Dr. Oz: I'm not selling magic diet pills


  1. They are persecuting him because he is a proponent of natural, cheap cures

  2. They need to stop. Its not that serious 🚶

  3. Arrogant white fat bitch

  4. McCaskill is fat. Simply put. She must lose weight, she has an increased risk of heart attack and stroke and perhaps could possibly benefit from some of these products.

  5. The Amino Acids , B12 , that stimulate your Brain to the feeling of well being is in the Body fluids already just by diet.. I'll bet Perhaps if Senator McCaskill lost one of her Chins , and toned down her waistline 2 sizes she'd be Advocating this..

  6. Dr.Oz is a good man…

  7. The audience who bought those miracle pills should be able to sue doctor oz. Did anyone lose weight on those pills?  Lets put those pills to the test and see if they are truly miracle.

  8. If youre stupid enough to listen to whatever someone says without doing youre own research then you deserve whatever is coming from making that dumb decision (losing about $50). Dr oz informs and educates with much enthusiasm. Do your damn research and be a smart consumer, and you wouldnt have all these scam companies making snake oil products. Because there wouldnt be any dumbasses to fool.

  9. Hmmmm. I wonder whether our glorious senators question the corporate executives of the fast food industry, the cattle industry, the poultry industry etc. on their practices?  These industries have killed more Americans than the Taliban.

  10. I'm gonna do a Dr. Oz and call my cactus a 'magic plant'…..
    if I get called to testify on Capital Hill and this gets carried on all the major networks, it could do nothing but make me an instant zillionaire! And I'd not be in any legal trouble, because truly, if a cactus plant can make me a zillionaire it is surely a magic plant 

  11. He's right about leaving us hanging as to were to buy the products. Now I understand why he couldn't tell us. If he did he would have been promoting the company.

  12. This world isn't fair. An educated man has to answer to morons with no background in science

  13. This world isn't fair. An educated man has to answer to morons with no background in science

  14. I agree with Freba91. The only " magic"  cure for weight loss is a sensible , low carb diet and exercise  – at the very least ,  Dr Oz was very misleading here and since he has a huge audience , I think he was remiss in hyping any type of diet pill .

  15. I wonder if the idiot d senator tried his advice and didn't loose weight which is why she's making this a big deal lol

  16. So you support the product but it's ok because you didn't tell them where to get it… because no one knows how to conduct a google search.

  17. I wonder how much money Mrs. McCaskill gets from Big Pharma for making this whole thing a big deal? "Just Follow The Money", then you'll see who she really represents. 

    Politics as usual 

  18. Funny how they aren't this critical of big pharma… Perhaps because they are in their pocket

  19. Why is Dr. Oz getting picked on. That's BS, go pick on the manufactures that call their crap miracle pills! 

  20. I would not be surprised if these government officials were being lobbied by big companies who are angered that Dr. Oz has taken the steam out of more mainstream weight loss methods in favour of healthy, effective, NATURAL alternatives.

  21. Not surprised this charlatan is being questioned….  

  22. finally, fuck this puppet. lol

  23. All the sheep in the comments section for this guy and why?? Stop being lazy and workout and eat clean…Do research before you buy!! Look at studies NOT A FAKE AS AD ON FACEBOOK LOL PATHETIC.

  24. I think that she was being hard on him she has no idea what it's like to have to build a business how to build motivation in other people and try to sustain that she is absolutely attacking a good man just to bring him down

  25. Dr. Oz is the best…

  26. Dr. Oz is an amazing and smart man. I am so thankful for his show. Some people can just be so stupid because they didn't lose their weight and wanna cause commotion.

  27. He sold his soul.

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