Driven Sports Frenzy pre-workout supplement

hey everyone what's going on finding supplements here and we're gonna look at another per workout today driven sports frenzy and yes I was supposed to do this one before driven sports rise however I got rise and I was so excited so I decided to go ahead and use it into a video on it but um we got driven sports frenzy here and before we continue to things yes you're gonna hear some noise in the background I do apologize for that and from where I got it from I got it from eBay usually I've been ordering my supplements from eBay now because a lot of sites out there just don't really ship to my location so if you were wondering this is the seller that I bought it from over here Swift coin so he's on eBay and it's a UK seller coz driven sports frenzy you can't buy it in a US you have to purchase it from the UK just in case you didn't know ok so it's only in the UK so I hope I'm making that clear ok so same thing with driven sports Rhys it's only in the UK frenzy is the same thing too so it's gonna talk about it after using frenzy for a while and yes I've been kind of switching out with frenzy and Rhys and it seems like frenzy does work it does a good job and based on some of the reviews some people are saying that they kind of downgraded the pre-workout it was a lot stronger before and I don't know it's kind of hard for me to say because I've never tried it this is my first time using it so let's give my two cents on this thing whether it's worth it or not so as you can see for yourself it's about 45 to 50 dollars for one of these depending on when you buy it from but definitely check out that eBay seller he has some really good affordable prices on these pre workouts especially since you're ordering from the UK right so it comes in this container here and actually surprisingly the serving amount is quite a lot of cakes forty forty per servings I mean well for forty scoops I should say and it's a proprietary blend yes it's a disappointment so we don't really get to see what exactly is in this thing and how much of each but I can bet of course maybe the caffeine is probably around like two to three hundred I don't know maybe I'm just guessing but this is what it is but despite the fact of what this thing has let's talk about how it actually works and how it feels and of course if you don't know pre workouts are supposed to be taken on an anti stomach I know some of yours good really this guy yes because some of us take pre workouts on a full stomach and that's not how it works okay so mine just some over here now the driven sports pre workouts they just always have this thing where they start to get hard pretty quick that's been the same for many other driven sports pre workouts so you just have to use them as quick as possible so I had mine actually open up for more than a month now like I said I did get it before rice so this is how it looks and I do apologize for that but that's how it is but the lighter area is the original color okay so as important to water there's this sort of like I don't feel familiar with amino X where there's like this kind of fizz that builds up so that's what its gonna look like it's easy mixability this one is the citrus flavor and it does have a bang to it when you're tasting okay so for how I feel okay so actually one scoop doesn't really do much for me for someone who's been taking pre workouts one scoop will not do the job just so you guys know that if you're a high heavy pre-workout user then you might want to start off with at least a scoop and a half to two scoops on this baby and that's when your really kick it that's when you get that tunnel vision and so it does work but really high doses and as always you know for the price that you're paying for you might want to reconsider but it's a really good pre-workout guys do try it out I will not see that it's not worth it because you know for me I would probably say it's between the medium to the heavy stim kind of pre workouts if you were wondering about that that's how I kind of rate my pre-workout from from low medium to high and if it's made him too high then it's actually good so you do get kind of dehydrated that's one of the things that I notice you'll find yourself drinking lots of water which is kind of normal for many pre workouts so make sure to have lots of water now if there's a crash in the end I did kind of notice there's a crash for some reason you know it does last about two hours at the most but once you hit that two-hour mark you'll start knows that kind of just like the reduce of the effects and then you have this kind of like a crash to it but it's not that at a point where you want to go sleep okay but it does work guys it's alright mixability is good so pretty much everything is good about this thing I'll just say good I won't say great so there's a difference so if you're looking for something that's kind of medium to high pre-workout then do check out frenzy but there's many more pre-war huts for me to try so don't go ahead bind this one yet got some more trial do check out Rhys check out the eBay seller he has lots of amazing free workouts that you might be missing out on the Swift coin is the name of the eBay salary guys don't forget like share and subscribe and let me know your thoughts on frenzy and what other pre-workouts you think is just outstanding and I should look into thanks watching and see ya

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