dreams into reality – EEVSKU x FITNESS

When I started doing this, I kind of thought that I’m starting a new career with competing in sports But finally, or actually after 8 years this has been a lot more than that And for sure a lot more than just competing Competing is of course a big deal in this That is the thing you think of and have power to push forward and try a little bit more every time At the same time this journey has taught that competing can’t be the most important thing When the fact is that you can’t always win Even though winning must always be the goal, and for me it is important But even though you can’t always win, you always, always learn something new And that has been one of the most important lessons I’ve learned And that will show in other parts of life Cause in the end, competing is so small part of this journey 8 years ago, I had a vision, or a dream of what my life was going to be And that was the moment when I started to go after my childhood’s dream being a professional athlete That was the thing I always wanted to do Till that moment I had thought that it’s not possible But then I just decided to go for it and make it possible It is so amazing to look now backwards the years how much has happened and how much I have got to experience but also, how much there have been challenges And now I’m here and I have been living the vision I imagined Even though I did not believe in it back then I speak about internal “internal passion” which is hard to explain It is something which is in you You can not simply build it or you can not say to “find” it I believe it is something you just have inside you Every passionate athlete, musician, or entrepreneur knows what I’m talking about It is a some kind of passion and doing things with your heart Even if you didn’t always get benefits from it Then you will take the challenges and the hard parts Although at the moment it is not nice The internal passion is the thing that has driving me forward And that is why I still want and love to do this Sometimes I have had also external motivation And that is okay and good to have But that is not why I’m doing this, that is not the most important thing The reason why I am still with this sport even though many think that there is no sense with this sport People ask, what is the thing that fascinates with this, and I have been thinking about that too Why this? What is so fascinating about it I have been needing to explain why I’m doing this Though I realised it is not my call to explain it to others Everyone can do whatever they like and do it in their own way I have made my career in my way And, this sport Women’s fitness (with fitness routine) Is so versatile I get to express myself, create something new Make choreographies, use my gymnastics skills, acrobatics train the physique and of course, nutrition and mind are the big part of it This all has taught me more than I could’ve learned anywhere if I haven’t start doing this sport Every time, when I have been preparing for the competitions It has been challenging, but also many amazing succeedings They have taught so much taught of life and myself than any other thing I don’t really know if this is my last year This is nowadays a joke with my friends I’ll always say: “This is my last time” and “one more year” And my friends answer “yeah we’ve heard this before” But something has changed now And that is, Although the internal passion haven’t disappeared And I still have a vision of how I could be better how can I be better as an athlete and as a human And what can I do to be better, and that is what I want to do now At the same time I believe this has given me so much already And I have given so much for this sport I don’t think there much to give anymore in any way But, I want to play the cards and that is why we are here again I am ready to work hard and then we’ll see where it will go


  1. Ihana sinä!! Tsemppiä hurjasti tulevaan!❤

  2. Olipa kaikin puolin upea video! 😍

  3. Ihana Eevsku!! 😍💖 Nousi itellä ihan tunteet pintaan. Oot niin paljon saavuttanut jo urallasi ja teet todella työtäsi koko sydämmellä ja se näkyy ja sitä on ihana seurata! Tsemppiä tulevaan ja jatka samaan malliin! t. Urheilu alan urasta haaveileva

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