots to prevent it. 4 shots, $5300…who's buying this stuff these days?? Probably less than when it was only used for severe RA!!

  18. Styx's NPC shirt reminds me of Conan O'Brian.

  19. Here in california in the nut words, some of the more happier crazies were dosing on psych meds, that their doctors did not ask them to take but illegally stolen from area that off limits to those who are not given permits to the locked up meds by a nurse in charge of the meds, while behaving in sexually amongs themselves and employees that not only push that conduct by starting it while over looking shock of other patients who were already not happy to begin with but the their demeanor that help to get them admitted to the nut ward dramatically more hostile when the horny over elated nuts try sexually harass with. I remember a case i had read in oakland tribune where a doctor had corned a patient and had lock him and her up in a space was not be private and that patient been provoke to kill her.
    mits perscribed

  20. First off let me say "Fuck Pharmaceuticals" altogether. After 8 years of god damned Obama I want medical marijuana from the exacerbating treachery the BITCH laid on me and our national interests.

  21. junk plans are hugely expensive! Over $1,000 for myself and my three children and its shitty insurance.

  22. The companies will get around this by simply putting it in the fine print. Just enough to legally pass. What they should do is prevent drug companies from advertising directly to consumers and instead advertise only to medical professionals who know what they're doing. One of the few times I'll agree that Europe does it better than us.

  23. I don't get what showing price is going to do? Insurance (if you have it) eats the cost doesn't it? So people aren't going to see it. Am I missing something? There just shouldn't be ads for the shit at all.

  24. iron your flag plz.

  25. It won't lower the costs of shit. Just another political gimmick. The pharmaceutical companies will get together and fix a cost for the different brands of drugs where they can. For example, Pfizer who owns Atorvastatin will get together with Crestor who owns Rosuvastatin and they will fix the price. This will happen with all manufacturers of Statin drugs as well as the companies who manufacture like drugs with a similar molecular structure as their competitors. It will be fixed just like the price of gas. Trump has no interest in seeing the price of drugs go down. He had ample opportunity to legislate in reforms to force drug prices down but he did the opposite.

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