Dripping Contempt | Ontario Liberals Move to CRUSH Vaping

it's war that's how the Canadian vaping Association characterizes the state of affairs following the Ontario Liberal government's introduction of bill 174 which is bombshell legislation that the CDA says would destroy the vaping industry and discourage thousands of smokers from trying to quit touted as Ontario's new cannabis Act bill 174 is Omnibus legislation that wraps tobacco cannabis and vaping together into a single law thus limiting consultation and handcuffing opposition to individual sections of the bill it's a tactic deployed to ram through legislation which the Ontario Liberal government intends to do in a vote early December as reg watch reported in February 2016 premier Wynne made a commitment to fairness stating that the rules will apply equally to marijuana and vaping as they do to cigarettes but the new rules governing vaping under bill 174 are much harsher than those proposed for the new recreational cannabis industry so harsh in fact the proposed restrictions on the sale of vaping products drip with contempt and show utter disdain for the consumer that relies on vaping as a safer alternative to smoking under the proposed legislation all flavors and eliquid would be banned for sale in the province thus eviscerating the enjoyment behind what makes vaping the most popular and successful way to quit smoking under bill 174 retailers would also be prohibited from promoting products for sale in their own store meaning no pictures posters brochures or display of any kind retailers would also be prohibited from demonstrating how to safely operate and maintain the products for sale in their stores so contemptuous are the proposed regulations that quote no person shall in any place where vapor products are sold display products in any manner that would permit a consumer to view or handle the product before purchasing it if this sounds draconian that's because it is and it would require vape shop owners to turn their stores into a giant black box but of course in your great attitude to the way that was going to be passed yeah as it stands once the bill is passed I help you talk to you or anything so we don't air your legislators written right now this way thing won't buy your nice fancy cooking paper juices it's not with weight if you're taking it away completely flavors and everything that's that's obviously uncalled for yeah because some people actually use it to wean off and then you get down and then just on serve a milligram and then all – do they do it for the flavor what else are they doing it for if you give them flavorless and in several milligram pudding like you might as well go back to cigarettes they're joining us today to discuss the impact – bill 174 is boris giller from the canadian vaping Association killer is a longtime vaping advocate in Ontario where he is also the CEO of 180 smoke a popular vapor retail chain that he co-founded with well-known heart surgeon dr. Gopal Bhatnagar who was featured in an episode of the CBC's v estate on vaping last fall Morris thanks for coming on the show before we start I like to remind our viewers that reg watch's industry supported and both CDA and 180 smoked or supporters of reg watch and that reg watch maintains 100% editorial control over its content so Boris from The Canadian vaping associations point of view what do you believe is going on with bill 174 in the Ontario government well we're extremely disappointed with bill 174 it came out of nowhere we were not consulted and if it passes in its current format it will essentially destroy the vaping industry and hurt over 900,000 vapors in Ontario vapors who vote and so we believe this is a very lazy approached legislation it looks like the poppy basted bill 45 the worst part of it and added a ban of flavours which completely doesn't make sense it's the only province in Canada that's that's proposing a ban of flavours no other province has neither did the federal government I mean that they found a middle ground and Boris that middle ground is the partial restriction on the marketing and labeling of a certain flavors but there is no ban in the federal regulations in US v you know and as its its issues but but it's somewhat of a balance bill they are making a clear attempt at balancing access proper access to adult smokers versus limiting access to youth whereas the Ontario bill has none of that and and it will destroy the aegis manufacturing sector of the industry and will severely harm the retail sector of the industry and and this is just talking about the industry the impact on consumers is also immense poor as hell would the consumer be affected under bill 174 while it may seem trivial to somebody who's not aware or is not involved in the vaping industry detailing a customer and allowing them to select the right product for them out of thousands of options and allowing the vape shop employee to to guide them on how to use it and letting them even find the right flavor can make a huge difference whether they take on this new alternative or not like a smoker needs a slightly slightest excuse to go back and buy a pack of cigarettes okay they're available at every corner so if they don't get the right flavor that feels better than tobacco for them they will naturally gravitate away from that nicotine level if it's too much it'll burn the throat it will be very harsh if it's too little it's not enough and then again they will be drawn to tobacco so so finding that sweet spot is is extremely critical to to successfully converting a smoker into vaping force do you think the whole point behind the bill is to throw up roadblocks to vaping seems like this bill at several points of the interaction with a customer it seems like it's designed to sabotage you know a converting adult smokers into a safer alternative we will not accept the bill in his current format we will fight it before it becomes law and if it does become law we will we will escalate our fight and take whatever actions necessary for us well I'm sure that's a welcome message to many vapors there are those in the industry skeptical of CVA rallying cries to fight well in in the past we've had we've had a lot of pushback from members that that there were not not very thrilled with with the CDA not take a nap cereal approached with a pair of federal government pertaining to the last five or not taking an activist role and so we've lost a lot of members there's concrete action that we can take right I mean the CDA rate right now needs a lot of support from from its members if you're not if you're in the industry and you're not a member of the CBA I mean I don't know what the hell you're doing you need to join immediately because we're about to go to war over this bill and we need all the help that we can get so we can organize rallies I mean we can grab them right by the book by the boats we have nine hundred thousand papers in Ontario almost a million that's a lot that's a lot that you know some some some writings have been won by by a lot less than that and we have more angry vapor signatures who vote based on this one issue alone so I don't really know what what the Liberal government is thinking if if they're not willing to work with us on achieving equitable and reasonable regulations we have plans in place and an action that we can each take not only as an association and and members that can join the Association but also as activists as constituents we can write letter store MPs we can take concrete actions for as you mention rallies the Vapor advocates of Ontario is holding a massive demonstration at Queen's Park in downtown Toronto this Saturday November 25th the CDA is involved supporting the event and red watch will be there we'll have full coverage from the rally and much more on bill 174 when we get back to Vancouver next week Boris final question what concerns you the most about Ontario's approach to vaping regulation as you know a lot of vapor a lot of smokers die every day and while we're deliberating and and and and messing around and misinforming smokers about about the potentials of vaping there's actual licensed a actual people are dying and while they're there sitting in the ivory tower you know saying that nobody should smoke nobody should be addicted to anything well okay an ideal world not but people are addicted to stuff and they need a system simply simply demonizing smokers and and and telling them bad doesn't work you know every single smoker that the smoke still this day knows that smoking is bad for them and yet the continued because it is very strong it is very strong addiction and so we need to assist and help smokers and one of the best things out there they came out was vaping like it overtook it's the most popular method of quitting smoking despite the fact that it's not officially a way to quit smoking well that's it for this edition of reg watch before you head off 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  2. Hollywood is a big vape advocate

  3. Thats like saying you can't test drive a car. If u got ur license theres no need to test it

  4. Hell I'll march and I don't vape! They miss our cancer and tax money!

  5. Wonder how essential oils would work to flavor in your nic juice? The fkers are missing the tax money on smokes and they need the lung cancer for the MONEY!

  6. We do not consent!

  7. We should get our nicotine from eggplants or tomato’s instead of tobacco

  8. That just goes to prove they dont't give a $hit about anyone's health they just want there TAX money !!!


  10. Hilarious!! Everything is regulated in Ontario.. Stop crying like a baby!

  11. Governments around the world are making it more difficult for people to quit smoking. Says it all really. F…..g disgusting.

  12. This bull shit

  13. You can go to ivapeivote.ca. It takes 2 seconds

  14. What a fucking nanny state Ontario is turning out to be… Well Canada all together. But Ontario in particular. We need to lose Whynn and fast. She's quite a miserable "woman" .

  15. So in order to prevent youth from vaping they are taking away e-juice flavours from these vape shops that you must present ID and be 19+. Yet you can walk into any 19+ LCBO store and buy any flavour of alcohol you would like that resembles a can of pop. By that logic why haven't they banned flavours in alcoholic beverages? Alcohol kills more people than vaping. I found it ironic when the government claims they are doing research into vaping yet they have already passed a law to regulate it. WTF is wrong with these people. Are they seriously mental? I don't get it somebody please explain because our government will not….. the only explanation is yes they are corrupt or they are trying to kill you.

    Vaping has helped all three of my immediate family members quit smoking from day ONE. My uncle who smokes even got diagnosed with cancer due to cigarettes and the doctors have said it started around the time we started vaping. How ironic, I can't process this through my mind but when I look at the information I am positive they are simply working in favour of other industries cough tobacco *cough*. I am never voting for these cheating lying murderous scumbags.

  16. so did bill 174 pass? the bill has passed but were there any changes?

  17. So if we want flavours, we have to "invent" our own? What could go wrong? WTF?

  18. It's simple math smokes equal big tax dollars the Ontario Liberals want more than helping out it population.

  19. Call for impeachment of the Liberal government as they ARE NOT working to the greater good of the Canadian Nation.

  20. Wow ONTARIO sucks 🙁 i say if this bill goes though its corporate manslaughter or would it be called Government manslaughter or just the murder of thousands your own citizens sick sick sick

  21. Thank you Brent! I hope to be able to attend & see ya tomorrow at the Rally – here's the link 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/events/536977233328330/

  22. ONTARIO LIBERALS – oh deary, deary me, what evidence have they based Bill 174 on? There are not enough profanities to describe there people, they are truly monsters, they are the evil presence on our earth just like the tobacco industry.

  23. Where's the petition? It's time to start looking into the financial interests of these fools to see exactly who's benefiting from this tyranny

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