Dr. Praneet Sharma Discusses Heart Disease Prevention

my name is pronita Sharma and I'm a interventional cardiologist I'm a cardiologist who's trained in treatment of heart disease I specialize in the treatment of blood vessels including heart blood vessels valves of the heart as well as arteries throughout the body in my practice majority of the patients I see or what I would classify is for primary prevention where they have either identified a risk factor or their doctors have identified a risk factors such as strong family history of heart disease diabetes high blood pressure or having an abnormal EKG or some abnormality that their doctors have identified these are the majority of the patients I see and when they come to meet me I listen to their problems I listen to what they have gone through if they are having any symptoms and then we formulate a plan to assess their life risk of cardiovascular disease and my priority is to prevent a problem before it happens and that is why we call it primary prevention so we discuss with the patient their individual risks and formulate a plan that specifically applies to that particular patient and this is a plan that we make together and my part is to make sure that we adhere to that plan and we follow through in that plan I try to deal with patients treating them as individuals and they are responsible for their health as well as their disease states and it's a lifestyle choice on many occasions patients who smoke for example patients who have very busy lifestyle where they are eating unhealthy food it is not sufficient for us to just prescribe medicine but also come with treatment strategies where they can change their behavior and that will impact their life and disease states on the whole so my priority is to talk to the patient and agree to a common management where they have to adhere to specific lifestyle choices and I try to come up with a shared decision-making with the patient to achieve that

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