Dr. Stephen Phinney: Does a ketogenic diet cause kidney problems?

I would say the risk to kidney function from dietary protein intake, is based more on a
presumption than on data. When protein is eaten in moderation there is very little evidence in, when people have normal, or even modestly impaired kidney function that it will negatively affect the kidney function. In our one year data from the IUH study that we published a couple months ago, the commonly used measure
of kidney function is something called serum creatinine. And that’s a product that’s produced metabolic in the body
and has to be cleared by the kidneys as a waste. And the level of
creatinine over the course of a year in people with
preexisting Type II Diabetes, so the kidney’s are already being challenged by their diabetes. The creatinine level went down slightly, but statistically significantly, in the context of a well
formulated ketogenic diet. So we saw no evidence at one year of any negative effects
of moderate protein in the context of carbohydrate restriction and circulating ketones. And we will have, hopefully
data from two year, that we’ll publish from two years as well. So again it’s, this is
not a high protein diet. That, really we have to emphasize that. Protein is eaten in, as
when we say moderation it’s in a range that if
you’re talking about macros in terms of what the
body is burning in a day, we’re providing 10 to 15%, at most 20% of the daily
energy intake of protein. Some people advocate
higher protein intakes with carbohydrate restriction, let’s say with the Paleo diet. And that does not appear to be necessary. We don’t know whether that’s safe or not. But certainly at the levels
that we counsel people to do this, we have every evidence of improving kidney function, and no evidence that there’s a negative impact on renal health.


  1. Amazing!!!

  2. I eat a Low Carb diet, I eat a LOT of Meat& have done for my 30 adult years,… Doctors have remarked on my exceptionally low Creatinine & my higher than normal GFR (blood filtration rate of kidneys) 🙂

  3. and what about kidneystones?

  4. My creatinine and bun have risen since doing keto 4 months ago. However my GFR non AA has stayed the same at 108 (I'm 62). Yet I have always eaten protein, just more carbs in the past. Any ideas what might be causing this increase of bun and creatinine? I am not a diabetic. My LDL, Folate and B12 are also high. Otherwise bloodwork is good.

  5. I tried keto for 3 months and now I have Daily kidney pain.

  6. I agree with you. You address just the kidney function/work. We have a more important element and that is kidney's state. Kidney may be well active or tired/infected. The kidney temperature is the most important to keep kidney active and efficient.  The easiest way to keep kidney warm is to use special clothes to prevent kidney losing heat and get infected. The most efficient are layers of air resistance/plastic materials but not in contact with skin.

  7. here's how it works. if you go on a keto diet make sure your taking digestive enzymes that break down protein, otherwise your uric acid will shoot through the roof because your digestive system cann't process the extra protein and its carried in the blood and down to the big toe the lowest point of the body gout. my uric acid went from 185 to 601 in 2 months. eat raw eat God's food

  8. July 10 2019; Trump Signs Executive Order To Revamp Kidney Care. MAGA 2020.

  9. Thanks for sharing this video. It's very interesting and helpful video.

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