Dr Sarala about How to Cook Millets || Healthy Foods || SumanTV Organic Foods


  1. Wow great good information thanks mam

  2. English subtitles is needed

  3. Mee lanti varu govt profecer kani chaala arthavanthanga chepthunnaru nidaanaga ila speech ichevarante naku chaala istam gouravam

  4. Unpolished millets can be ordered through www.healtjyorganica.com in USA.also thati bellam ,other instant products like instant punpolidhed upma,sweet made with unpolished millets
    If any questions on order, you can email:
    [email protected]

  5. Madam, weight gain ki kashayam ela chesukovalo chappandi and protien to cell logic cheppandi. Thanks

  6. Madam please make video in hindi or english so we can also get maximum benefit from you

  7. Class v na mani amy ni chu damani kadu e lanti dacatars ravali in ka

  8. beautiful madam

  9. Can we cook in cocker ?

  10. perfect ga unavu ee roju

  11. sarala I love you

  12. First view first comment 😍❤️❤️

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