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[Applause] latest health trend that everybody is talking about CBD oil now it comes from the cannabis plant and many believe that can help with everything from anxiety and chronic pain to diabetes even cancer we're in the midst of a CBD oil boom with products popping up everywhere today dr. Sanjay Gupta is here to investigate what exactly is CBD oil and does it live up to the hype but first I asked correspondent Marsh have a compo to find that how big CBD has truly become CBD if you haven't heard of it yet you probably will soon the natural herb is taking the health world by storm with sales of the new supplement expected to grow 700 percent in the next two years Wow you just see great review after great review I mean people seem to love this stuff 4000 reviews four and a half stars short for cannabidiol CBD is a component of the cannabis plant yep cannabis but I'm like marijuana CBD does not contain any THC the psychoactive part of the plant so it doesn't get you high over the last few years CBD has started popping up in everything from gummies to face cream to toothpaste there are even CBD treats for your pet so what does it do research has been limited but proponents say CBD has all the benefits of medical marijuana without the intoxicating effects helping with insomnia pain management and anxiety there's a revolution of whole movement happening now with plant-based wellness which is our primary interest celebrating the power of all plants which have not been properly represented and the question everyone asks is is it legal dr. Sanjay Gupta CNN medical correspondent the cheap one and if you pour it on the latest feature scaling CBB Baker's time for everybody I like take your thoughts on what it really is so people can get this into their heads what you think about the cannabis plant marijuana it's called cannabis it really has lots of different ingredients but two primary ones one is THC that's the stuff that's the recreational drug it's what gets people high gives them that euphoria and their CBD which is cannabidiol it's it's something that doesn't cause a psychoactive component it's believed to be a medicine it's been used as a medicine in decades past and it's getting this resurgence as you just heard just to be clear we've talked about medical marijuana in the past this is not that right CBD oil is being sold all over the place you take the plant and you can pull out certain components of it so you're just put in this case you're pulling out the CVD component and you're just using that and and therefore you're not getting all those other effects that people often associate with marijuana which is why I think 47 states so far have said it's right we're okay with it how was the medical community using UC because this is fascinating to me I mean if you were to ask this question five years ago it would have basically been crickets nobody was really talking about it within the last five years you had a medication that was a sort of known colloquially as Charlotte's Web it was for the little girl who had seizures that just could not be treated by all these different medicines she took her mom essentially started taking CBD herself in her kitchen sink and giving it to her daughter that was what was known as Charlotte's Web within five years it's gone from being that idea to now an fda-approved drug in this country that that's fast that's never really happened that government is approved over at one CBD oil for one indication yes and this is from the plant this isn't synthesized in some lab this is CVD that's actually coming from the plant from the botanical so that that's a big deal you actually now have something that's been considered illegal at the federal level also part of an fda-approved drug that's that's that's what we're dealing with in this country wrap your heads around this it's this is part of this connect right the federal government says it's not legal 47 states say it is a kids with seizures are being treated let me FDA says yes we'll approve it but but still at the federal level it's illegal what is starting to gain more traction I think really is what's happening with opioids in this country what they found dr. oz was that in several states that had approved CBD legislation they saw their opioid prescriptions start to go down so that's that's an area the medical communities really really focused on it's a neurosurgeon you're good at this stuff explain to me how CBD actually affects the body well we have all these different receptors in our bodies to basically attracting to have these these components activates but because those receptors are everywhere in the body you could get an impact just about anywhere actually it shows to everybody because I've made a little model to demonstrate what Sanjay is saying CBD produces so many effects throughout the body based the fact it can bind to receptors in so many of our different organs right places as far away as the intestinal tract in your arm and your spinal column up up into your brain and that's why people say it helps them alleviate pain right maybe help with seizures it's a pretty serious problem for a lot of folks anxiety pretty common problem that we don't want to treat if they don't have to even withdrawal for medications maybe the even the opiates Angie mentioned but think about that people think you can do some way things because of the CBD oil that is in there is touching so many parts of our body and I love your thought that we evolved in a species because we had access to these natural plants and they understandably can affect this that's right and we in the receptor started to evolve in our body as well we even started making our own form of CBD in our body but sometimes it's not enough just like other things aren't enough in our body and that's why some people seem to get benefit so the question then becomes do they work their practice CBD oil which again you saw a theoretical argument you just made but these products are popping up everywhere and some of these are everyday items that you can buy I haven't bunch in front of them again we don't sell you know I don't sell anything in this space but they're samples or supplements they're gummies or muscles soothing creams they're even products with your pets is you sell from Mars report so when you look at this Sanjay and you realize as a clinician how complicated CBD could be how do you decide which of these might work well you know you know and essentially I'll tell you this I think in part from a physician's perspective first of all I think that there's a lid shit medicine in here I think we're talking about something that could actually really help people and I worry a little bit when you start to see products like this that it could minimize the importance of the CBD could do for people because I don't know what these products are I don't know what's in them I don't know how much of anything is in them I don't know if they would actually do anything I mean this is CBD shampoo if I could get shampoo like dr. oz if I use it but you know I love my hats uh I covet your hair you know I'm not sure though I I would have a hard time if somebody came to me and said hey should I take the CBD product as much reporting as I've done on it I would still have a hard time you know saying this it's a good idea FDA is in charge in fact it's charged by our nation to tell us they answered that question what's safe what's not where are they with all these things so this is an illegal substance at the national level this is illegal illegal at the same time as we talked about earlier the FDA has said you know what we think there's enough of a benefit here that we're willing to approve a drug specifically for epilepsy that's based on CBD and part of what reason I wanted to cover this topic is you can buy these products anywhere really you can go down the Oakland store and yeah 47 out of 50 states buy it online pretty much anywhere you want and the government's not gonna come and kick the door down so whatever they say in the you know that's right at the highest levels we're still not actually doing anything to stop people from using these which is a concern to me because it's the wild wild west it's completely unregulated that's right so if it does have all the potential that we're talking about today I want to understand what could be in your best interest see with URL so up next we're gonna continue our investigation how much CBD is actually in these products and can it really work for you we have the test results and they might surprise you he convinced his followers that he was a prophet all nude survived the a sex cult pedophilia and incest they were encouraged I really truly believe I was going to be a martyr for God I'm back with dr. Sanjay Gupta investigating the CBD oil boom that's now a 1 billion with a B billion dollar industry and CBD sales are expected to grow 700 percent in the next two years I mean that's shocking proponents say CBD can be used to treat everything from anxiety chronic pain the epileptic seizures even cancer products like these ones in front of us here the wildly available store than a line but I get what you're paying for so where's research you know I hear tough luck so much but whenever I get called by somebody what's the actual data that shows it at work and you can't find that much it's very hard to find the data I think on epilepsy seizures particularly ones that have not been treated by existing medications there's pretty good data that's why the FDA approved the drug but just about any of those other things you mentioned the anxiety the sleep even pain the CVD only research is pretty limited let me say though part of that doesn't you shouldn't immediately say well it doesn't work because of that part of it is that the research is hard to do if you have a substance that is illegal at the federal level how do you get research done on it it's very hard to get people to actually invest in that research that's part of the problem here and rarely have I been called by as many people saying it's helpful yeah these are folks you don't have a vested interest so it makes me really curious and as a physician I feel frustrated that we haven't done more right help them out absolutely yeah absolutely no I mean we you

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