Dr Peter Osborne Origins Healthcare Story

the average patient will go to the doctor let's sit in the waiting room maybe wait an hour maybe two they finally get their opportunity to go back you know and now it's a five minute visit and what had left him what a disappointment for that patient and was just really willing and ready to spill their guts out all their symptoms are all their problems and just get some solution for the answers you can't do that in five minutes you know the doctor prescribes a medicine and and the patients out the door you know and that's and that's that's the reality most healthcare models most doctors offices most hospitals that's the way they run it's broken you can't give care in five minutes you can't understand the patient's illness in five minutes it's just not possible you know that's why I implement the systems I do at origins health for our whole premise is to sit down it's to take time with the patient it's to get to know them it's to understand their history and their background not just to ask questions for the sake of checking tick marks off on an insurance box it's to really truly get to the reason of why he able to exist and why the person is sick in the first place and once we have that information once we understand that now we can dive into some of the other systems that we do the systems include highly advanced technological lab tests these types of tests are different than traditional tests we're not comparing our patients to other patients we're not using the same method in the same model of testing we're using an outcomes-based model and what that means is each test each result is based on the patient not based on 10,000 other patients which is what traditional medicine faces their labs on so we use it how comes based assessment and and high levels of technology to really try to ascertain why persons tick in the first place combined with physical examination in the complete thorough history and a relationship keyword a relationship doctor and a patient they don't have a relationship and there's no way a patient's ever going to get better so that's what we want to bring we want to bring that to health care we want to change healthcare and we want to change the way that it's done and we've already implemented that in Origins healthcare and that's that's what we're about if you look at the paradigm of medicine we prescribed in this country more medicines than any other country in the world were ranked 37th and overall healthcare cancer and heart disease and diabetes and autoimmune disease and chronic degenerative pain diseases kill and take the lives and the livelihood away from more Americans and has ever been for more people in the world than it has ever been a new study just published showed that the third leading cause of death in the United States is prescription medication use proper use of medications not improper use not accidental overdose not oops I gave you the wrong medication but the proper use of medication let that sink in it's the third leading cause of death so if cancer and heart disease are the first and second leading causes of death and prescription drugs is the way that we treat those diseases and prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death how are we winning how are we getting anywhere and that's the difference I hope to bring to the world through origins health care it's the difference in changing the paradigm and changing the model and bringing real health care back to the patient you


  1. Nutrients lost from soil& water Youngevity Cannabis or moringa

  2. There are functional medicine doctors in Canada. I have a friend in Toronto who has been a Family Medicine practitioner for 30 years, does acupuncture and is a Functional Medicine doctor. Also Dr. Jason Fung in Scarborough ON is a Functional Medicine doctor.

  3. I support all you're doing and how you operate your practice, but our health care system (the insurance companies) DO NOT COVER YOUR DETAILED FORM OF EVALUATION AND TREATMENT! One visit to any functional or naturopathic doctor runs $150-$200, and follow-up visits are expensive as well. Plus, the costs of all the comprehensive blood testing needed aren't covered by insurance either and can run into the hundreds, even thousands of dollars, so how is a patient of average or low income ever supposed to take advantage of your services? Seems to me only the wealthy can get the kind of care you provide.

  4. Dr O, how come you never blink, you look like a robot, a little scary. But I like all your knowledge! Thank you!!!

  5. In Canada there are no functional medicine Drs., what is available is hopeless for those in need. Can't wait for the expansion to Canada. Love your work, following it in depth, as I am a retired nutritional consultant, your educational skills are perfection. Love it.

  6. Dr. Osborne, I have listened to a number of your youtube videos and I truly wish you were here in Hamilton, Ontario Canada instead of where you are.  I would be at your clinic in a flash.  Alas, I have not yet found anybody similar or even close, here.  Near me.  Keep up your most excellent work.  it is sorely needed.

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