and guess what I found that there's only one disease not oh not three one when I open my big black mouth until the judge that the oh my god what did you say as your honor there's only one disease and what could you substantiate that no of course I'm not going to just deploy a bunch of empty words I represent a country I represent a people I represent a race and I represent myself I'm not going to undermine myself there's only one disease the judge sir what is it I already know regarding in 1979 I think it was you were uh you were charged in New York City with practicing medicine without a license you were ultimately charged and died and taken before the New York Supreme Court and I would advise my viewers who might be questioning your authenticity that you won that case now what were the so the charge was practicing medicine without a license and claiming that you had a remedy to cure AIDS cancer and diabetes so the question is how did you win that case against what some people say the toughest prosecutors in the land well it was nineteen it was nineteen eighty seven eighty seven not 79 80 ten of February okay my mother knew they were coming when I told my momma that I had cured my thirteen AIDS patient she said they gonna get you they gonna you so let me stop you there you said I cared my 13 AIDS patients yeah so you had 13 patients yeah Patty's yeah and then you say cure you cured the show keep the so my mother said they're gonna get you as if it mom why they're going to get me because you must remember that you live in a society that support a certain philosophy and a certain system you be the color that you are black and then you're going against the grain they're going to catch you so red up in my office on February 10th hair come the detectives your child will practicing medicine without a license selling product that approved by the FDA and claiming to cure AIDS and other diseases I said yes well you are making a fraudulent claim I actually detective how do you know that because because you are advertising in new howdy Claus I advertise in the Village Voice the Amsterdam news and the New York Post and you were telling people in your at through your advertising that you can cure AIDS sickle-cell lupus or a big blinded diabetes paralysis and others okay so they come knockin on doing and so knock on my door and took me to jail but the funny thing about it I was happy I was very very extremely happy when everybody in my office was crying I was happy because my mama told me they were coming and I knew that I had sufficient evidence to prove my position not only scientifically empirically historically and whatever way they would like desire so while I was in jail I'm saying I wonder what defense they would have against me yeah I would like to know but I didn't blame the Attorney General mr. Robert Abraham's because why should he except for me the statement that I create and sickle cell yeah and blindness when no one else has ever made those claims the man had a right to arrest me but he was making a mistake so I'm sitting in jail and I'm happy when I got out of jail and I began to when I went in front the judge I asked three questions and they were they were your honor you defended yourself of course I did okay your honor is it a fact that the Holy Bible teaches that the herbs are for the healing of the nation's she said yes is it a fact that science shows that the human body is carbon base and to complement a carbon-based body you must have a carbon-based substance to complement it because the body only accepts the substance through the process of chemical affinity chemical affinity is important it's an electrical transport chemical affinity the body could only accept what it is made of not something new or alien to it last question your honor is in a fact that the father of medicine mystic Epocrates the man that established the principle of medical science today cured every disease known to man did he use herbs or chemicals she said herbs I said thank you very much I rest my case okay go ahead so I understood that the state were unprepared to defend itself they were unprepared because in the past there was two thousand seven hundred and eighty-one cases that came before the Supreme Court and lost I won not only that I proved scientifically but the diagnostic sheets and I do have them today and I don't diagnose that she didn't come from me they came from their school they're American credit accredited medical accredited school were did I read it correctly where there was some requirement for you to actually bring patients in a patient into court from each of those maladies and that you brought multiple patients in court who one testified themselves and that you had medical medical records one showing that they were victims of the disease and then showing that it had been cured by one doctor and then a second doctor verifying what the first doctor had said yes we have to remember this that whenever you make a statement that goes against the grain you better be prepared you better be prepared the judge said that I had to bring one of every patient that I had cured and there was one that said others the others was a man that came from Italy he was paralyzed but I took I was upon to take nine I took 77 you took 77 patients in court with you that's correct but I knew that my brain was not the same as your brain or any other brain right well you need so when I make a statement they're going to take my statement and pit it against philosophy it doesn't fit I represent an entity that isn't philosophical and that entity is well is an African one I'm an African and we have to remember that you see we think that we could take a philosophy or the Europe or China and inculcate that in the African brain it does not resonate it cannot resonate you cannot be yourself when you've been adulterated being that I am an African I'm gonna look at think the African way and the African ways seem to reduce things to the least common denominator and guess what I found that there's only one disease not oh not three one when I open my big black mouth until the judge that the oh my god what did you say ice here honor there's only one disease and one could you substantiate that no okay of course I'm not going to just deploy a bunch of empty words I represent a country I represent a people I represent a race and I represent myself I'm not going to undermine myself there's only one disease the judge sir what is it I said you already know she say try me it was a woman and Talman as hero know when someone has sinusitis what is obstructed the nasal passage she said mucus and when another has bronchitis what is obstructed the bronco tubes she said mucus and when another hast ammonia was covering the cells of the of their lungs she said mucus dr. Victor Herbert who is defending the state of New York jumped up and said what about A's you and your one disease theory as here honor this doctors say that I believe in the theory I am the last individual on earth that could believe in a theory I do not lend myself to theories of philosophy either I know or I don't know that he's talked about theories yeah you talking about the real deal I'm talking a reality not theories not philosophy so please share with this done so she said I'm what about AIDS yeah she well yeah ask about what about AIDS he wanted away the mucus I see a rod now have you been to an AIDS ward she said yes I said what is it that the AIDS spits up every five minutes he said mucus where is the mucus it's in the skin it's in the blood and the lymphatic system that makes up the immunological system that is where you find the mucus mr. Victor Herbert how could you agree with how can disagree with true you see what happened I didn't go to school I have never been to school I have never attended any school kindergarten grade school high school or anything but I had parents that kept me anchored to the African Way not at a Chinese way not to the European way not to the Japanese way I am an African were your patients all of color no no how patient are the white I have more white patient that I have black okay so this scourge that you know has just run rampant you know through the world aids can you walk us through as much as you can a step-by-step process where you have a patient that has AIDS and you do X Y Z or ABC and then the patient no longer has AIDS can you walk us through that of course when the weather the participation was the brother in Boston a Michael White Ana sister she's from DC her name is oh boy I forgot her name right now but she told me she said dr. Silva my brother Lord brother has AIDS and Boston mm-hmm so what'd you do I said well i'ma stay in the compound the compound that I made were made to cleanse the cells they come in the category of phosphates carbonates iodized and bromides now we are entering the science of bio chemistry these are food and vitalizes I remove from the man diet lactose uric acid and carbonic acid milk starches and meat by removing these things from his diet and then cleansing his cells he begins to see we carbon 24 hours and so it went they kicked him out of the hospital two weeks later Memorial Hospital in Boston doctor banana then there was a young man in DC Zaire my business her name is Elmer Petersen here she was the one who introduced me to my second AIDS patient and from then it was all the way all the way alive okay now you have documented I got proof now you got you have proof our books with the document say the diagnostic sheets yeah and the medical the medical world still puts out that you are a quack crazy man you're not credentialed and that you run scams on people but you have documented proof of healing people now I know that you have a you reference a compound in Honduras you also operate out of a you operate out of Los Angeles Angeles also so when you get a patient now do you if you have a DC patient does that DC patient need to go to LA or Honduras no no we treat them in fact we sent a thousand packages a day throughout the world right now Israel Hong Kong China Russia we have people in the bridge no from Russia we have people from all over the world we sent packages all over the world you don't have to even be in on doors but it is good to go to Honduras because the term of waters are there yeah and they accelerate the process of healing once you immerse your body in it are you drinking you speak of Hondo about the medical science saying that I'm a quad yeah I do not blame medical science for making that statement because my race has never done anything on that level of endeavor to express itself able to kill diseases on that level and in other words so sure I'm a quack but I don't care what they say what I was concerned with not medical science because I know that they're the one that is violating I am NOT the violator Hippocrates did not establish the School of Medicine by using chemicals because the chemicals could not assimilate a chemical could not assimilate with the human body an herb can because they are electrical okay herbs are electrical and we have yet to understand that I was concerned with the blood leadership of America not medical science when I had cured these people sickle cell and lupus and herpes and blindness I was happy I said now I could go to all the leaders I could go to Minister Farrakhan I could go to Jesse Jackson I could go to Oz Sharpton I could go to Oprah Winfrey but what I found out I was mistaking was wrong they are not interested in the healing of any black people that's an explosive claim that is not an explosive statement that is a reality there is no black leader in America that is interested in the head of the black race do you say that because they refuse to interact with you there are not in the position to respond if there were my first case of AIDS was killed in 1984 and since then we've been curing people of lupus and herpes and cancer blindness not one black leader ever said well it isn't the brother that you just mentioned what some people in hushed tones refer to as the c-word cancer I have friends right now that have been victimized by that scourge of a disease one no to two fairly close to me who have been going through chemotherapy we just recently had we just recently had the Lieutenant Governor from the state of Maryland and the governor of Maryland is has cancer and he's been going through chemotherapy treatments and he talked about how devastating those treatments were so you obviously don't treat with chemo why is it wrong for oh is it wrong for a cancer patient to be treated with chemotherapy chemotherapy is an approach that destroys cells chemotherapy doesn't distinguish between good cells and bad cells it destroys cells it's an acid approach what kind of work acid by acid approach okay my approach is an intra cellular cleansing what causes disease in the first place an acid condition well sweep it out let us find the plants that are consistent with cleansing you see we just begin to wake up which I begin to realize that we are way in a deep deficit what do you mean better well I mean that we have never spent time in analyzing or even trying to understand the difference in over genetical predisposition we have never understood the science of biochemistry all of the folks that have come to that have came to us they came to us with history bunch of history a lot of religion a lot of philosophy but none of them came with a food that would help me to live as health as I possibly can look carefully we're not going to make excuses no more because if you we continue to make excuses we're going to go deeper into the deficit just recently a report came out that the Christian diet needs to be examined re-examine because in the Christian diet you have people eating hog potatoes rice and beans but if we take these substance to a biochemist he's not going to find any food in any of these substance so why do we eat these things then we get sick I always use that black woman in the jungle for some reason she keeps showing up this black woman in the jungle keeps showing up setting the standards and raising the bar so I tell me what you refer to when you say this black woman in the Tahoe I mean this woman was the woman that set the standards this one didn't die because of disease she didn't have any hospitals in the jungle she didn't have any doctors she didn't have any medicine that's why Hippocrates said that your medicine should be your food or your food should be your medicine because the African people did not the doctor didn't need them because they didn't have any of the substance that would violate the biology of the individual so how long did they live do you and I know how long those African live in the forests of Africa before the chemical people came furthermore my mama wasn't naked she was natural because to say that my mama would make it in the forest is to say that God may clothe you and me and my crazy self I went to South Africa under the leadership of mr. Nelson Mandela I said well I went to the Board of Health I said this is what I have done and I'll show them all my documents and diagnostic sheets is is devastating South Africa yeah so I thought that because I could do this job that I would be received with love that's what I wanted love right understood I'd better get out of here Nelson Mandela wait another one we got the last $200 when I got to the supermarket on my way out of the cash register somebody in line in the back said doctor save me I want to thank you procuring my husband I say ma'am I have not killed anyone in st. Croix no you Kerman Dominica he was blind I said wait the order blind man that I have ever treated and cured he's in Los Angeles mr. Fredrick's said no you killed my husband I said how could I kill you husband he was blood and I didn't know it she said a policeman that used to come and pick up the remedies and take to my husband didn't tell you what he had my husband was blind for 11 years so you're asking me how could a cura blind man without seeing him well let me say this the philosophy of Europe claim that when you're blind something wrong with your eyes the philosophy of Africa says or the understanding of Africa is not so when you're blind something is wrong with your stomach your intestines so you clean the intestines your eyes begin to clear up this is a science that is a known


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    The Second Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy 3: 2 – 4

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